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Superior Super Bowl Sunday Snacks!

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Or, for some of us, Puppy Bowl Sunday! No matter whether you celebrate touchdowns or adorable pups, there's no need to go without your favorite snacks. I don't know the difference between a forward and a goalie (I'm just throwing out sports terms), but I do love a good party. The secret to a successful party is a variety of super tasty treats, from salty to sweet. Start off with something crunchy and fresh, and then move on to creamy cheesy delights and BBQ goodness. Then, wrap up the big game with a sweet delight. Let's go, team! (I'm rooting for Bessie!)

1. Spicy Chickpeas 

2. Buffalo Tempeh Wings (or try this seitan version!)

3. Super Bowl Spinach & Artichoke Dip

4. Kale Chips 

5. Ranch Cheese Ball

6. "This is Vegan!?" Taco Dip 

7. Peanut Butter Marbled Brownies





I agree, the secret of any successful party is a delicious meal, from salty to sweet. On holidays most of us prefer to eat snacks such as chips, berries, legumes, nuts, fresh fruits, chickpeas, almonds and salty snacks . They are delicious and have an abundance of nutrients.


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