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Free Downloadable Cookbook that helps the Hungry

Barilla Pasta is offering a free downloadable cookbook showcasing recipes by celebrities (including Natalie Portman!)  They're definitely not all vegan but Barilla is donating a dollar for each downloaded cookbook to Americas Second Harvest.. up to $100,000.

Just wanted to add that I downloaded it and found that there are a few vegan recipes, and alot of the non-veg ones look easily veganizable (and good).  Surprisingly 2 of the 3 recipes that Natalie Portman "inspired" are not vegan although they probably could be.

chocolate hazelnut fritters?  yes, please!!


That's pretty cool.  I'll have to download it to my home computer when I'm off work.  I use Barilla pasta all the time


Beautiful photos in this cookbook which I downloaded to help America's Second Harvest. Thank you for sharing.

Please let me know what dishes you successfully veganized from this cookbook so I could try. :)

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