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Need input for air travel kennel and accessories, etc.

My cat, Kammer, and I are moving back to NY in May (yippee!  :>).  It is going to be a looooonnngggg trip.  We live in Saipan (google it) and have to transfer through Tokyo, sit around for 6hrs, then I got a non-stop flight to JFK.  the flight from tokyo-jfk alone is 13hrs in the air.  We're flying Delta, and I've looked up  the requirements for pets, so I'm wondering what specific types of kennels have you used for air travel, also looking for all the goods for her: food/water cups, absorbent pads, maybe a cushion bed for her?  I don't think I'll sedate her for the trip since it's so long and i've heard that animals can have like anxiety attacks if they wake up halfway through the trip in the bottom of a 747...

i'm going to have to order this stuff online, so links are greatly appreciated when possible  ;)b
thanks in advance!

I think all pet supply places mention if a carrier  conforms to IATA regulations.  I haven't bought much online for a few years, but I used to use  The site wasn't great, but the selection and prices were good.  Good luck!


1, decide if you want/figure out if you can have kitty in the cabin with you (this is often a cheaper option too, though you'll sacrifice a carry-on), as this will help determine the size/shape/type of carrier you choose. Soft sided ones are often okay of cabin, but not cargo, etc.

2, for that long of a flight, I'd recommend a 'lixit' type water dispenser, that way there's less of a chance for spills, etc.

3, if you go for the cargo option, I'd look at the hard bodied carriers with compartments in the top area designed to carry food, etc, that way you have less separate things to lose!

When doing the 18+ hour car rides back and forth between Portland and LA areas, I put my cat in a medium dog carrier, so he had room to stretch, as well as room for a small litterbox in the back. I'm not sure on the airline's regulations on this, but for cats going that long, may be something you want to consider.

If you're not going to sedate him (fully support you in this), I recommend you look into Bach's Rescue Remedy, or some other type pheromone-esque calming product. We like Bach's because you can put it in the water.

Congratulations to the two of you on coming home!!!


thank you both for your replies. i wish i saw them earlier.  i settled on a petmate (?) kennel that was for sale at ACE hardware. i also wish i saw your suggestion for that rescue remedy stuff. that'd probably be perfect for her, but there is no way it'd get to me in time. 

i had to take her to the vet on the other island yesterday, and her little heart was beating so fast while we were enroute and on the plane.  i just hope she'll be able to calm down on her own while she's on the airplane to jfk.

thanks again u guys!


have you double checked with the airline you'll be flying with.

When I moved my cat from the UK to New zealand there were very strict rules on the type of carrier that could be used.  It had to conform to cetain requirements and we needed to get one specially made for Gary.

Also, we were not allowed to give Gary any sedation - there's too much risk with the cat vomiting during the flight.  She had to go in the hold and she was not allowed in the cabin. She was not allowed anything else in her carrier.  I had wanted to put a piece of my clothing in there to comfort her but we weren't allowed.  Food wasn't allowed for the whole 25+ hours flight, only water - in an approved water dispenser.

If you want more info on how we transported our cat and stuff let me know, as I'm about to rush out to work.  But definitely contact the airline, as the carrier you have bought may not be allowed.


wow shelloid, those are some strict rules for pets! i checked and re-checked Delta's website, and it seems that i've got the requirements for my cat (thank goodness seeing as i'm leaving monday). 

i wish i could take her in the cabin, but it's such a long flight and i don't want her crapping and smelling up the cabin. plus, i used miles to upgrade, and cabin pets aren't allowed in business class due to the low reclining seats. 

the vet seems to think she'll be perfectly comfortable in the cargo area.  delta's website and a station manager told me that pets are kept separate from luggage and in a temperature controlled area. 

either way, it's going to be a long ride home....


we made it back to NY on monday.  my cat, kammer, looks to be doing well.  she will occasionally go and hide under the bed upstairs, but i've seen that behavior in her before when we switched apartments.  i know she's still getitng used to her new digs, but i noticed she isn't eating as much as she used to.  on the island, i fed her 1/4 cup of food twice a day about 12 hrs apart, give or take.  lately, when i go to feed her, she still has the majority of her food left in her bowl.  i'll notice her go up to the bowl as if to eat, but she won't take a bite.  i've bought the exact same kind of food i was using before, and she ate it like a champ.

we went through a 15hr time difference, so can cats get jet lag? maybe it's having an effect on her appetite?
how long should this behavior continue until i see a vet (if necessary)?

anyone have a similar problem?


Even if it is the 'same' food.... different areas/states/countries have different formulas and recipes to follow local laws.

She's probably still stressed from that long of a flight, and her stomach could have shrunk a bit. If you're able to, get some sort of calming aid/pheromone/herbal remedy. Like the Rescue Remedy I suggested above.

If she's nibbling, I'd wait a few weeks for improvement. If she's not eating at all, I'd wait 'til weds at the latest to get her checked out by the vet.

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