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Vegan multi vitamin for dogs?


My older dog has recently become an extremely picky eater. The vet is stumped as to why. Anyhow, he strongly recommends a multi-vitamin supplement.  Has anyone here had a positive experience with a vegetarian or vegan multi vitamin supplement? Chewable tabs would probably be best for my dog.


Older dogs loose their sense of smell often along with site, that can make it more difficult for them to find foods appetizing.

Have you tried heating up the food (if wet) or adding a couple spoonfuls of hot water to it (if dry)? These will help release the volatile oils that make it smell good, thus taste better.


Yes, I have tried so much. Switched from dry to canned. Back to dry with it moistened with water or vegetable broth. Back to canned heated up and mixed with people food he likes. Nothing works for very long and he gets bored with it.

Through trial and error we have discovered he really only wants to eat white bread, flour tortillas, and white pasta-stuff that he has never really eaten before (and are very bland-can't imagine they have that much aroma).  He doesn't want any of the "people" treats we used to give him: unsweetened applesauce, fresh dates, canned pumpkin, canned green beans, peanut butter, graham crackers etc.  

He has been a vegan dog ever since we adopted him over 7 years ago.  I am on the verge of getting Pet Tabs Plus multivitamins (recommended by the vet-but not vegan). I don't want to do it but I can't let him exist on only white flour. I haven't found anything on the internet in a vegan multivitamin supplement.

He has been treated for Cushing's disease for the last 9 months, but the vet doesn't think that has anything to do with his changing appetite-and it has really only gotten bad the last 3 months.

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