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Dog protected his home now being euthanised. Please help!!!

Its not one of my dogs....

A friend of a friend has a four year old, male border collie. Yesterday, a 12 year old boy broke into their yard (snipped the fence with wire cutters) and the dog grabbed the seat of the boys pants and made a mark on the boy (didnt break skin) The dog has NEVER bitten anyone before.

The owners have been given untill 2PM Thursdays (as in tomorrow afternoon)to get the dog rehomed to a home without children or it will be euthanised.


he happens to be a pure-breed dog with registration papers and everything, I know none of us here on this site care about that, but it might helop you find people who will take it.

Can anyone email DaveDrum for me?

Im so tempted to post my phone number right now so that people can get in touch with me...ugg...I dont want nonvegwebbers who stubble accfross it ot call me at eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%73%69%6c%6c%79%7a%65%61%6c%79%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%73%69%6c%6c%79%7a%65%61%6c%79%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')).

That is ridiculous!! Is there a way they can fight it or like a group they can get in touch with to help them fight it? I'm too far away to really help out, but this is crazy, so I'm bumping it.


I put the owner in touch with ALDF (animal leagal defense fund) whose website addresses this very issue. It seems the family is entitled to a hearing in front of a judge or court official. I'm encouraging them to do this and not just be afraid of someone in a uniform who told them they must have the dog euthanized. If they get to have a hearing...I'm sure there has GOT to be a way for us to write letters or something. I feel like if it goes to hearing, and she is able to present her case the way they describe at, there is no way that dog can be ordered to be put down! I really don't understand why biting a trespasser should be something a dog can be punished for, nevermind the fact he didn't even break the child's skin!!!

The lady didn't even know she had these rights so now that I told her about it she is hoping to settel the matter in such a way thats he can keep her dog. His name is Clyde ands he has had him since he was a very young puppy. She was in tears when she was telling me the story.

So she is looking for a place that will take him immediately but is possibly willing to give him back if the win the hearing. However, she just wants him to go anywhere safe, regardless of the implications with her getting him back or not. The whole thing just makes me very very  :'( :'( :'(

Prays, thoughts, positive energy to Clyde and his family.


Don't know if anyone is interested, but the dog is going to a bordercollie rescue in Mass... I dint think the owners plan to persue their legal options on him. I'm just glad he will be safe.


Thanks for the update VHZ. Like you, I'm glad that he will be safe. I personally think it's unfair that the dog and owners are being punished for this, when he was on his own property.


I am glad he is safe! ;)b ;)b ;)b
Frankly I am very surprised that they will not persue getting him back, I sure wouldn't give up one of animal friends without a huge fight.


I just think this entire situation is unjust. How can anyone possibly think that it is okay to punish a dog for protecting his own property? Especially by euthanasia. It's just wrong.


If you need to find a foster home, I am willing to offer mine.


i cannot believe how ridiculous that was.  it's like when that guy broke into someone's house and got injured and sued the homeowner.  wtf???


i say kick the kids out, keep the dog!

(just kidding)


Zealia, Thank you for letting us know. This story really bothered me & I kept thinking of the dog yesterday. I am so glad that he'll be safe now. The owners are giving up the dog without even trying? That's sad.


it's like when that guy broke into someone's house and got injured and sued the homeowner.  wtf???

LOL! I forgot about that story... Ridic.

I'm glad the dog will be okay, Zealia - but like others, I'm very surprised that the owners aren't going to pursue getting him back (from the sound of it, anyway)... I wouldn't let my dog go without a MAJOR fight. (She doesn't have any teeth, so fortunately, this situation will never happen - but that's beside the point... ;))


I'm glad it worked out ok.  I got your voicemail about it (after I read the thread), but I didn't really know anyone--all my friends live in apartments without doggies.  The whole situation is very sad :(


I too am glad the dog will be OK Zealia but if it was my Cali, I would be taking it to the supreme court of Canada.  I would not let my dog go anywhere.  I would fight it until the end and I know in the end, I would win because the situation you described is definitely court worthy and fightable. Is that even a word?  Things are different in Canada than the US but dogs usually get a first chance (in some cases 3 chances depending on the extent of the attack).  Not even breaking the skin, that is such a joke.  It isn't even an attack. 

Cali has never bitten anyone and I doubt she ever would but who knows what can happen in extreme circumstances.  None the less, I would fight for her.  If she bit and hurt someone badly unprovoked, I would have to weigh the situation but the case you have described is a joke.

There is no way a court would rule in putting that dog to sleep.

Very, very sad.  One takes a pet and it is their responsibility to care for them and fight for them for the life of the pet.

I am dismayed the owner is not taking a proactive stance in this.  Very sad. 


I finally figured out what's weird to me about this.  The dog doesn't mandatorily have to be euthanized.  It can be given away to someone else.  So, what they're saying is that no one believes that this is a dangerous dog.  If it was dangerous, the county or whoever, would likely accept some liability allowing it to be homed somewhere else.  I mean, another neighbor on the same street could have taken in the dog.  What's the difference between the dog staying where it's at and moving to another home?  Not much, except for a lot of drama.


HH, I wondered the same thing...well, they wanted it somewhere that no children still seemed really strange to me. I, in no way, mean this to sound insulting to the owners of the dog, but I think they were the sort of people who see somebody in uniform and are inclined to believe and do whatever they say without thinking. When I was asking the lady for more details about it she really didn't know and had not thought to ask (for example I was asking her what proof they were requiring that the dog was indeed housed at a home with no children. Would there be a check up visit, etc) It also totally supprised her that she had any legal options.

What I am wondering is if the family of the boy said that they were going to press charges against her if the dog was not euthanised and when animal control got involved, they maybe thought that an alternative would be to just move the dog where the neighbors wouldn't care what happened to it. Maybe animal control didn't really think their decision to euthanize the dog could hold up in court if they pursued that so suggested an alternative (getting rid of the dog) to avoid the hassle. But my understand is that animal control or the police (the woman didnt know who was enforcing this decision) were going to have the animal euthanized the next day. I don't know thats all speculation on my part, the whole thing did just seem strange to me.

I really am mad that the dog is now being removed from the only home he has ever known because his owners were not willing to fight for him. I don't say I would fight to my death for my dogs in hyperbole- I would literally be willing to sacrifice my life for my dogs. I just don't understand how someone could give up on an animal they claim to love so much this easily...

Eric Christain--if you are still interested in fostering the dog, I could put you in contact with the rescue in Mass that now has custody of him...They must have a foster home that they have him in at least for now, but just let me know....

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