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Another Cat Problem.....

My cat is 11 and a few months ago we noticed a lump on her tail. We waited to see if it would go away but it didn't. Its about half way up....looks like several quarter sized lumps all in the same general area. Some parts are red, and some little white watermelon seedy things are around it. They are kind of flat lumps, but feel thick and dense.

ANYway, we took her to the vet and he drained it....kept a little drain in it (which she removed). He had NO idea what it was. He kept a sample, but its another $100 to get it tested-which we don't have right now! The procedure was over $400 too.

Well, it hasn't gotten any better. It looks the same, so the procedure was a waste, I guess.

Has anyone else experienced this?
My HFS girl said it could be from her drinking tap water-cats should drink distilled? is that right?

This is our first cat so we don't have a lot of experience with their aging or health issues.
Any insight you have would be helpful, since we have none.
She is eating, drinking, and acting normally otherwise!

Does your cat go out side at all? If so maybe an abscess...I suppose it could happen inside as well.

read this and see if it sounds like what your kitty has.


Abscesses are pockets of bacteria, exudates and inflammatory cells, which most often occur just below the skin in what is called the subcutaneous tissues. These are very common in cats, often seen after catfights, and also if foreign objects such as foxtails have gotten under the skin, if lacerations or other types of punctures have occurred or if a wound has closed quickly and infection has been trapped under the skin.

An abscess can occur in any location, but the face, legs and tail are commonly affected. Many contain staph or pasteurella bacteria. Symptoms appear as a soft, fluid filled sac or swelling under the skin. The area may be warm to the touch and the cat may have a fever. Sometimes an opening may appear over the abscess or the abscess may rupture and pus will drain from the hole. Foreign body abscesses are common between the toes and in the ear canals. Diagnosis is based on history, physical examination, cytology of exudates and bacterial cultures.


I forgot to first the doc thought it was an abcess-but after he drained it and looked closer, he decided it wasn't because there wasn't that much to drain.
She does not go outside at all, and there are no other pets in the house???

thanks does sound similar but I think that has been ruled out


i actually have been thinking of that (removing the tail). it might be more effective (cost and health) than going through numerous tests and surgeries....


Well, I did a google search and the big things that came up were a fungal infection, a bacterial infection, ring worm (which I'm sure you would have contracted so probably not that) or a fatty deposit. Has your kitty been treated with anitbiotics or fungal treatment? I know vet bills are frustrating.... One of my kitties had an absessed tooth. It ended up he had several bad teeth and the vet bill was $1000.0.... they are worth it though  :)>>>


No suggestions, just hoping for the best.  :cat2:


actually, the lump feels a bit smaller today! Before its seemed all swelled up and worse than before the surgery, but it actually looks like it might go away!

My cat must have inherited  my serious body-control powers....once in college I willed away some nasty planters warts I had on my toes from the shower :D

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