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pet store employee drowns two bunnies - ugh

it's on the PETA site so i'm presuming it's reputable, while not hard to believe someone would be cruel enough to do this - it is hard to believe someone would be stupid enough to post pics of the same on their FB for all their FB friends to see

very odd...

I wish I didn't open that link.  :(


oh - my apologies Trinket!  I maybe should have put a disclaimer before posting the article.  The picture is not horrific in the sense that there's not actually any blood or gore, but the woman in the picture is holding up the two bunnies she seemingly just drowned, and you can see their wet, limp bodies.

I'm going to paste the contents of the article here for anyone that wishes to read the story w/o wanting to see the picture.

Ask Petland to End Rabbit Sales After Employee Rabbit Killings

Last week, PETA discovered a disturbing photograph and comments posted on Facebook by then Petland employee Elizabeth Carlisle, who worked at the store in Akron, Ohio. The photo shows a grinning Carlisle posing for the camera as she scruffs the bodies of two dead, soaking wet rabbits.


Carlisle admitted to a Facebook friend that she drowned the rabbits, claiming that her manager took the photograph while Carlisle was "swearing at to just hurry up and die …."

Carlisle's comments go on to state that the rabbits had been "attacking and eating each other" and had sustained injuries as a result, including "deep wounds all over," "an eye missing," what Petland staff "suspected was a broken jaw," and paralysis from the waist down—injuries that clearly had taken some time to occur and would not have occurred had proper care and supervision been provided to these animals. But instead of treating the animals or having them humanely euthanized by a veterinarian, Carlisle—and apparently her manager, whom Carlisle claims took the photo—decided to drown the animals.

Petland has long been under fire for buying animals from breeding mills, among other allegations, and PETA routinely receives complaints about deplorable conditions for animals at Petland stores across the U.S.

It is clear that Petland has no business selling live animals, period, but in light of this cruelty case, we are renewing our call on Petland Founder Ed Kunzelman and Petland President Frank Diffata. Please take a moment and fill out the form below to join us in asking Petland to end rabbit sales immediately, as other national pet store chains have recently done.


What the fuck. That girls face is what is making me mad. You can tell she like enjoyed it. how does some one enjoy anything like that?!


Some people need to die. They are a waste of space and will never do anything worthwhile. This pisses me off so bad.


that girl needs that smile smacked off her face


that girl needs that smile smacked off her face

She sure does....what a bitch.


she must have no soul.  outrageous.

i hope everyone gets their pets from shelters!!!!!!


That's so awful!!


mmm, I'm hoping that all these violent remakrs directed towards her are mainly just frustration and aren't to be taken seriously.


I was gonna search to see if anything happened to the girl, but I can't bring myself to open any links in fear of seeing that image again, even though it is forever burned into my mind... Did she get any punishment for it?

0 likes (same picture on this link as well)

Akron, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Elizabeth Carlisle, a 20-year-old Ravenna woman was arrested on animal abuse charges after she drowned two injured rabbits inside a Petland store and then posted a photo of the deed on her Facebook page.

A Petland franchise located at the Chapel Hill Mall in Akron was closed down Wednesday after a photo on Carlisle's Facebook page showed her holding dead rabbits after the animals were drowned. A caption under the photo boasted that she drowned the rabbits because they were injured.

Investigators say Carlisle posted the photograph on July 28. An entry on her page credited the store manager with taking the photograph. She went on to explain the animals were drowned after they became injured during a fight.

Petland headquarters condemned the incident, announcing it had revoked the store's license. Animals recovered from the store are being transferred to other locations.

"Petland will in no way, shape or form tolerate any abuse of animals in it's care," stated officials in a press release. "We are outraged at this gross violation of Petland's animal care standards.

Carlisle was booked into jail on two counts of harming a companion animal. She is scheduled to be arraigned on August 17.

Carlisle's father, Joe Carlisle, defended his daughter, describing her as a respectful young woman simply working her way through college.

"She is a good, good person who is innocent totally as a human being of any and all wrongdoing," insisted Carlisle.

** if you go to the actual article - there's about 60 various comments there, in case anyone is interested **


um...would it be possible to get rid of the giant list of comments attached to that story, sirdidy? I usually don't care much what people post but the arguments going back and forth there are totally frustrating and I think will just add to VWers' being upset about the whole thing. I would appreciate it muchly  :)>>>


What a fucking bitch! How the hell could you do something to a helpless animal. When i see those bunnies, it makes me cry. My own little bunny sidd is the most sweet, intelligent, adorable pet. He greets me when i arrive, honks at me, licks me, humps things on occassion, and plays fetch with his corn cob toy!


That hurts me a lot, especailly because I own a Holland Lop, I hope karma doesn't catch up to her soon, what a horrible way to die

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