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Pest Control?

I haven't had a problem with fleas from my pets for quite some time (thanks goodness!) but the thought came to me the other day in the grocery story pest control aisle.

How have any of you rid your home of fleas, flies, mice, etc?

I have to admit that I'm a bad vegan when it comes to my home.  I try to respect all life, but I want respect, too.  And part of that is staying OUT of my home unless I invite you in.  We don't have any pets, so fleas aren't a problem, and we bought a home that was less than a year old, so mice aren't an issue either.  If we ever face those problems, though, I will let my omni hubby handle it how he sees fit.  I truly admire anybody that can handle this stuff in a more humane way; you're better than I.  I think it's safe to say that in our own homes we can all do (or not) what is comfortable and right for ourselves, so let's try to avoid arguments and judgments here.  Although I do find this an interesting topic, and would love to pick up some tips for naturally keeping the home "guest" free!


For Dogs:
Feed them garlic and brewers yeast with their food. I also use spays that contain citronella, mint, lavender, cedar, etc. DO NOT use frontline (or any such product that is similar), flea collars, nasty chemicals, etc.
These are great ref. for dog and cat owners:

Goto: they have great natural remedies, etc.

Also to find products goto: you can find everything you need there.

If there is one book that I could ever recommend for pet owners it is this:
The Nature of Animal Healing, by Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM

This book changed the way I fed my pets,then slowly made me look at my own eating habits and started me on my path to becoming vegan.

Hope this helps!



Davedrum is right: be very wary of flea collars.  The companies expect their products to kill a certain proportion of healthy animals (particularly young or elderly ones, but any animals); it is more cost effective for them to pay the occasional, rare lawsuit than to improve their product to protect pets.

I am all in favor of being a "bad vegan" in one's home and where one's pets are concerned.  I would medicate myself to kill and expel worms in my own system, believe me; I will do the same for the animals I adopt.  Fleas, ticks, etc. are downright dangerous to my pet's health and my own, and I will fight them with all I've got (although I look for natural/less toxic means to controlling them when I can).  The same goes for persistent bugs and rodents, though in the latter case I'll try live traps.

Garlic can be a little dangerous to cats, as it has been shown to have a (weak) linkage to anemia (onions are far worse).  For fleas, this is what I do: Brewer's yeast and a spray with natural repellents on the animal; diatomacous earth or borax on the floors (vaccuum it back out after) and a good wash and spin in the dryer for pillows. 


Spanish home remedy: walnut leaves in the animal's bed will drive fleas away. I don't know if this works. I have also heard that tomato plants repel fleas (well they stink!) Interesting ideas, I don't know if this sounds familiar to anyone.
Yes, I know, this is a singularly useless post...I just wanted to participate, I guess... :-[


TKitty - That was my idea basically. It sounds so aweful to say, but there's just a point when you have to draw a line. We'd all like to, but you can't escort each little flea out with a pat on the back and a goody bag.

Dave - Thanks a lot for all the info; I'll definitely refer back if I do have any problems with my pets/house in general.

Duckalucky - I agree exactly. "I would medicate myself to kill and expel worms in my own system, believe me; I will do the same for the animals I adopt. " is the greatest point.

Yabbitgirl -  ;) T'wasn't useless if it made me smile


Hey Julia Vegan,
Glad I could offer some advice and help. Trust me I know a good deal about dogs and flea and tick programs that work. I have 11 dogs of my own and have rescued over 80 in just the past 3 years here in Georgia.  (I have pics of a lot of them in my profile). This seems like the dog dumping capital of the world! I live 45 minutes north of Atlanta in the mountains, near to  where the Appalachian Trial starts... and there are LOTS of ticks, and probably even more animals hosting and spreading fleas. I NEVER use any of the vet or store sold flea and tick cancer causing chemicals. I use only natural products and not ONE of my dogs has had a flea or tick. Good preventative maintenance is what I use. Read that link.... there are lots of simple things to do to prevent your dogs getting fleas and ticks. Really the number one thing for a dog's health and well being is a GREAT diet, which will lead to a healthy immune system (just like us 2 legged creatures). It makes your dogs less palatable (the fleas and ticks will look for "weaker" hosts). Also no over vaccination...but that's another topic I could go on about for days!  ::)

All the dogs I rescue have fleas and ticks when I find them. I have to  quarantine them, and treat them holistically, but it REALLY does work.

Talk to ya later!

Dave :)


i'm a bad vegan when it comes to pests in the home. i try to put spiders outside, but sometimes we get ants SO BAD there is just no getting around destroying them all. i haven't had any experience with mice or roaches or anything thus far, so i don't know how i'd handle it. i would hope my cat would take care of the mice for me!


Ahh much much kudos Dave. You're doing so much for the Good of everything.

Second, yeah. Same way. I go to the most redneck of schools, which I can adjust to itself, but they're all kill happy. I've mentioned this before, but I even have mounted deer not only in my history class, but the main office. Pleasant. So yeah, you can only imagine who oddly they look at me when I pick spiders and beetles etc. up and let them out the window or door to safety. They purposely kill them and put the bodies on my desk whenever they can though.

            Meh, grand.  :-\


be careful w/ Brewer's Yeast and dogs..if your dog is prone to yeasty ear infections, the brewer's yeast will exacerbate the problem. (Much experience w/ yeasty dog ears and all the problems that cause it).

This site is wonderful for natural pet remedies:

I have also heard that Tea Tree oil helps as well..just  be careful to keep it away from the dog's ears..I've heard that it can cause problems w/ their hearing..not 100% on that, so don't quote me on it.


I like to use neem oil.  I mix it with some water and a little leave on conditioner (specifically for dogs).  After I brush my dog (which I usually do every other day), I give him a quick all-over spritz.  Some people add a couple drops of peppermint oil to it to make it smell nice but I don't mind the smell of neem so I don't bother with the peppermint.  I've also heard of putting a little vinegar in their drinking water but I haven't tried this yet.

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