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A Rare Breed of Love

Anyone else hear about this?  This is both the name of a website and the name of a book by Jana Kohl who adopted a former puppy mill dog and both their lives were changed.  The dog is named Baby and she was formerly known as #94 (tattooed on her ear) at the puppy mill she was rescued from by another kind woman.  Baby spent 9 to 10 years in a cage, 24 hours a day, pumping out puppies.  She was scheduled to be killed for no longer being able to produce puppies on the day a woman dubbed the "Drive-by Angel" rescued her.  Baby has three legs due to the neglect and malnutrition of the puppy mill and the puppy millers cut her vocal cords so they couldn't hear her bark or cry. :'(  After she was fostered, she was adopted by Jana Kohl.  At that time, which was about 3-1/2 years ago, Jana's beloved dog Blue died and she was looking for a purebred toy poodle and she and a friend both stumbled onto a puppy mill.  Jana was horrified.  It was not the same one Baby was used in but it changed Jana's view, actually her life!  She adopted Baby, vowed to never buy another dog, wrote a book on Baby and her story and is traveling with Baby across the country speaking on the horrors of puppy mills, with the final stop being in Washington, DC.  The book has quotes and pictures of various politicians, athletes, actors, and other famous people with Baby, all to promote her story and the cruelty of puppy mills with the goal of shutting them down! 

I had the privilege of meeting both Baby and Jana at a booksigning the other night.  Baby is so precious, as are her counterparts in puppy mills across the country.  Jana holds her like a, well, baby most of the time, to Baby's apparent liking, and she has a nice stroller for Baby, too.  They also have a huge rock star-like bus with Baby's picture and information all over it so you may see it.  It's heading east. 

Here's their website, which has a wonderful video on it. That's, of course, Baby on the cover.  It also lists where they will be for book signings and Jana's lecturing on Baby's experience and puppy mills, in general.  Maybe they're coming your way!

I also wrote to a blogger who I read a lot, Mutts from a Baltimore reporter, (not the cartoon Mutts) and he replied and said it would make an interesting blog story so I think he'll help spread the word.

Sorry I got so windy.  You can skip to the link, if you like.  Seeing and petting Baby and knowing her story and how wonderful her life is now just really touched my heart. :)>>>

That's a heart tugger!  :'( Bless her heart, I'm so happy that she found a loving forever home! It's really neat that you got to meet both Jana and baby. :)


very cool! i was looking at the website. they have some cute things on there.

i think its good she is working to unmask the horrors of puppy mills.


Yes, it was an honor to meet them, Jana in person and Baby in 'furson'. :)  She's a precious little girl, as they all are.  We certainly do need to do something about puppy mills.


Ugh...I'm sorry,I couldn't finish reading the post but this is so why I'm veg, this kind of stuff deeply disturbes me to the core.

I will say, it is amazing how a rescued animal can change your life! I have a few rescued animals in my care that were in similar and worse situations....  Mine have completely changed my life and I can't imagine life without them  :)>>>

It just makes me so mad that operations like this even exist. I mean, what is wrong with humanity that some can turn a blind eye at the pain and suffering of another animals??!! The 'person' who cut that poor dogs vocal cords....reading this makes me want to take that person and lock it in a cage and cut 'it's' vocal cords.....

I (think) it was Gandhi that said something like 'the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated' true in my opinion.

I'm sorry if this post was offensive, I just feel very strongly about animal cruelty  :(


wow. I wish I could read that book, but I just know that I would be crying the whole time! That woman is doing wonderful work and I am very happy that she seems to be reaching people with connections to help spread the word


pooh bear, I know just what you mean.  You're right, it was Gandhi.  Actually you probably read all the 'nasty' stuff in my post since it was mostly at the start.  The rest is uplifting, or meant to be. :)

lisaanddini, I haven't read the book in its entirety yet but it seems to be more uplifting than depressing, while still getting its important topic across.  I cry very easily when it comes to animals (bad news or good news) but the book has tons of pictures and only a few (4, I think)  in the first part are of puppy mills.  All the rest of them are of Baby with various famous people.  She is so precious and the pictures are beautiful!  Although puppy mills are horrendous, it's really quite uplifting to see Baby's pictures and know that the word is getting spread by people in the public eye.  There is one picture of Muriel Hemingway in a yoga sitting pose with her eyes closed and Baby, on her own, went over to her (which Jana said she normally doesn't leave Jana's side) and got in her lap and closed her eyes.  It's a great photo!  It's full of adoreable Baby pictures! 


I just came across a video of cutie-pie Baby and Jana on Good Morning America from 6/3/08 so here it is:

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