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Afraid of the camera

My oldest pup is a ham- he just loves getting his picture taken because he knows how handsome he is. My younger beagle, however, is terrified of the camera, even if the flash is off. At the sight of the camera, she'll run and hide with her tail tucked and sometimes even starts shaking. I want to break her of this- she truely is beautiful and I love being able to look through photos of them while I'm away from them. Have any of you dealt with this? Did you break them of this fear?

my oldest, Harry is afraid of the camera too - even my cell phone  - he totally knows when I'm trying to take a picture of him and he deliberately turns his head or runs away...I just always say he takes after his mommy - I run from the camera too - I hate having my picture taken....
So I don't have any advice, but I can relate....maybe its a beagle thing....even though Jonah is a ham, but he is a beautiful animal and he knows it....


one of my dad's dogs is the same way....after 6+ years now (and doggy prozac), she no longer spooks as easily.


I was just talking about this issue earlier today! I have almost NO decent pics of my old-lady black dog, Daisy... All my other beasties are well-represented in my photo collections, but I can NOT get a good photo of Daisy. She doesn't run from the camera, but becomes concerned (she's frequently concerned!) that something is wrong, since I've got the thing over my face and am pointing it at her... so she stops whatever she's doing and comes over to make sure I'm ok/ I'm not alarmed by the thing/ nothing untoward is going on... it's very frustrating!

Maybe a camera with a self-timer? we could set it up pointing at the couch or something, then press the button, then call target doggie over & hope for the best? or maybe hire a doggie-paparazzi!!! maybe some intrepid reporter with a long lens, shooting from the abandoned house across the street, could get a picture of my heathen dog just being her normal self! yeah, that's it!... I'm taking out a classified ad for that job, right away. I'll report back.


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