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Blooming Platter Cookbook

I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet? I bought it a week or so ago, and it looks fantastic, but haven't gotten a chance to try any of the recipes yet. Plus I love that it's seasonal.

Isn't this the giveaway this week? Or was it last? I'm gonna go look at it more!

eta: It's this week, so I hope whomever wins is a forum poster so we can see reviews.  ;)b I don't like Amazon previews that don't have a couple recipes to look at.


Two-Potato Latkas: these were a nice change from traditional latkas, though I strongly recommend adding some egg replacer.  The first couple that we tried to cook did not hold together at all and had to be tossed.  We did much better after adding the egg replacer and a bit of flax meal.


I made the blue cheese sauce for the pear, walnut, and blue cheese sandwiches. I used it as a pasta sauce instead, and I really liked it. Though it had more of a sharp cheddar flavor then a blue one.


I made the black-eye pea and spinach cakes with sun-dried tomato sauce, except I used chickpeas instead of black-eyed peas. I really liked them. The recipe was messed up though, since it said chop the spinach, and reserve for later, but it never said when to add it. I just ended up mixing everything together at once, and that worked fine. I also did like the sun-dried tomato tartar sauce, but if I make them again, I wouldn't use mayonnaise, and instead I'd use maybe just some oil instead.

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