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Alex, the African Grey.... NVR

Last September I posted that Alex, the most famous of all African Greys and a most amazing parrot died at the age of 31.  He died September 6th, 2007.

Irene has written a new book called Alex & Me that will be released on October 28th.  It can be pre-ordered from their foundation website:

Irene will autograph the book if pre-ordered.  Needless to say, I just ordered it.

I have ordered in the past some beautiful Alex items.  One of my favourite being the sterling silver pendant with a ruby and chain.  I bought it months ago but couldn't justify it so put it away to give myself on my birthday.  Has been hard to have it for what seems forever and not be able to wear it until the end of July.

The ruby signifies the red feather Alex had on his neck.  My beautiful Biko also has a red neck feather on his neck..actually a couple and is a plucker just like Alex was.  My birth stone as well.

If you knew of Alex and loved him, the website is so worth checking out.  Irene made us all realize that parrots are not just mimics. 

African greys being one if not the most intelligent.  The emotional stability of a 2 to 3 year old and the intelligence of a 3 to 5 year old.  That makes for one very smart creature.

I also ordered and this made me cry the 'Alex's Last Words Necklace and Box'  Biko can give me that for my birthday.

Click on the picture and read his last words that he said to Irene when she said goodnight to him the night he passed.

"You be good...I love you...See you tomorrow"  I still remember reading that in Bird Talk magazine when they did a tribute to Alex.  Absolutely broke my heart.

Irene and everyone at the Alex Foundation is still mourning his loss.  I am sure every African Grey/parrot lover is too. 

I have to think that this autographed book would make an amazing Christmas gift to any Grey/parrot lover on your Christmas list.  As well, the proceeds are going to a great cause.  Helping the world realize that parrots/animals are not stupid creatures without thought and feelings.

OK, I'm done! :-)

Veg On!


Parrots are cool, but I've never seen one in person, I don't think.  Or maybe in a cage at someone's house.  There are wild parrots in the Bay Area, where I used to go a lot, and places in SoCal.  You'd think I'd have seen one.  I've read that they're pretty loud, so I don't think I'd have missed them if they were around.


When I was young, I was obsessed with parrots & other tropical birds. I always said I'd get one when I was older, but they are expensive, rare, & high maintentance pets. I'm not sure if I'd have enough time to properly care for one. Perhaps if I knew of one that someone had to get rid of one for some reason. I just can't justify paying money for any animal.

Anyway, as a kid I had a parrotkeet & she was pretty cool, She liked to knot up my hair. I used to let her room free in my bedroom, but would occasionally "lose" her or else she would get out of the room & cause havoc throughout the house. Quite a few times she ended up in one of our cat's mouths  ::)

I'm better off with dogs!


Irene is an animal researcher.

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