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Mushrooms kitty safe?

I love mushrooms and I could sit and eat canned mushrooms like most people eat chips. Anyways I was wondering if it's okay to feed cats mushrooms. My cats love mushrooms but I've stopped feeding it to them because my dad said it would make them sick. They haven't got sick but I wanted to be on the safe side. Anyone know?

I suggest you ask a vet or animal nutritionist, they would know more. I do know there are several houseplants that are deadly to cats, who will chew on them anyway...diffenbachia,snake plants, spider plants and airplane plants spring to mind, but there are more. You might google cat nutrition to find a website, too. I've never heard of mushrooms being a problem, but cats are different...for example you can give a dog baby aspirin but aspirin causes renal and hepatic shutdown in cats. Good luck!


I do know that you can feed a dog a vegetarian diet and the dog will do fine.  If you do this to a cat, you'll kill it.  Cats need purine in the diet and this comes from fish and chicken.  I am afraid they need to be true meateaters for their own health.

I'll write a friend and see if I can find a site that tells about what not to have around cats.  I keep a parrot (Indian ringneck parakeet).  I have bird safe houseplants.  We let her eat human food because that is best for a parrot with seed as a snack.  She can have anything, but avocado would kill her so those have to be kept out of her flight zone (she is fully flighted and allowed to fly the house).  I don't let her have mushrooms and I try not to give her onions or garlic. I am told that mushrooms aren't toxic for my sweetie, but I am afraid of them for her health.  If we have something with green chilis, the seeds are saved for a treat because they are high in vitamin A and birds can't taste the heat.

I had a cat who insisted on eating anything with garlic.  It didn't matter how hard you tried, she would jump in the trash cans in or out of the house, into the sink, try to get to the stove, you name it, if the food had garlic in it.  I caught her trying to eat whole cloves once!  It can't have been good for her, but if she didn't get it at home, she visited the neighborhood trash cans for it.  It made her sooooo  gassy and nothing is worse than a cat's gas when they insist on eating garlic.  Did I mention she would only sleep at night and in my bed?


LADYDRAGONFLY, also keep parsley away from your bird! It is NOT good for them, apparently. I was watching a documentary in which a lady had to take her parrot to the emergency vet and when he asked what had happened, she replied "My idiot son gave him parsley again!" Apparently it is very toxic for parrots budgies and similar birds.

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