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Baby Parakeets- HELP!

Well, I've always loved having pets.. which would explain why we've had numerous cats and dogs throughout my life, oh, and some  fish.. ( but when I traveled for a year on furlough, the person taking care of them overfed them- I think- and they died) .. and on second thought hampsters...there probably more but Right now I am thinking about one group of pets: Birds!
We have six birds right now ( actually two are my grandmother's , but she is traveling for the summer and asked me to take care of them) . They couples are together- each in their own cage. The first set up birds laid 2 eggs and 2 little birdies hatched... I'm am not quite sure why ( perhaps it was too cold?) But both the baby birds died * unhappy sigh*. Well now my grandmother's birds have laid eggs- she doesn't know yet, I  only plan on telling her if they live- but I'm sooo scared that the babies will die once they hatch... What can I do to take care of them so they WON'T die? What precautions can I take?
All the cages stay covered from the wind ( the pet shop owner said that these parakeets cannot be in the wind), teh birds have vitamins in their water occassionaly, and they stay well fed- not TOO well fed, those birds will seriously eat until they explode.
Does anyone have any ideas about what precautions I can take??

Google "hand-raising parakieets/budgies" and see what you come up with.
Also try this website or some of the sites it has links to:

Babies sometimes need special food when they're small and they have to be kept warm. Not roasting, but I know at the wild animal rescue they often put a lightbulb shining into the cage.

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