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Pet Mice

Anyone have them? I've had several over the years, but right now I have a little cutie named Barnaby Bumble. I don't find a ton of resources about the care and feeding of pet mice, and I've heard conflicting info--such as "they eat corn" and "never feed them corn". So I though maybe our pooled knowledge could result in some good info.

So, what's your mouse's name?
Where did you get him?
What do you feed him?
What does he do/what do you do with him?

Barnaby was given to me from my mom when my boyfriend had to travel for a long time and she wanted to cheer me up. She got him from a petco/petsmart type place (I would've loved to find a little mousery but what can you do, I'm glad he's here living the good life now). He loves peas, avocado, cherries and dry pasta--oh and whole grain cereal. He LOVES his wheel....if he was a person it'd be an exercise addiction. He also loves to roll around the house in his ball, and rearrange the fluff in his house.

Am I sounding mouse-crazy? I think they're so cute.

Do rats count?

When my husband and I first started dating, we got rats.....they're such amazing little creatures....I would love to have them again, but they don't live very long and I don't deal well with death....

1.  Penelope, Isabelle and Taylor (we had an Amelia, but she tried to eat Taylor, so we took her back to the pet store)

2.  Petco - of course we wouldn't buy pets from there now, but that's where all 3 came from.

3. I don't remember exactly what we fed them....they had a standard rat food and we would give them carrots and other misc veggies to snack on.

4.  We did all sorts of things with them!  We took them on adventures, like out into the woods and even shopping (I hid them in my sweatshirt pockets)  We built elaborate forts out of cardboard boxes and tubes - we had a whole room devoted to was so awesome....and they learned how to get out of their cages and they would break into our bedroom at night and crawl on the bed and scare the shit out of us....
But they never used their wheel and were terrified when we put them in the ball....they preferred to be free-range rats....

Then they died....all within a few months of each other, which was really horrible.  I can't tell you how much money I spent on vet bills for them....


I have pet mice. Now I have 4: 2 boys named Dirk and Wilson and 2 girls named Opie and Mo. Just last week I lost 2 girls, one to old age (she was at least 18 months, if not older) and the other had tumors. It was a rough week!

I feed them mice pellets, I don't know the brand name. I take them from work. I also feed them pieces of whatever I'm eating. They LOVE popcorn. They also like banana and other fruits.

I like to let Dirk out and let him just run around and play. They're all so well behaved that they can just run around when I'm watching them.

Congrats on your new baby!


Thanks! I just adore him. I'll have to try giving him popcorn!

erinmonster--rats totally count! I'd love to have a couple rats someday.


You must post pictures in "pictures of your furbabies." I want to see them!


When my husband and I first started dating, we got rats.....they're such amazing little creatures....I would love to have them again, but they don't live very long and I don't deal well with death....

Agreed, on both counts! I'd probably have a hard time with the lifespan issues, too... even 10 to (hopefully!) 15-20 years seems way too short, for the critters I have now... But yeah,  my sis used to have ratties, & I was surprised at how personable they were! Like little bitty cats, with long weird tails!  ;D

Barnaby sounds adorable... I'll second the motion for pics, please, if you have a chance. Congratulations on your new little furry guy!


:( my files are too large to attach a picture....i will have to figure out how to do this and get back to you.


:( my files are too large to attach a picture....i will have to figure out how to do this and get back to you.

I am FAR from expert on such things (!), but have you tried uploading to clicking 'share', above the uploaded photo/ then 'get link address' (i'm going from memory, but I think that's right)/ copying the http address from 'for boards & forums'/ pasting it into your VW reply? (you'll need to register for a photobucket account, but it's free)

That's the advice I got when I was struggling to figure out how to post more than 2 pics/ non-thumbnail-sized pics, in 'Pics of Furbabies' thread, & it's worked perfectly so far... Hope that helps!


you can use facebook as well, if you have an account.
you upload the picture to an album, view the album, click on the picture (so that you're only viewing that picture), then right-click on the picture (or ctrl + click for macs), and select "copy image location." paste that address between and (delete the spaces when using)
the max file size for facebok is 5mb/picture, so it should be no problem


I don't have Facebook, so I use

You upload a pic and then it gives you a URL address to put into the VW forum. it's easy (I say this, because even I can do it!)


Ooh ooh! I've had several mice... they've all been delightful companions, if a bit pongy. :P As for the most recent two (OMG that was nearly three years ago already), they were Envy and Polly (short for Polyhymnia). I got them from a classmate who had been attempting to do some sort of science experiment about the effects of a high-fat diet on birthweight/litter size... but the two mice he had wouldn't breed. Opposite sexes, definitely, but no sexytimes. They just played together and ate together and slept curled up in a ball as platonically as anything. I think part of it might have been that Polly was a bit sickly; the reason for her name was that she had some kind of lung problem that made her breath whistle slightly when she was nervous. But Envy never even tried to put the moves on her, so I dunno.

I kept on feeding them the mouse/hamster food they'd been eating, but they also got the occasional bit of nut/seed/fruit/human cereal as a treat. And I know it probably isn't the best food, but I did give Envy a piece of a Christmas cookie Santa left uneaten. ;)

I don't know how old they were when they came to me, but Polly's lungs gave out on her a couple of months after I got them. Envy didn't seem too heartbroken - he sniffed around for her on all their toys for a while, and stayed up early one morning rearranging his bed to be comfy without his companion, but he was still fed and cuddled and fussed over and kept warm and cozy. And I'm not sure mice have anything like the degree of pathos about death that humans do - it would be pretty problematic in a species with such a short lifespan.

Envy himself came down with some kind of conjunctivitis a few months after that. I took him to the vet expecting to be laughed out of the joint, but it turned out our vet is a mouse-lover as well. Of course, the outlook for a sick mouse isn't great, but I came home with some eye drops and instructions to coddle Envy and see what happened. I gave him a hot water bottle to sleep with at night, kept his eyes clean, and let him eat whatever human food he'd eat - he was turning up his nose at pretty much everything but Puffins - and just generally spoiled him rotten until, yeah, he died.

I like keeping mice even with the high turnover rate... I'd get another few if I could get a couple without having to buy them from a pet store. The SPCA does occasionally get them, but I suppose a shelter mouse is going to be even more ephemeral a companion...


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