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Cookbook: Simply Heavenly!

It is written by a monk.  I got this book a few years ago when I was a vegetarian and feeling a little squeamish about going vegan, especially about seitan.  I still don't like seitan and I thought this cookbook was useless.  I was unpacking some long unseen books when I came across this one.  I read the introduction and I had my eyes opened!  It is no longer unappreciated and I can sub frozen, thawed tofu for all the different seitan since I am not inclined that way.

The uncheese and undairy recipes are nearly identical to The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Joan Stepaniak, a later book.  He gives several variations of all kinds of things and includes a tofu creme cheese in 3 variations, all of which I will try.  I was put off, but now I am excited.

I will share with you all over time.  He has a recipe for Unshrimp, something I know that we have all fantasized about.  That is the first order of business when I shop this weekened and I'll be letting you know.

I like his premise...that not only should a vegan diet be healthier than an omni one, it should TASTE better than an omni one too.  He said that he transitioned from omni, to vegetarian to vegan and each transition was marked with greater joy and appreciation for really good food.

Ohh and he gives a quote from Jesus about not eating meat.  It comes from the earliest known text of the Gospel of Luke...something like...don't make your minds and hearts heavy by the eating flesh and the idea that by shunning animal foods you become more spiritual.  What I would say about all of you, Christian or not, is that each of you seem to be closer to what Wayne Dyer calls "Source Energy" that basic, positive energy that is in all creation and should bring us all closer together.  There is something on this board, on the site, which fosters a deeper connection and love of all kinds of things.  From the sisterhood of women and the Diva discussion to even Dave with his ire which is raised over animal injustices, it is here.  Dave reminds me that it is good to be angry about these things, because if you are not, then you are at risk of apathy and lack of giving a sh_ _ about life.  So many of the ladies here exude a feminine energy that feels good to me and I like that there are men with vegan masculine energy that strikes me as a balance, as it should be.

So, love you guys, as I have digressed here!

:)>>>  Just got this cookbook from a friend!!!  :)>>>
:)>>> love it  :)>>> love it :)>>> love it :)>>> love it :)>>>

Informative, well researched, tongue-in-cheek at times.  I love the fact that all of the salads are listed without lettuce, indeed he says he did so so that one can sub in spinach, bok choy, tabbouleh, rice ,etc.  Or quinoa in my case :D. 
there are extensive, inclusive chapters on just about everything including veg*n breads, even corn chips from scratch!  28 pages of soups, stews and chilis I can't wait to try, and the "heavenly broth" recipe is FAN-FREEKIN-TASTIC.  I halved the recipe to try it, made lentil soup with it, and turned around and borrowed my father-in-law's 20 qt stockpot to make a metric a**load.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend this cookbook!


So far every recipe I've tried out of this cookbook has been delicious.  I especially recommend the "square meals"- they're like homemade vegan hotpockets.  It's very easy to make a big batch of them and freeze them for quick lunches!


ooo...that's a fab idea!

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