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If you had to guess, what would be the #1 thing your companion animal loves the most?! Only one!

I think Olen's would be getting in (on) the bed every night. He's ready about 9 every night, and will even get in with me if P hasn't taken him out for night walk yet. He sprints to the bed! I don't know why he loves it so much (everyone is together for hours?), but he does.

Ken: any food. cat food, kitten food, crackers, bread, packing peanuts, cat hair, lint.
Hannah: some beat up mouse toy. Close tie for second is getting attention instead of Bobby and wet food that makes her sick.
Bobby: a fresh, unchewed plastic bag. coming home from grocery shopping is Christmas.
Charlie: though not something she ever gets, she makes a valiant effort every time I open the door to run out, even after it is clearly too late. I think her "favorite thing" or ideal now is to escape, but someday when she does, she'll realize... there's just more carpet & walls out there.

I'mma do the opposite to. Most hated thing.
Ken: lack of food
Hannah: Bobby getting attention
Bobby: being locked out of a room (he sounds like he's dying)
Charlie: baths.


Most hated: baths


I would say my 2 cats love each other more than anything else.  I love watching them groom each other.


Devon: He LOVES going "buh-byes" with us. Pretty much everywhere we go (unless the weather is to an extreme) we will bring Dev with us and it's his favorite thing to do. He makes everyone in the other cars laugh too and he likes to bark at people crossing the streets. Before we go we'll say, "Do you wanna go buh-byes????" and he'll jump up and fly around the house barking and jumping around. It's adorable!

Ri Ri: SWIMMING! This is a no brainer! He swims for hours! One time when we were roaming around in the woods he took off and when we found him he was in a swamp playing around, he loved it.

Lily: Chew on me. She jumps all over me and climbs up me and chews on my arms. She's a toy poodle so it doesn't really hurt.

Rocky: Food. Food and getting his butt itched and his belly rubbed but his big favorite is food. I've never seen him turn down any sort of food before.

Angel: Treats and climbing on me while I'm asleep.

And my two fish just like eating and playing around in their plants.


Bella: eating human food

Mason: when i scratch his behind

Most hated:

Bella: vacuums

Mason: new people



Otis-- chewing forbidden and/or dangerous objects (shoes, cash, library books... with occasional distressing attempts at batteries, cigarettes, kitchen knives, etc... yes: he IS a problem animal! but he's so damn cute we have no choice but to love him anyhow... and just try to keep everything but actual dog toys stored on high shelves!)...

Milo-- being on my lap (and thereby keeping Otis off of it: hahaha, the little BROWN dog is the lap victor! take that, you other dogs!)...

Gulliver-- playing 'I'm the deer/ no wait YOU'RE the deer!' with Otis...

Daisy-- butt scratches...

Pep (the cat) -- knocking hazardous objects like cigarettes and batteries off end tables, for Otis to chew (in what I'm pretty sure are multiple premeditated assassination attempts).


For my girl, a ball, hands down.  We call it her precious.


I think I want to resend my original #1, and switch to getting ointment on his paws. I have no idea why, but he loves this experience.


I think I want to resend my original #1, and switch to getting ointment on his paws. I have no idea why, but he loves this experience.

LOL.  My dogs don't like having their paws messed with in any purposeful way.


I think I want to resend my original #1, and switch to getting ointment on his paws. I have no idea why, but he loves this experience.

LOL.  My dogs don't like having their paws messed with in any purposeful way.

I know! I'd never met a dog who doesn't mind his/her paws being touched. He just loves the ointment (loves getting his teeth brushed almost as much). He patiently waits for me to put the ointment on two paws, and then starts licking while I put it on the others. He just likes the taste of it? I don't know! It's not even that he just wants to lick it OFF his paws, because he licks it off my fingers and couch, too. He hates having his body brushed, though (nothing to lick!).

eta: and sometimes he lets me hold his paw, too  :)>>>


Jonah - loves when the pillows on the couch are nicely stacked and no one is leaning on them - this is his 'pillow mountain' and he will lie on pillow mountain all day if undisturbed.

Harry - it's a tie - FOOD - he's a gluttonous pig!  and getting brushed, especially in the butt region.


Lucy- Attention

Seeley- Tie between food and going outside (on a kitty leash).

Charlie- Food. Any kind. Human, cat, dog, fish...

Ralph- Head scratches. Only by me, only at night.

Least favorites:

Lucy: Car rides.

Seeley: being told he has to wait for food.

Charlie: having the top of his head touched.

Ralph: Being picked up. He meows bloody murder.


Abby: turning on a faucet a little bit so she can sit up on the counter and drink directly from it. If I pet her while she drinks, even better. :)

Abby is my only companion animal right now. Victoria died last year and her favorite thing was to sit on my chest and rub her nose/jaw against my chin. Made me itch like crazy!


Gary's definite favourite thing is sleeping.  She sleeps so so so much.  It's not like she's  particularly active when she is awake.


Abu (Cat): edamame and catnip
Rajah (Cat, who just passed away in January but I had him for 17 years which is almost all of my life and I still consider him part of the family): belly rubs and biting my hair
Cashise (dog): cheese
MJ (dog): licking anyone's face off
Angel (dog): sleeping snuggled into my neck/boobs. she likes to listen to my heartbeat. such a lover.

Abu & Rajah: car rides (as the vet)
Cashise: Bath time
MJ: being left alone
Angel: being outside to potty in the early morning or late at night when it's cold.



Sully:laps, snuggles, tuna dregs, and hair ties
Syd: Daddy, shredding paper towels, and fresh-baked bread.  He sits in front of the table where the cooling rack sits and stares longingly at the bread until I slice it and give him a piece of the heel.  his fave so far is Oatmeal Bread to Die For!
Pete: Food, me and playing with Syd

Sully: the shower curtain, cheap cat litter and onion smell.  he will NOT come near me if I have cut an onion in the last few hours, no matter how much I wash my hands!
Syd: the water-on-his-face part of bathtime, having daddy cross at him, waiting for the bread to cool
Pete: me not having time for snuggles!


If there are more option to chose then it is more difficult to select one item. I thing, to select one item from many, it is difficult work. If you have only one choice then there is no problem  of selection.

soccer | play soccer


My favorite dog is every time sleep with me and its every time play with me.. and Its all time favorite is vanilla ice-cream.... 


Coco: most loved - attention

          most hated - going outside to potty.


My dog Theo's most loved thing is his Thomas the Tank Engine ball. He originally stole it off me (it was part of my juggling equipment) and never gave it back, he's had it for probably 3 or 4 years now. He knows it by name, if you ask "Where's Thomas?" he races off to find it, he spends hours lying on his back practising litfting it out of his mouth with his paws, and the amount of times I have woken up to find Thomas carefully placed on my bed in my eyeline...

The cat I hang out with a lot now has the weirdest most loved thing in the world... he likes to be spanked. Hard. I am not even kidding, this cat is an insane fetish beast! He hunkers down, hangs onto the carpet or chair with his claws, sticks his butt out and writhes in ecstasy when you spank him. I will have to video it, has to be seen to be believed...



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