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Great, easy bread cookbook!

I found this great bread cookbook at the library - Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

It's not strictly veg*n, but has a lot of veg*n recipes.

It is an amazing method to make delicious homemade bread with very little work or time investment - no kneading, and the dough is on hand whenever you want to have fresh bread.

Check it out, and see what you think.

I have no personal interest in this (I know it sounds like I must be the author's mother or something) - but I'm just so amazed by how easy this is and how great the bread turns out, that I couldn't resist sharing.

Check it out!

Hi Anna.  I'm not the author's mother, I'm the author.  Well, actually, one of the co-authors.  I'm so glad you're enjoying our book.  If you have any questions, you can post them on our website, into any of the "Comments" fields, or the "Bread Questions" fields on the left side of the homepage-- We're at

Jeff Hertzberg


Wow, I'm delighted with the personal reply.

I made my first loaf on Saturday, and served it for lunch. My husband said, "I'd rather have this than cake!" - which of course echoes the sentiments of your grandmother in the book's introduction.

By Saturday night, I was making a trip to the grocery for another bag of flour, so we could make more!

I'm really enjoying having artisan-style bread at home - for less than 50 cents a loaf, instead of the $4. we usually pay at the bakery - and fresh and warm, besides.

I'm amazed how easy it is, and have been emailing friends and encouraging them to get the book, too.

I have my next loaf rising in the kitchen right now. And, it really didn't take any more than the 5 minutes promised to get it there!

Thanks for writing such a wonderful cookbook!   ;)b Best wishes in all your work!


I just checked the book out on Amazon and added it to my wishlist. Now if I only had a working oven, LOL! It looks like a GREAT book! Thanks for sharing. :)

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