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im so excited! new cookbooks!!

after reading the first 5 or 6 pages of the Veganomicon Recipes post, i decided to finally get it. i also got VCTOTW  :D

i can't wait to start making some of these recipes!! i'm gonna make something this saturday for me and my very non-veg boyfriend (actually... he does eat lots of veggies and fruits--most of the time even more than me!--but he still eats a lot of meat)

also, it was pretty cool that when i checked out at Borders, the girl that rang me up got all excited and told me how she has Vegan Planet and that i should check out ppk. it was cool to find someone else around here that doesn't have the reaction of "vegan? ew! i need meat in my food!", someone that doesnt look at me like i'm a total freak.

i just can't decide what to make! or which cupcake to make out of VCTOTW  ;D

I've made this frosting successfully with both EB and Smart Balance Light. I also use the non-hydrogenated Spectrum organic shortening and they work fine for me. my frostings are usually pretty fluffy. When I'm piping decorations, however, i'll add another 1/4 cup shortening and then powdered sugar until its SUUUPER stiff. so maybe, depending on what you tried to do, it was just too runny?


:( well i made the cupcakes and those are kinda good, but my Fluffy Buttercream Frosting didn't come out fluffy at all. it was really runny and i kept adding confectioners sugar but it wouldn't thicken up and just tastes like confectioners sugar now, not even a little hint of vanilla.


That's what happened to me! I used EB, though.  I thought everything I had was at room temperature...but I guess...I could' temperatured it more?
And it was just one time that it didn't come out fluffy, and another frosting that was not frosting-y.  The mint ones' frosting came out fine and I used the same ingredients methinks

Hmm, I'm wondering why people are having troubles with the frosting because mine came out fine both times and I didn't let the shortening sit to room temp at all.  I pretty much used it right out of the fridge and I warmed it up with my hands a little bit.  I nuked the margarine for about 5 seconds to warm it up a little and I had no trouble.  I'm wondering what the issue could be!  Maybe I've just been lucky...



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