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Get Glamorous: Oscar Party Snacks!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Awards show season. I love it because if there's one thing I like more than eating delicious vegan food, it is making fun of insane outfits. The Grammy's are probably the best for this (please see: Bjork's swan dress), but the Oscars never fail to disappoint. There is always at least one coo-coo bananas 'fit in the bunch. Plus, it's equally entertaining to salivate over all the gorgeous gowns that you need to own. I usually tune out before the actual ceremony because it's bo-ring... but the red carpet? I'm in! It's super fun to invite a few friends over, mix a few cocktails, and eat some snacks while watching the craziness unfold. Bonus points if you can work the names of nominated films into your dishes. I was unable to do so below because my creativity is seriously floundering right now but I did include a special treat that's a nod to Les Miserables.

And the Oscar for Best VegWeb Snacks to Eat During the Oscars goes to...  



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