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Does anyony else have a dog (or other animal) with epilepsy? We pretty much have his seizures under control right now but I wanted to see if anyone else had a dog with epilepsy.

I don't but my friend Dan did. She has since pasted away but her epilepsy was mainly due to old age.

I'm glad your pup is doing well!


Thanks! He started having seizures when he was three years old but the vet told us that this is somewhat common in german shepherds and they will start having seizures around age three.


My big boy started having seizures when he was one year old.  We tested him for toxins and took him to see a neurologist, but no cause was found.  The seizures got more frequent and intense over the next few years.  We were about ready to give in and start him on phenobarbital, when I asked the vet to do a thyroid test.  Sure enough, he was hypothyroid.  We've had him on thyroxine ever since.  While it didn't stop the seizures completely, it made them far less frequent and we never did put him on phenobarb.  He's 10 now, and he hasn't had a seizure (that we've witnessed) in over a year.

Here are some useful sites (where I got the idea to ask for the thyroid test):

Interestingly, his sister (littermate) has never had a seizure.


Thanks for the links, I'm going to check them out. We have our dog on pheno twice a day and a liquid medication twice a day and since then, we've been able to get them under control which I am SO happy about! I was home alone when he had his first one.  :-\

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