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Pick a favorite

If you had to guess, what would be the #1 thing your companion animal loves the most?! Only one!

I think Olen's would be getting in (on) the bed every night. He's ready about 9 every night, and will even get in with me if P hasn't taken him out for night walk yet. He sprints to the bed! I don't know why he loves it so much (everyone is together for hours?), but he does.

My cat Atilla the Hunee likes to play fetch with ponytails.  I'll fling one for her and she'll run after it, pick it up and carry it back to me in her mouth where she'll drop it at my feet so I'll fling it again.  She would play for hours on end if I let her.  I also find plenty waiting for me on my bed in the morning when I wake up because she's ready to play.



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