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special needs dog rescue/referal

Does anyone know of a rescue that deals specifically with special needs dogs?

the background:
My friends who own that veg cafe Ive mentioned in here adopted two pitbulls a while back and had them shipped from New Mexico(?) where they are illegal to Connecticut. They had the dogs since they were a few weeks old. A few months back, someone broke into both their house and their cafe withing two days of each other. We suspect the incidences were related.Anyways, their 10 year old son caught the home invader menacing around int their kitchen and threw mugs at him till he fled, but just a few days later, both of their pitbulls fell ill.

They brought them to a local homeopathic vet and it was determined that they had been poisend with an extremely harsh poison. One of the dogs was not able to be saved and the the other one, was returned home after about a week in intensive care.

Luna is 9 months old and has been in the care of the holistic vet since the incident.  She is very weak still. Its honestly like watching a drunk dog. She bumps into things and doesn't walk straight. She has a hard time moving around. The family has stairs and they have to carry her up them because she cannot get up them herself any more. Its been long enough that they are not sure she is going to continue to recover. She does not seem to be in pain and she is not at risk of dropping over dead, so putting her to sleep is an unnecessary solution at this point. But they just dont think they are equiped to deal with her special needs with 6 childrne and a resturaunt to run.

The point:
I'm trying to help them find a home or rescue that can deal with special needs dogs....does anyone know of any?

What a sad story Zealia.  :'(
I wish I had some information to pass along to you. I am hoping for the best for Luna. She has been through enough & deserves some peace & happiness in her life. Good luck


Have you tried contacting your local SPCA to see if they have any suggestions?


Someone refered me to one here in CT...I contacted them and they are full but are going to try to help me out. Yeah!


Have you already looked into pitbull rescues in the area?  This one looks like they might not take owner surrenders, but since she rescued them from NM, perhaps they might make an exception?

That is so horrible.  Poor dogs and poor family.  What is wrong with people?  What sick pleasure did that person get from poisoning these dogs?

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