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Poor Puppy!

My husband Andy found a puppy yesterday in the street while he was working in a bad part of town.  Of course, he scooped him up and took him to our vet.  Our vet said that he was 3 or 4 months old, and due to his condition, most likely lived his short little life tied up outside.  The pads of his feet are slightly deformed and the skin on his belly is weathered and rough.  Not to mention, he was filthy, covered in grease, oil, and tons of dirt.
So, he got a couple of shots and we brought him home, gave him a bath, and introduced him to our other dogs.  Obviously, we're not looking for the owner, not that they wanted him anyway, so it looks like we have a new puppy.  We are posting pictures of him around the office and stuff to see if anyone is interested in him, but I know I'll be way too picky about who he goes to, so we'll probably end up keeping him. 
I'm trying to figure out how to post his picture here so you guys can see him.  The vet said he looks like a Chow/Sharpei mix.  We're also working on names.....
Hopefully I'll get the picture up in a minute.

I am sorry to hear that... I was hoping the puppy would stay with you, but in that situation, it sounds like the best thing is to let the co-worker have him. I hope it all works out for the best for all concerned!


Im sorry to hear you cannot keep him but I think eh will bring so much joy to his new parent(s) and I hope they will give him all the love he deserves!!! ;)b He is so cute!


He's a lucky puppy either way!  That's great! 
Uncle Henry's "attack" sounds like it worked out just how he hoped.  I wouldn't give it too much weight.  I'd hate for you to think you couldn't have another dog because of it.  It's no surprise he had an opinion, he just needs to learn the doggy version of 'use your words'.
Likely it wasn't as ferocious or dramatic as it appeared.  Dog politics are mostly buff...lots of sound and little fury.  A frightened puppy has only one response. It is a distress cry developed to get attention IMMEDIATELY and it works!  It makes my blood run cold, but it's usually over little or nothing. 


So we just dropped off the puppy....and I totally cried....I'm actually still crying while writing this.  I feel like such a dork.
I'm really gonna miss him, even though we only had him a couple of days....
I guess what really bothered me was that the guy didn't really seem that excited or interested in the puppy....he just took him.  Didn't ask me any questions or anything.  Maybe I'm just overreacting...I am super sensitive....I probably shouldn't have gone.


Just a little side note.  When a dog is sitting on your lap, he becomes your protector.  My Affenpinscher would never attack a dog.  When sitting on my lap if another dog went by, he would.  I was at an obedience trial with Willie.  A bunch of us were sitting on chairs with our dogs on our laps.  A dog walked by and every 'lap' dog lunged at the passerby.

Same goes for cars.  A dog might not ever bite but when in the car, he is guarding the car.  Guarding your property.  Stick a hand in and you might lose it. 

Of course not every dog will do the above but they do take their responsibilities seriously. 

As someone posted, pups tend to let out a scream to show shock and get attention.  Have seen it hundreds of times and most often, the pups weren't even touched by the other dog.

The pup is very cute.  Sorry you couldn't keep him.  Your dog may have just been showing the pup who is boss in the house.  They usually work it out in a couple of days.

Cali my female is an alpha dog.  She puts all dogs in their place if they challenge her alpha status.  Most sense she is alpha and let her be.  The ones that don't see some very shining white teeth and serious growls.  Funny, all of her boyfriends must like a dominant girlfriend because they don't challenge her.  The female dogs she is friends with accept her alpha status as well. 

Hopefully the man who took the pup will love him for many years to come.  Remember, you and your husband saved a life.


Hopefully the man who took the pup will love him for many years to come.  Remember, you and your husband saved a life.

And if your friend was moved to tears at the very sight of "Theo"'s picture, you are going to change and improve HIS life immeasurably. You can let your pup go with the knowledge that he is taking a dog's best gift to this man--unconditional acceptance and love. The Universe probably got you and "Theo" together so that you could get him in touch with this human who needs him.


It so sad here cause i live in bolivia and here there are dogs everywhere you cant walk a block without seeing at least five literally it so sad too because almost all of them are skinny and have lots of problem with them and yo cant do anything about them because there are just so many any time we go on road trips though we bring bread and throw it to the dogs that are like in the middle of no where with no food but at my house we have five dogs so we cant take anymore in at all it would be wayy too much


yea, it definitely sounds like it will be good for both parties!


Sounds like even though he's had a rough life so far there's a happy ending in store.



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