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Rat photography tips?

Hey guys, I just adopted a couple baby rats, and want to show them to you. Problem is they're so dang quick.  :P

So I was wondering if anyone here has knowledge on rat photography? Anytime I try to snap a shot, all I get are blurry noses and retreating tails.

'ppreciate any suggestions you can think of.

Don't say "Say Cheese!" before you snap the picture -- it gets them too excited.

Seriously, though.  A remote switch on the camera is best -- set it up close, step back, and give the little guys a few minutes to settle down and then take the picture.  No flash, or they'll never trust you again. Just make sure the area is well lit.  Without a remote, your best bet is to get up close and then wait, and wait, and wait.  If you have enough patience, eventually they'll slow down and pose for the camera.


A remote sounds like a good idea...thanks!

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