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Newly adopted fixed female cat marking


I my family just adopted a cute and sweet kitten a month ago.  When we first brought her home, she had a nasty upper repritory infection.  After a few weeks of medication, she is finally a picture of health.  Now, we are finding out her real personality and quirks.  She likes to mark certain people's beds and my chicken's crate.  Just took her to the vet today for another set of shots.  This kitten is the picture of health.  We were told it was a behavorial problem. 

Have had a few cats since childhood.  Never had a fixed, female cat mark.  We do have an older neutered male that never marked.  Both cats seem to get along well.  They each have seperate litterboxes, food and water dishes in two different rooms.  They are both indoor cats.  Has anyone ever experienced a girl cat that marked?  What should I do?  She also has a thing for cardboard.  Loves to chew it.

Our one fixed female did that for a while, but she was the only animal in the house so we didn't know what it was about,  One year she sprayed our christmas tree 3 times.  My mom was ready to kill her!  It sounds like a territory thing to me, even though the two cats get along.  Not sure what to do about it though?


try the pheromones that help to put the kitty to ease, she's probably a little freaked out still and is just trying to make sure her presence will be preserved. Also, get 'miracle pet' ((?) I forget the exact name of the product....I know it has the work 'miracle' in it!) cleanser, it will remove the scent of her mark, which will help discourage her. They also have a laundry detergent now that should be helpful with the bedding!!

As for the cardboard....well....yeah, both of mine go through phases with that....maybe she's teething?

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