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dog toys

Has anyone tried out any of the Zogoflex line of dog toys?  They're supposed to be indestructible and float....I'd love to get some if they live up to the advertising!  Most dog toys do not.  :P

I'd never heard of them.  Interesting.

After many years, my girl has almost gotten through the bottom bulb of her Extreme Kong (I think it's an XL?).  It's still hanging on by a few threads.  Not really indestructible, but I'd say that it's held up pretty well.  (We've never put any food inside it, btw.)  I guess they don't float, though.

She's also had one of these Orbee balls for a few years, that she loves to play fetch with, carry around, and chew on like gum.  It's weird, because as she chews on it, you can see that it's riddled with cracks, but it doesn't come apart.

Sometimes I have to turn up the TV to hear over her chewing.  ;D

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