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Help with dog food!

I really want to get a dog when I graduate, but first I need to figure out what to feed it. I've heard a lot of back and forth on veg vs. omni. vs carni diets, but I don't know what to do. I'm leaning more towards a homemade diet, and definitely something with low or no grains. If anyone has recipes, please share. Mostly here's what I'm hoping some of you can chime in on: What type of diet is your dog following? How long has it been on the diet? How old is it? How is it's health? Thanks!

I have 2 healthy vegan dogs... They are 2 and 3 years old...They thrive on a vegan diet and are in great health... I buy store bought dog food and have tried these 2 brands: Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Ultra Premium Dog Food and Nature's Recipe Vegetarian Canine Formula... They love both... I got these at a regular old pet store...

I was inspired at one point in time to try and make them dog food and even bought the vegedog supplement and a book from peta but have never actually got to making them food because I'm lazy


I would love to feed my pups a homemade diet, but I'm currently in college and nobody back home wants to bother.
They are currently fed an omni diet, mostly meat with some veggie based foods.  I'm not entirely sold that vegetarian or vegan is healthy for a dog.  I really need to do more research, and if I find that it truly is a good way to go, I'd have no problems switching my dogs.

If anyone who does feed their dogs a veggie diet and would like to share some info, please do!


I'm the same as Amy - proud mama of two vegan dogs - they eat Nature's Recipe Vegetarian Formula....I've mentioned this in countless threads, but my dog Harry no longer has seizures since switching to a vegan diet over a year ago.  He used to have them at least once a month.


my dogs vegan too.  look at how happy she is!  3 of our vets recommended that she stay on her vegan diet too.  so yay.  healthy, happy, vegan dog.


Check this site out:

That's what I buy for my dog. Free shipping!


We're about a month in to feeding our 3 greyhounds a vegan diet.  I've been preparing most of their meals using the VegePet supplements and recipes.  So far, they're the only recipes I've found that seem to be backed by any research (still looking!), and that I feel confident will give my dogs the right balances, specifically with calcium:phosphorus ratios (if that's out of whack, which is typical with a veg*n diet - too high in phosphorus, and low in calcium - the animal will start leaching calcium from the bones, which is baaa-aaad, but only shows up after some time, so you might not know anything was wrong 'til the dog's legs start bowing or even breaking!  :-\ ). 

In between batches of home-made, I am using Natural Balance, since it's a truly vegan, no-soy, no-corn recipe (veg*n dogs fed a no-soy diet did better, and lived longer, as seen in large surveys done by PETA), and contains both taurine and l-carnitine. 

All three dogs are doing great, by the way!  The room-clearing gas they had on their previous meat-based kibble (a premium kibble, I might add!) is all but gone on the home-cooked, making an occasional appearance only on the commercial vegan food.  ;)b


check this out....would be a nice addition to a homemade food. :)


You know, I have avoided the standard "supermarket" brand dog foods with bone meal and other similarly nasty ingredients. However, I have yet to go completely vegan. Is there enough protein in vegan dog food for puppies?

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