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Raising a puppy in a vegan family

Maybe this has already been asked but I am new to this site and trying to get used to everything. My family and I are looking to adopt puppy from our local Humane Society in the next month. I've been a vegan for almost a  year now.  What do I kind of food do I feed the puppy? I know that there is vegan  dog food out there but it's expensive. What does everyone else do for their dogs? Being vegan I want to make sure my new puppy is getting what he needs but don't want to contribute to hurting other animals by purchasing non vegan pet food.  Then I heard that it was wrong for people to put dogs on a vegan diet because it will hurt their health and bodies. Before we adopt we want to make sure we are doing the right thing and be responsible.  It very important to me and my family that we raise this puppy to be healthy and happy. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appericate it!

Search for dog food and you'll find a bunch o' threads on food.  As far as I can remember, dogs are omnivores like people and can be vegan without ill health effects whereas cats are carnivores and need animal products in their diet.

Homemade Dog Food
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Search results page with dog food threads scattered about in it.


check out Dr Pitcairn for puppy's nutritional needs and some veg recipes.


This looks interesting too.  I'm definitely checking this out for myself.


Thank you all for the information, it's been a real help!

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