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Homemade Dog Treats

I'm baking dog treats for my dog-loving friends for Yule this year, and very recently (last Friday) one of my fur-babies had 24 teeth pulled! He loves his munchies, so I'm trying to find recipes for SOFT dog treats.
I found one made with baby food that seems pretty easy. I also found one called Soft Banana Strips, but every site I go to that lists it has awful directions so I'm not really sure how to make them.

Do you have any SOFT dog treat recipes?
Can we put a Pet Treat category up in the Recipes section?

Much thanks!

I have a great dog treat recipe....I think to make them softer you could just bake them for less time. They wouldnt be totally chewy like an oatmeal cookie, but bendable. I used to keep them in longer so they would be crunchy.
does this interest you? if so, i could post the recipe. My doggie loved them.  Especially the people shaped ones!


I'm interested... Please post!


Also interested!

Please note:
Baby food and cream of wheat dog treats are NOT good for dogs with NO teeth! The treats are chewy, but the cream of wheat makes them pokey, which probably doesn't feel to good on bare gums.


I have visited here very long ago but haven't found the recipe.....I am eager to have the recipe.Please post the recipe. It will be better if the recipe is vegetarian. If not then also its okay. If you have some thing vegetarian then for my dog I will really appreciate.

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