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the 'forget about meat' cookbook

so i found this cookbook from 1974 at a booksale yesterday and had to snatch it up.  yes, there are egg and cheese recipes.  but i'd say a good majority of the recipes are vegan, if not easily veganized.  a lot of them are pretty basic, but there are some great 1970s inspired hippy-ish type foods that i'm pretty excited to try.  it was written by some lady who went vegetarian in college and became malnourished because she didn't know what to eat (blah blah blah).  but there are a lot of cool tools as well, such as what certain ingredients DO in bread.  and measurement equivalents that i haven't seen before, and which foods contain which amino acids, and a full bread making tutorial.  it's pretty much the raddest booksale find ever.  i'll report back once i make some of the recipes.

That sounds cool...I love vintage cookbooks! Definitely let us know if there are any keepers! :)

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