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Rescuing a Basset Hound Wednesday

Ok not sure what prompted me to do this.
There is a family that had a bright idea on adopting a older dog.
Now they realize you have to care for him and they don't want him anymore.
They told me they were going to put him down.
Guess compassion set in because I volunteered to foster him till I could locate a home.
All I know about this dog is he is 8 years old his name is George and he is current on all shots.
Also he sleeps all day.Plus I am sure he is eating garbage food.

Not sure how Zippy is going to deal with this. He is almost 6 and does not really like other animals.
Last dog I had here he peed on him. Thinking that was a accident.?
Zippy is on a very strict diet so I do not want the other dog eating his food.
Have to figure all that out very quickly.

Anyway I will post a picture of him here Wednesday after I pick him up.
Have been in contact with a few Basset rescue organizations in NY,PA and NJ.
I am close enough to CT I could go there also.

Hopefully this does not cause me to many problems.
Last time I took in a animal I ended up with Zippy, lots of cats and a special needs dog.

Oh, Joe!  Your wonderful...I am so glad you didn't turn your back on George.  Hopefully, it will all go well.....though it sounds like Zippy has territory issues.  I look forward to seeing George's pics.  I love basset hounds....they're just so soulful looking!  :)>>>


Yes, you did good. George is in good hands with you.


That's awesome! thnk you so much for doing that Joe!!!


Thats awesome joe!!

I hope you have ear plugs though!
If you are having eating issues, try feeding them separately...diff rooms, one in the porch, etc.
It can be an issue, b/c bassets like to eat!!! I have a friend w/ one who is HUGE and is RAVENOUS...she learned how to open the fridge and managed to eat a whole ham once!!!
idk what kind of shape yours will be in, but we looked at some things to fill er up... carrots, celery and bran cereal, can help keep their wt. in check. also, in their bowl, you can turn another smaller bowl upside down, so that the dog has to kind of work around it in order to eat, and not just inhale the food. (it will slow em down, so less likely for the new dog to bother another animal's feeding)

GOOD LUCK!!  ;)b i cant wait for pics. Im sure they will do well in your care!


Thank you for doing that, you just helped make the world a better place! I don't have advice, just wanted to tell you how fantastic I think you are for being so kind :)


Update on George
He is filthy and shedding like a madman.
My place now smells like stinky dog.
Unfortunately I have acquired another special needs dog.
I have two steps to get into my place and he can not climb at all.
Weighs a ton. Have to pick him up to put him in the house.
Not very well taken care. He is overweight and apparently on a bad diet.
I am cooking some rice right now for him and Zippy.
Did not want to feed him a vegan diet but that is all I have for him.
Absolutely refuse to have any animal product in my home.
It will help him to detox anyway.
Family's should be punished for abuse like this.

Zippy does not really like him but I think he is ok they are both laying near each other.


Poor George. :(

I'm sure you'll take good care of him until you find someone who understands the responsibility and will love him. I never thought 8 was THAT old for a dog, but when they're not properly taken care of I suppose the age shows more. Poor guy looks like a stiff old man.



I am working with a Basset Rescue worker in upstate NY that is willing to help me place him.

This might be a 2 animal rescue week.

Have another animal I am looking into to see if she needs to be removed from her home.
It is a baby Capuchin Monkey.
Very reluctant to rescue this one. Last monkey I picked up pretty much tried to destroy my place and home.

Really not trying to continue as a Foster Parent.
It is to emotional and time consuming.


That was so kind hearted of you take George in.  It's comforting to know he will be loved and taken care of.  I wish everyone felt the way you do about animals.  I respect you immensely.  Thanks, on behalf of George!!  ;)b  Personally, I'd have a very hard time fostering animals because I would get attached to all of them.  That's why I have so many cats- I just couldn't give them away. 


Poor George, I hate to think that so many dogs are living such bad lives and have such horibble owners. I hope you can find a good home for him.


I am going to have to make a ramp for him. Getting ready to do that. I can not pick him up each time he goes out.
Fed him a basic vegan dinner and he ate that.
The people who gave me him gave me a bag of Ol Roy dog food. I am sure that has byproducts in it.
Picked up a bag of Newman's Dry food for him.
So far so good.
He is making me really itchy though.
Noticed when he is sleeping he looks like he might have some breathing problems.

Will keep everyone updated on his progress.
Thanks everyone just figured I would share one of my rescue stories here.
I will take any stray animal if I can
The shelter here is a no kill shelter they just do not have allot of room so I do not mind being a foster parent.
Did notice he likes paper the reason he is laying on it.
Nice to know I have two animals in the house that like to make a mess.


Holy crap, look at those fat legs!  I hate to see overweight animals (and kids, for that matter).  Their caretakers should know better.  Sounds like he's on a healthier diet now.  Hopefully you can give him some exercise too, although it's probably hard in winter.


Being a volunteer is a time consuming job sometimes
But very rewarding.

Give credit to anyone that volunteers time lovingly to neglected animals. 

Took George for a walk and he walks slow. Took about 10 minutes to walk about 2 blocks.

Trying to decide if I want to bath him or take him to the dog wash.

Probably what is going to happen in the next week is I am volunteering more time to transport him to another foster home.
He needs care I am not able to give him. The Basset Rescue group here in PA is already working on a plan for him.


Oh my, George is a bit portly, isn't he?  Probally has joint pain from all the extra weight and probally why he has trouble breathing.  Poor thing.  Can't help thinking that there is a very nice looking dog under all that flab.  I'm so glad you rescued him.  I am sure he will make someone a great companion.


It is a baby Capuchin Monkey.

a monkey? OMG! I wanna meet it!


That's why I have so many cats- I just couldn't give them away. 

+1  ;D

It's good we live on opposite ends of the state!  ;)

Then again...we could meet in the middle, form a cat commune and live happily ever after! A couple of my cats think they're hippies anyway.  8)


Update on George
He is doing better today combed about a pound of fur off him rubbed him down with cornstarch and brushed him again.
Enjoying his new food. Ol Roy is garbage and he will never eat that again.
Took him for a walk today and he is moving pretty good. Worked on climbing last night and today.
He is able to make the first step no problem have to help him on the last one.

Zippy is not happy because George I think had a accident on his pillow.
So that goes in the wash.

This weekend he should go to his new home. Hopefully he is placed quickly.
Very Friendly Dog


That's really nice of you to foster. My only foster ended up staying.
George is lucky to have met you, even if it's just for a few days.


Oh my, George is a bit portly, isn't he?  Probally has joint pain from all the extra weight and probally why he has trouble breathing.  Poor thing. 

^^^This is exactly what I was thinking

Joe - you're so so kind to foster George.  I'm sure he appreciates it too.


So happy to read this! Thank you for helping George  :)>>> :)>>> :)>>>



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