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question about cat behavior

I think some of you remember me talking about this cat before, I was mad because he stopped using the cat box.  Let me update, he is fine now, has been for about 4 months, has been great and things have gone back to normal.

Now he is acting wierd again, but this time in a completely different way.  I have had this cat for 4 years.  He has never wanted to go outside, until now.  At this moment he is pacing the house and meowing becuase he wants to go outside.  I don't get this, he is neutered.  My female cat, Sidra, who is spaded, is acting perfectly normal and always has.

I had my baby 6 months ago, and he is okay with we resolved him not using the litter box and he finally conceeded and started using it again.  But I am wondering if his behavior is some kind of way for him to try to establish a territory?  For the past 7 months we are living with my mom and stepdad who also have tons of pets, I only have my 2 cats.  They have 2 dogs, a wolf (who I don't trust at all) and two birds.  Well, the birds are no big deal, but could his behavior be because of the dogs and wolf?

Well something happened today.  Scooter ran outside when I let the dogs out, no biggie, it is okay for him to be out, we are out in the country so he can be outside if he wants.  But the wolf was also outside, in the fenced in back yard.  He can get out of the fenced easy by jumping over it.  No biggie, we have about 6 acres of land here lots of room.  But he attacked the wolf, and she wanted to attack back but didn't.  Not sure exactly what happened because I didn't see it, my mom told me about it.  Apparently Scooter jumped at the wolf, the wolf jumped back and snapped at him, he then started to walk around her legs rubbing against her in an affectionate way, and she still was snapping at him, looking very angry.  My mom intervened because she thought the wolf was going to kill him.  She brought Scooter back inside, and now he is pacing wanting to go back out, the wolf is back inside too, upstairs sleeping.

What was that all about?  If he was trying to establish territory, why be loving to her an instant after jumping at her?  Why now?  He has been here 7 months and never has shown any interest in going outside until now.  I don't understand his behavior.  I don't mind him going out but if he is going to attack the wolf and get himself killed I don't want to let him out.  Anybody else ever hear of this?

Maybe hes is spring after all :)>>> :-D :)>>>

Sounds like he is being a goof-ball...I dont know....pretty weird. Maybe you could get one of those little cat runs for him or make one so he cans be outside safely...he might just need fresh air...also, consider giving him "rescue remedy" its a homeopathic thing a lot of people I know give their animals when they start acting weird. I THINK they sell it at whole foods and I may have even seen it at Petsmart or something like that....hummm...


My beloved Saul was neutered and yet if he heard or smelled a queen in heat he would act all interested and pace in front of the (3rd floor) window. And I'd say, "Yeah, what with? You and whose army?"  ;D
A friend of mine had a female Angora, unspayed, who was constantly in heat. My vet suggested we bring them together and let Saul "mount" her so she would ovulate and calm down. We did it once and it seemed to help the calling etc...and Saul went through all the right motions, as if he had a full set of equipment. Weird.

I bet your cat is smelling and/or hearing a queen in heat in the area.


it sounds like, perhaps, he's trying to play/make friends w/ the wolf? Though not the wisest choice of the available playmate possibilities.....Also, my neutered male prefers to go outside instead of using the litter box....he may just want to try that.....


<pet peeve> the verb is "to spay" -- the past tense is "spayed" < / pet peeve>

While I don't know why your cat is behaving this way, if it is going to be let out, you should make sure it is up to date on its vaccinations, including feline leukemia which indoor cats are not given, and possibly feline aids. He also needs a collar and tags with up to date contact information, and preferably a microchip (absolutely if he's aids vax'd because of testing issues).

You might look into creating a safe cat enclosure so he could go out some but still be safe. These require high fencing and a top so the cat can't climb out.


<pet peeve> the verb is "to spay" -- the past tense is "spayed" < / pet peeve>

Ditto on one of my pet peeves.  Better to say altered or neutered than spade or spaded.  

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