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a happy dog story

okay, so at first I wasn't posting this because I thought nobody would be interested in my bragging about dogs that are not even mine... ::)...but the other weekend I walked by a copy of the Arizona Daily Star and saw a familiar Lhasa Apso face starring back at me from the cover...."hum...that looks like Parkir," thought I....but I walked on....until I walked past ANOTHER one of those little newspaper vending things and again thought..."huh, the resemblance is uncanny." Finally,I bought one to satisfy my curiosity...

My dogs long time play mate made the front page! I first met Parkir and his guardians when I was thinking about rescuing a dog (ended up with two... ::)) and playing around with agility. An agility group meets at the park near my house and I went there one evening armed with l sorts of questions (a note book and everything, I'm such a  loser...) This one couple was super friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions and volunteered all kinds of info. I met their five dogs, all of who they rescued. Sue is a cop and found Parkir when he got run over my a semi truck....  :( the two ladies adopted him and now hes winning national agility competitions...and they really, really love him!  :)He's is seriously a little snotty and pays little heed to the fact the Guiny and D'Art are like 3 times his size...He's bossy but super cute! His sister Casie (the white aridale) is also doing big time championships in agility and she was moments away from being euthanized at the shelter!

I think its totally true that doggies work harder and love more when they have been rescued. I love that Sue and Susie's dogs are all rescues. Their good karma probally helps too! YAYA!

oh bummer, I just clicked my link and saw that it wants you to register see the story i googled parkir+agility and it was the first thing that popped up... :( darn these computer thingys...


Zealia, the link works. Great story about a very cute little dog.  :)


Wonderful story.  Thanks for posting.


the link worked fine for me too. 

"Being hit by a truck was the best thing that ever happened to Parkir, a 3 1/2-year-old Lhasa apso."
i like how they worded that


The lighting was great for those photos.  That's a really nice story.  Thanks for sharing.


how neat. and what a cute doggie.

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