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Mini cookbook challenge

I'm going to try to work my way through more Isa/Terry recipes. They are all my favorite cookbooks, but I get caught up in other things. I'm going to start mainly with more things from Vcon and VWAV. Anyone else want to participate? I know some of you have already made like everything in them. I never really follow recipes exactly, but I want to make more of these things. I want to try to do..2? recipes a week. Isa and/or Terry books only!
Isa's new book, Appetite for Reduction is coming out around December, I believe. I've tested a lot of the recipes, and it's going to be good!

I'm an overachiever this week, but I hope to stick with at least 2 for however long I continue.

Had a very yummy meal from Viva Vegan!

Annatto infused oil

I was thinking that if I didn't notice a difference with the oil, I probably wouldn't do this again because it's a bit of a process; mainly because of the staining, and the fact that it's oil, so it sticks to everything. I doubled the recipe, because I wanted to use the bottle for the finished oil. It was a beautiful dark dark orange. I loved it in the rice! I'll do it again sometime.

Red chile sauce

A bit different from the recipe because I used fresh garden chiles. I wasn't sure about the heat in them, so I removed the seeds in quite a few. I just sauteed them with the onions and stuff. I followed the directions otherwise, but added a splash of chipotle sauce. Yummy! Mine came out with just the right amount of heat, and the flavor is really good.

Yellow rice with garlic

This uses the annatto, and the rice was delicious. I love the color. The flavor was excellent, but next time I won't add the bit of salt at the end, because my broth was salty enough. I used brown rice, but followed recipe. Great.

Calabacitas (mixed squash saute)

I did this with all zucchini. I also added some leftover garden green beans to the onion saute, and the optional red chile and fresh corn. Very delicious! I dunno why I never thought to salt the zucchini like that to get out extra moisture for the saute, but I loved it that way. I hate when zucchini gets watery. The flavor was great, and it was an excellent side. I added a lot of fresh corn, and I highly recommend it.


Champion!  Everything anyone's made from Viva Vegan looks so interesting!! : )

I didn't end up making falafel last night : (
But I did make the Lemon Pepper Tofu from Vegan Brunch and I was really surprised/impressed with it!  I don't know that I've ever really had anything lemon pepper flavoured before, so I didn't have expectations, but I really enjoyed this.  The husband, who loves lemon pepper, thought this was a total win as well.  He usually likes really sticky marinated baked tofus, so this was a nice 'dry' alternative. 

I also did a vege stir fry covered in Mushroom Gravy .
We're both very new mushroom converts, having grown up disliking them, but this gravy is kickarse.  I did add ~a tablespoon of mushroom soy sauce, and only had regular button mushrooms, but otherwise followed the recipe.  Hearty and savoury and warming and all things good on a freakin' freezing Winter night : )


Vegan Brunch is available for me to pick up at the library, so I'll be making some stuff this weekend!!


Snobby Joes (Vcon)

Delicious! I thought I messed these up on so many different levels, but they came out wonderfully. The best sloppy joes I've made. I planned on using red lentils, so I started doing a totally different method (sauteeing all the vegetables, adding spices, then was going to just cook the red lentils in with the liquid for a short time). However, I couldn't find my red lentils until I had already found brown, and decided to go with those. I added less liquid than called for, but they looked like they were going to be totally runny for a long time. I also used ketchup for tomato paste, and homemade pizza sauce for tomato sauce. I added more mustard and a bit of bbq sauce. It ended up thickening a bit, but I added some cornstarch+water, and it turned out to the perfect consistency. I did modify the recipe quite a bit, but very very yummy.

Individual baked hashbrowns (VB)

I didn't love these as much as I thought I would. I tried halving the recipe, but mine came out still oily, and too salty. They didn't seem healthier than stovetop ones, at all. I also didn't like the texture as much. Before I looked at the recipe again, I was thinking these were made in a waffle iron. That must be some other recipe.

Poppy seed pull apart rolls (VB)

Good! I followed the recipe, but used black sesame seeds for poppy seeds, and used the whole packet of yeast instead of 1 tsp (seems weird to use part of a packet). Mine somehow came out the tiniest bit tough, but still pretty good texture. The inside had a nice crumb. I came out with like 12 rolls, but I didn't rise as long as I wanted to. I don't recommend kneading the seeds in, because it's hard to get them spread out. I would add them at a different time. Still a good roll.


aww, you didn't like the hash browns? : /
I don't like salty things but didn't think they were too salty.
Also, I think it's cute that you could make a half batch.  ; )

I didn't feel like anything from either vwav or vb last night, and we've got my brother and his fiancée in town for the weekend so might not get much cooking time : /  But I'll get back to it next week! : )


AC, snobby joes was one of the first recipoes I tried from VCon and I remember it was good. 

I made Pasta Della California from VCon and liked it pretty well.  It was a nice combination of green food to include lime, arugula, broccoli and avocado, so it was pretty healthy.  It called for white wine which always adds a lot of flavor, and plenty of garlic which I loved.

I also posted in the VCon thread.  I'm a bit confused...if we post a review here will it make it to the appropriate thread?


I also posted in the VCon thread.  I'm a bit confused...if we post a review here will it make it to the appropriate thread?

Of course! I've been moving everything over. I try to add to the compilations no matter where I find the reviews.

I made the Grilled yuca tortillas (spinach cilantro variation)

Delicious filling! This was my first time trying yuca (thanks to fb!), and I like it. I don't know exactly how difficult it is to deal with fresh, but I liked how easy the frozen was to prep. I did a horrible job mashing it up, but the flavor was wonderful. I just made some minor changes to the recipe-green pepper for yellow, some added onion, and had to use corn tortillas. I wish I had large flour tortillas, but the corn were still tasty. The texture was just slightly off because of my poor mashing ability, and the tortillas were too small and delicate. I loved the garlic flavor, and the spinach/cilantro addition. P liked them a lot too. Would be great with guac, but only had some salsa, and black beans with red chile sauce. Hope to make again!


Just saw this thread and just happened to bake the Apple Pie Crumb Cake Muffins today from vwav....They are the shiznit ;)b  I think I would add oats to the crumb topping next time, but otherwise it's an awesome muffin.


hmmm, how did I miss this thread.  I finally got around to unpacking my cookbooks this week (yeah I'm a total lame arse I know), so am keen to start using them

I have Vcon and VWAV and the library copy of VB (for only one more week - oh noes) so will try to make a couple of recipes a week from each.


Bulgur, arugula, and cannellini salad
Yum! I made this and took it camping with me when I went to Farm Sanctuary the past two days. I had no idea that such a simple recipe with simple ingredients could be so flavourful! It was so delicious. I replaced the cannellini beans with pintos because that was all I had, and used quite a bit less dressing (1 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs red wine vinegar, 1 tsp or so balsamic, and spices to taste). Loved it. It's very filling too!
I know I've reviewed these (Delux Cocoa Brownies) before, but I made them again to take camping with me...I just love them. They're awesome. Just awesome.



Impromptu dessert:

Chocolate pudding (VWAV)
Has a good flavor, but a bit too gelatinous. Semi weird texture. Better than a lot of vegan chocolate puddings I've made, but not perfect. I added a bit too much almond extract, also. Pretty easy to make. I whisked mine for about 8 mins. I used cornstarch. Eh.


I made the Chickpea Cutlets, doubling the recipe and following it pretty much exactly...At first I tried to pan-fry and they got crispy on the outside but the insides were still gummy/dough-y, so I baked them at 425 for about 15-20 on the first side and 10 minutes on the other side...then they were good! Crispy and the insides were not gummy at all! Others may find them too dry this way, but I prefer things like patties/burgers/nuggets crispy! My toddler ate a bit of them too, which is always a plus.


Awesome! Thanks for doing this with me guys and girls; a lot of fun! :)


I was going to make the chickpea cutlets too, but opted for the Tempeh Shepherdess Pie instead. I decided to halve the recipe because it would normally make a lot (good for the holidays. I aught to keep that in mind...). It was so good, and filling! I also omitted the corn and just used peas. Maybe next time I will add some chopped carrots or something. At any rate, it was delicious and my carniverous father ate a whole huge portion without asking if there was tofu in it like he does with most of my cooking! I had it with the Roasted Brussles Sprouts from VWAV which were amazingly tasty (although I am a brussles sprouts fiend - I love them any ol' way). My little sister didn't like them, but she won't go near something like that, or even broccoli. I also decided to whip up some of the Basic Baking Powder Biscuits from VWAV as well to have along with supper/dessert. I was lazy and just baked them in an 8" round pan and cut it into wedges. Mum and dad had them after dinner with a peach and blueberry shortcake.



Mine from yesterday, and this morning:

Sundried tomato dip basil variation (Vcon)

Amazing! I've never really cooked with sundried tomatoes, and I'm amazed by them. This dip is sooooo flavorful. It has very few ingredients, but I love the basil addition. Delicious dip; will make again!

Basic beans from scratch (VV)

I've cooked beans many times, but never with kombu. Thanks to faunablues, I had some to add. She says in one portion of the book that the adding salt during cooking making beans tough thing is a myth. Which I believe, because I've always added salt anyway, and never had any problems. I used pinto beans, and soaked them for about 7 hours. I also think the given cooking time is too long (2-2.5 hours), because mine were very done after about 1 hour. I added part of an onion for flavor.

Brazilian French toast (VB)

Very yummy. I think if I had followed the recipe exactly, it would have been perfect. However, I had a smaller baguette, and let it soak longer, so they didn't get quite as crunchy as I would have liked. It also wasn't stale enough. Still extremely tasty. My batter worked pretty well, and didn't stick much at all. I'm not sure if it's better than fronch toast from VWAV, but good. Good to use bananas, too.


I didn't get to cook a whole lot over the weekend but managed to sneak in a few baking recipes.

Saturday breakfast was Banana Flapjacks from Vegan Brunch.
I don't believe I've ever had banana in a pancake before so I didn't really have any set expectations for these. We thought they were nice and banana-y but they were a bit sticky/dense... I definitely prefer other pancake recipes.  Nice for a change, but not something I'd make often.

I made them for the first time last weekend, just for fun and put them all in the freezer, but I made another batch of Cinnamon Rolls from Vegan Brunch to take to family dinner on Saturday night.
I've made a few different cinnamon scroll/roll recipes before and thought they turned out pretty well, but at least for now, this recipe is topping the chart.  Deliciously fluffy and sweet, just the right amount of cinnamony sugary filling, general awesomeness in a cute little rolled up package! 
A few things: I mix the 'butter' in with the sugar/cinnamon mix for the filling and spread it out on the dough rather than sprinkling the sugar and dotting the butter on top; I think the icing recipe could be halved, it makes way too much; I got about 17 out of this recipe without trying to make them small. 

I also butchered the Buttery Lemon Cutout Cookies from VWAV on Sunday, I'm not reviewing them because it was all  my fault, but I tried cutting down the fat and they look/feel really rubbery and weird-textured so I think it was a fail...  I'll find out how they taste when the husband gets home from work tonight...

And I made the Orange Rum Tea Cake from VWAV yesterday as well, but I meant to bring it in to work today and forgot, so it'll probably go in the freezer and I'll find out how it is next week : )


Those are my favorite cinnamon rolls too, oww! They are far superior. Come back with the other reviews!

I made the Messy rice (Vcon) to go with some more of the VV beans (we've almost eaten all these!!). The rice came out far better than I was expecting. I expected it to be ok, but not very flavorful, but it's really good. I doubled the recipe, added a broth cube, and used annatto oil. The coriander is not overpowering (which I don't like), but the flavor is pretty much perfectly balanced. I usually don't like tomato paste or coriander seeds much, but this turned out really well. I used brown rice. It doesn't really resemble dirty rice at all, but I don't mind.

eta: here are the rest of the things I have listed for ideas this week- german chocolate cupcakes (!!!!), basil cilantro pesto with pasta, green pea and lemon risotto, mango summer rolls, falafel, smoky shiitakes (probably with risotto), bagels


Stewed Tofu and Potatoes with Miso Gravy - VWAV - This was sooooo good.  She promised a hearty "meat and potatoes" type of meal and it delivered.  It was extremely filling.  I used white miso instead of chickpea, baby portabella instead of cremini and added some chilies because everything needs some heat.  Very pleasantly surpirsed at how much I liked this.


That looks really yummy, Tweety! I've been dying to make that. Last night we just had shepherdess pie leftovers with some soup that I whipped up to use up some pinto beans and the Garlic-y Kale from VWAV without the tahini sauce (I would have made it, but no one but me in my house likes tahini :( ). This is pretty much how I've always made my kale, but it. I also made the Sunny Blueberry Corn Muffins from VWAV which were very good. They'd be goos just as plain ol' corn muffins too...and the chocolate chip cookies from VWAV that I've already reviewed. Damn good :)


Penne Vodka (Vcon) - Awesome!  Now I'm not sure if it would be an omni-pleaser due to the grainy texture, but we thought it was fabulous!  I don't know if letting the almonds soak in the sauce a little longer before blending would help or not - I might try that next time.  Really good flavor though.

Tofu Omelet (VB) - I'm quite impressed that it actually worked!  I was a little afraid because I didn't have any chickpea flour, so I used regular white flour, but it still turned out....I made them on my griddle rather than in a pan so I could do both at the same time.  One stayed together nicely, one got torn during flipping, but I had my griddle too hot and they weren't really cooking evenly - so with a little practice, I bet I could perfect this omelet making skill!  I filled them with tempeh bacon, green pepper and daiya mozzarella.



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