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Activities To Do With My Dog

As some of you may already know, one of my dogs has epilepsy. Because of this, he's had many leg injuries and he can no longer run around with the other dogs (or with me), he can't jump and he cannot get up fast. I feel really bad because I can go out and play frisbee with my other pups but Devon is getting left out and I can tell it makes him depressed. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some activities that we could do together?

Aside from walks, with no other dogs along so he can set the pace, the only other thing I can think of is swimming; I don't know how feasible that is where you are, especially in the winter, but it's great exercise for a dog with leg problems.  We've used it for rehabilitation a few times with great success, once on a dog with nerve damage that was unable to stand or sit upright.  Best of luck.


Thanks! I can't bring him swimming right now but in the spring and summer I can bring him up to our family camp where there's a lake and try to get him in. If anyone thinks of anything else I'm open to suggestions. Can't wait to go swimming with him now!


totally agree with aggplanta re: 'training'

one of my dogs won't run and play in the backyard.  Perfectly healthy, he just...doesn't.  So I will spend time 'training' him.  Sit, stay, lay down.  And also to catch a ball in his mouth from a sitting position, 'find', etc.  I think it helps alot.

good luck with your sweet baby! 


If your dog is wary of the water, etc, he may feel more comfortable with a dog flotation vest like this... especially if he's a big dog that might get tired of paddling.

You could also do some other one on one bonding times with your dog.  Like take him to an outdoor farmers market if he enjoys meeting new people, or if you go camping you can bring him along, if you kayak or want to you can do that together, etc.

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