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Help! Naughty cat.

So, my sister is with a wonderful man.  But a man who has never been a cat lover, though he really started to warm to hers when they moved in together.  Until one of her cats starting peeing on his stuff.  And they have managed to work through it, though it is not something you want to bring up if he is around.  A bone of contention that I think they just try to forget about when they can.

My sister just left today from visiting us, and she texted me to tell me that her cat had peed on her boyfriend's side of the bed, and this might be the last straw.  I have gone through something similar before and I am just so worried about my sister and her cat, and the whole situation.  Mick (the boyfriend) loves Karli (my sister) very much, that is very apparent.  But laying down in a puddle of cat pee when you are trying to go to bed cannot be pleasant.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to get the cat to stop peeing?  I had similar problems with a cat before, and I never found anything that worked, be it training or products.  I rubbed some sort of anti-depressant on her ears, had a fragrance diffuser with kitty calming oils in it.  I went through hundreds of dollars in cat pee remover.  I tried every kind of litter box, and every kind of litter.

Anyone have any ideas?

First, turn the mattress!

I have a lot of experience with my ex-clinician's cat expressing his hostility toward myself and DH by peeing on our coats, handbag or whatever every time we visited them. It got to the place she had to put our coats etc. in the bathroom, the only room in the house her cat didn't have access to. The cat saw us as "invaders" and disliked us, particularly because we owned a male cat, but also because her cat was just. that. way.

On a later occasion her cat bit me and drew blood. It was an unprovoked attack. I stopped petting him from that day. I love cats, but dislike hers. He's the only cat I don't like.

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