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Advice for a cat - updated - ranting

Okay, there are some issues here.  I posted before about my cat who has stopped using the litter box.  Well here is an update.  Scooter, the one who stopped using the litter box, had bloody urine, and I noticed he was straining to go in the cat box when he was locked downstairs.  So I took him to the vet.  Vet put him on prescription cat food to lower the PH of his urine, and he is now taking Amoxicilin antibiotic.  They found no trace of crystals, or bacteria in the urinalysis but they did see a high white blood cell count even though they didn't find any infection.  He is still leaking bloody urine so he is in a large cage, meant for a large dog, downstairs with a cat box, his prescription food and water.  He is miserable.  I locked Sidra in the basement with him to keep him company.  She can not eat any of his food because he has a  bad reaction to that particular prescription food (I found out this the hard way with vomit and diarrhia everywhere).

One more thing I found  out tonight, my stepdad does not like cats.  I had no idea, and now that Scooter peed on a bunch of his clothes, he really does not like Scooter.  He would probably be glad to take Scooter out and shoot him, though he would never say that.  He is a very affectate person to me, my mom, my baby, and the dogs, but tonight he surprised me and this is how I found out he doesn't like cats.  I noticed yesterday that where the cage was in the basement was by a door that was not well sealed so it had cold air comming in.  So I moved the cage to the other side of the basement where it was warmer.  I said something like "I am glad I moved that cage, poor Scooter seems happier now where it is warmer."  And he responded with a shake of his head.  I said "well cats get cold easy" and he said "no they don't."  That really bothered me.  Maybe it is just that he doesn't know cats, but with the way he normally is, or if it was one of the dogs, he would have agreed with me to to him it is just a stupid cat, why should I have any sympathy for a cat.

Now that I think about it, I am totally pissed.  When Jose, the dog, got hit by a car she lost an eye.  The cheap thing to do was to take out her bad eye and put a glass one in.  But NO, he wanted to do the very expensive option so that she could keep her eye, but it is filled with silicone.  Now if it was Scooter, he probably would have offered to take him out to shoot him.  That really pisses me off!!  I love my cats!  That is not fair.  Now my cats are locked like wild animals in the basement, cut off from the family, alone.  Now I understand Scooter, he is leaking bloody urine, but Sidra.  He keeps saying that she needs to be locked down there with him to "keep him company". 

I miss my cats! 

They have been locked in that basement for almost a week now, I am used to sleeping with them.  I always had Sidra and Scooter on one side, my baby on the other so that I was surrounded by all my babies, my human one, and my furbabies.  Now my firbabies are gone. 

I don't know what to do.  It isn't fair the way my cats are being treated. 

I have a very small room, but you know what I think I am going to do?  Piss on them! He can go to hell!  I miss my babies.  Tomorrow I am going to let my cats up why they are gone to work.  Well, maybe not Scooter.  But with him, this isn't fair.  I am going to tear down that cage, bring it upstairs, put it in my room so that he can be with me.  My room is very small, and I won't like the cat box in the room with me, but I am so pissed.  Then Sidra can come back up too.  They are so lonely.  This is so unfair.  My cats are part of MY family.

I so want my own place again.  So that I can have my family back like it used to be.  Scooter, Sidra, Mikey (Baby), and I.  We would be a family.  But right now the dogs have higher priority. 

What am I supposed to do.  I feel so bad, my cats are babies, they are not used to being ignored like this.  I feel so bad for them, they are lovers, they really miss me. 

Sorry it was such a long post, I was upset because it feels like it is horribly unfair the way my cats have been treated. 

I feel better now.  I put Scooter into a cat carrier with a blanket like thing and put him in my room, and I let Sidra out of the basement.  So both cats are upstairs again, Scooter is in my room in the cat carrier.  He seems happier now.  Poor baby.  Sidra was hesitant to come upstairs, she acted kind of scarred at first.  Very sad.  Poor girl.  I miss my furbabies!


How's Scooter feeling?


Poor kitties... no wonder that Scooter is sick, it sounds like a stressful environment for them - cats know when they are not welcomed/wanted. I hope you can find a new home for yourself, your son and your animals soon. Sounds like you'd be much better off.


I'm sorry to hear that your little guy is not feeling well. I hope he gets better soon. Have you had his blood sugar checked? I've heard that can lead to incontinence.

anyways, i hope you are able to have em in your room...

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