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400+ rescued animals in CA *need* your help!


Abandoned and neglected farm and domestic animals need immediate rescue, veterinary care, food and supplies


I don't know if any of you had heard about this...I just saw the story a few minutes ago:

"More than 500 animals abandoned, 200 dogs need vet care and adoption.
Hundreds of dogs are in danger and need temporary shelter after animal activists found them dead and dying at a Lancaster compound, some of them pregnant and about to give birth...

Volunteers from The Gentle Barn and Animal Acres removed the farm animals and are in the process of getting veterinarian help for the dogs and attempting to either adopt them out or find foster homes to shelter them until permanent homes can be found.
Cash donations are also needed to pay for vet bills. If you can help with donations of crates or have room for some canine companions who need a little TLC, please call Laks at (661) 886-0901. If you would like to make a donation, visit their website at or call (661) 252-2440."

the description of the ranch in THIS article made me just sick to my beware, the gruesome details of this rescue are not for the faint of heart...

The Gentle Barn Foundation

...I'm pi$$ broke at the moment...but since I live too far away to offer any other help, I figured I'd put my paypal account to good use, and I donated a few bucks.

If any of you can help these animals in ANY way possible, I'm sure that they (and the rescuers/volunteers) would be SO grateful.

???  i wrote a pretty long reply to this and my post isn't here.  I wonder if I posted it in another thread?


Thanks for letting me know.  I couldn't make a huge donation but I just made a donation via PayPal.  Those poor animals.

Totally sad story.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time.  Totally irresponsible, uncaring people. 

How the h*ll did we as a race of humans ever get this way?

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