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Abandoned pup turned rescue dog dies of cancer

How sad.  :'(


wow. sounds like he was an amazing dog with exceptional talents...Humanity will miss him. Just goes to show that dogs can be bred to have all these purebred charteristics but that rescues are every bit as capable as the pure breed...I realize that Jake may very well have been purebred, but then it would suggest that purebreds DO still end up in dire circumstances...

I wish people would get that idea into their heads...Rescues deserve as much love as purebred dogs. Theare just as "good."

I find it suspicious that so many dogs and people have died of similar causes after helping in the World Trade Centers...I wonder what percentage of them have had health complications and how that would compare to the rest of the population....intersting....


From the article, " Some owners of rescue dogs who worked at ground zero claim their animals have died because of their work there. But scientists who have spent years studying the health of September 11 search-and-rescue dogs have found no sign of major illness in the animals.
Many human ground zero workers have complained of health problems they attribute to their time at the site: the largest study conducted of about 20,000 ground zero workers reported last year that 70 percent of patients suffer respiratory disease years after the cleanup."

70% of human rescuers are sick as a result of working at ground zero & yet, scientists have found no sign of major illness in animals that were there....scratches head, this just doesn't make sense ??? People & dogs both breathed in the same toxic air!

What a beautiful dog with a beautiful legacy. RIP Jake

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