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Gary update!

Gary is so awesome she deserves her own thread!  :)>>>

She has now arrived safe and well in New Zealand  :D  ;)b :D

When we went to the airport to collect her, she was lying down peacefully in her crate/box...I couldn't see her moving and was so scared that she was dead.  Then when she saw me and N peering over the counter she started meowing and pacing around.

We got a taxi back to our house and she meowed all the way so I thought she would be incredibly scared and panicked when she got home.  When we let her out of her box in the lounge she ran behind the sofa, so we expected that's where she would spend the rest of the day but she came out after a minute and had a good sniff round the lounge and dining room (we'd got the door closed to the rest of the house).  She sniffed around a bit and then had the longest wee in the world!!

After that she started meowing at the closed door and so we decided to let her into the rest of the house.  She has so far had a good sniff round everywhere, had a bit of food, GIVEN US CUDDLES and had a lie down on the floor near us purring madly.  She is now exploring her new house and meowing her way around it and every so often coming back to check we're still here and jumping on the sofa with us for a cuddle.

Just waiting for her to get in a strop with us and the glaring to begin.

Gary exploring her new house:

Gary still exploring:

Gary having a rest after exploring:


(Olen says hey. actually he says chomp..b/c he likes to eat kitties...but hey)



SO SO HAPPY! Go Gary, what a hardcore kitty :)




Awe. I'm glad Gary got to her new home alright!!! Yay for Gary!



Gary looo-oooves you!


Thank God Gary is ok... Gary looks just like one of my grandmas old cat's... with the little mustache on his face... My grandma called hers Sylvester after the cartoon


Very glad that Gary is home with you and appears to be no worse for wear.  :)


Yay for you and Yay for Gary! I'm so happy for all of you. I knew you'd have lots of snuggles to make up for lost time!  :)>>>


woohoo!!!! kittyyy!!!



That is all.


oh shell that is so awesome, I'm so glad to hear she made it fine and is settling in to your new home so well! 


Oh, I'm so happy she's home!


so now Gary has been with us for 4 days, I thought I would update you all again (if you're interested).

There have been changes to Gary, and we think they're for the better.  She is definitely not as glare-y at us as she was before and she is still up for cuddles whenever.  She also allows us to pick her up for a few minutes at a time.
She follows me around ALL the time.  When I go to the toilet she scratches at the bathroom door to get me to let her in.  When I'm in the kitchen cooking she will walk around the kitchen meowing at me.

But the most strange is her night-time behaviour.  Before she would jump onto the bed and maybe lie with us for 5 mins and then just as she was getting super comfy with us she would jump off and run away.
Now she will come under the covers with us.  The first night she slept under the covers between us with her little head on the pillow.  Squee! So cute.
She will also go right under the covers and curl up between our legs.  But every night so far, her main sleeping place is on my pillow, curled up right next to my head.  Last night she curled up there as I went to sleep and she only got off once to have a wander round for 10 or so mins before coming back and curling up next to me again.

So as I said Gary has changed and we think it's for the better....we just need to get used to it.  Unless of course she gets used to us again and goes back to ignoring us.  We'll see.


That's marvellous, shell. :)

Sounds like she's acting just like our cats (well, my parents cats, since I moved out). Soon she'll learn to jump on the kitchen bench while you're cooking, and stretch out to the length of two cats across the bed and push you and N out. ;D Ah, kittehs. :)>>>


aaah, heli, she has already been jumping up on the kitchen counters...that required me shouting at her, so now she just meows at me and looks like she wants to jump up all the time.


Rule #1: Kitteh knows best. ;)


A  humbled cat is rare, indeed.

My crush is even larger than before (is that possible?).


my kitties Baby and Bug say hi!!

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