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Pumpkin Party

All pumpkin everything. Are you ready? Surely by now you’ve seen all the pumpkin-spiced lattes, muffins, cookies, and more! Walking down the aisles of our nearest grocery store, we’ve even seen pumpkin spiced-almonds, candles, air fresheners, and flavored coffee beans. We're keeping our eyes peeled for the pumpkin-spiced soy creamers!

Whether you think it’s a bit kitschy or, like us, are absolutely enamored with all things pumpkin-spiced (helloooo, fall, we say!), you’re sure to love this smorgasbord of delicious, tasty, vegan pumpkin treats submitted by VegWebbers. At your next office gathering, autumn picnic, or just another cool Sunday morning, pull out a tray of these and watch the smiles glow—jack-o-latern-style (ok, ok, we’ll stop…)

1. Harvest Curry Pumpkin Bowl 
2. Hearty Pumpkin Bread
3. Smooth Pumpkin Butter Spread
4. Pumpkin Lasagna
5. Pumpkin Dessert Cake Roll

*BONUS* Nearly Raw Pumpkin-Butter Tarts

Happy Carving!

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