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New trick for SpazCat

The backstory, I have a cat, DD has 2 cats, DS decided he needed a cat of his own.  We found "Angus" at a pet store in the area the local pound puts a few cats that are up for adoption.  He was very playful with us through the bars and kept his claws totally in.  Within a day of coming home, we realized he needed a new name and he became "SpazCat".  I suspect he is the reincarnation of Einstein.  If he has opposable thumbs the world would be in serious danger.

This cat has a box fetish.  (note profile pic of my hamper)  Last night DS left a bowl of round puffy cereal on his desk.  This morning, Spazcat decided to play in the cereal and then see how much of his body fit inside a cereal bowl.  OK, when it comes to playing, he does not use his brain but I have seen him problem solve some pretty impressive situations.  How much of a 10 lb cat can fit into a 6" diameter, 2" deep bowl?  It can be amazing.

hahahaha: cats are hilarious. (Don't tell 'em i said that, tho!)  ;) Sounds like a great addition to your household... well-named, too!

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