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My cat likes pumpkin

I know this is a little OT for this forum, but my cat just cracks me up.

My husband is making these (his favorite cookies) tonight to take to a meeting tomorrow:

Every time we open a can of pumpkin, without fail, our cat Abby comes running in to have some canned pumpkin.  We put about a tablespoon down on a plate for her tonight and she licked it clean! then she meowed for more, jumped up on the counter, and started to lick the lid of the can (as an aside, do not let your cats lick can lids. They can be sharp and my parents had a cat get a cut on his tongue once from licking a tuna can--thought he was coughing up blood, rushed him to the vet who started to laugh and showed them the small little cut on his tongue).

I'm going to try cooking a fresh pumpkin and see if she likes that too.  Abby also loves seaweed and kidney beans.  Any one else have cats that like strange things (at least by cat standards)? I've heard some cats like grapes, but neither of my cats have ever shown any interest.


My dog LOVES grapes and really likes raw carrots, too.  (I'm curious to see if he likes pumpkin now, too. :))  I read a snippet somewhere, though, that grapes can be harmful for dogs. ???


One of my dogs eats just about any kind of vegetable or fruit, especially if he sees me eat it.  I don't give him much though since they can't digest cellulose.  I always give him a spoonful of pumpkin when I eat though (I eat the canned purred pumpkin with a tough of cinnammin in it), because it's good antioxidants for him and purreeing it makes it digestable.


Mine likes olives, coconut, refritos, and pumpkin (along with non-veg things like cheese, egg, etc.)  If I make a curry she will drink the sauce and make faces at the hot spices.

My husband had a cat in his youth that would bowl you absolutely over for a taste of canteloupe.  She'd eat about a quarter of a melon if you let her!

I hear what you're saying about pumpkin!  If I make a Jack-O-Lantern, Pepe (my 16-year-old beastie) will chew on the bits she can get her teeth into.  It eventually gives the pumpkin a nice zombie look, hehe.  :D  But I can't put candles in them for that reason.


we found out that our cat likes fruit. she loves bananas and most recently we gave her a tiny piece(don't want to give too much because of the sugar) of a dried apricot since she was showing interest. sure enough, she gobbled it up! she's always been extremely picky, so it's funny that she likes these things!


My cat loves the cantaloupes, rind and all! Weird!


my cat BooBooKitty (who just passed away  :'( ) used to LOVE vegan cheeseburgers. the frozen kind, vegan cheese, bun and all.

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