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Mini cookbook challenge

I'm going to try to work my way through more Isa/Terry recipes. They are all my favorite cookbooks, but I get caught up in other things. I'm going to start mainly with more things from Vcon and VWAV. Anyone else want to participate? I know some of you have already made like everything in them. I never really follow recipes exactly, but I want to make more of these things. I want to try to do..2? recipes a week. Isa and/or Terry books only!
Isa's new book, Appetite for Reduction is coming out around December, I believe. I've tested a lot of the recipes, and it's going to be good!

yeah baking powder biscuits sounds rank. I think that's why I never tried them.

Although isn't that what theo made the first time we all met up together?  I liked those.


no, I think those were the actual scones from VWAV.  Which I have also made a truckload of times and they're good.
But just tell yourself they're scones and try the 'baking powder biscuits', they're not scary, honest!


Teehee...this made me laugh. I think that should be a line in a cookbook.

haha, I think it's mostly because that's how I make scones, and to me, 'biscuits' are still scones, so that's how I made them!

Last night was VWAV Fettucine Alfreda, but with regular pasta, not fettucine.  I also didn't have any pine nuts so I used a mix of sunflower seeds and cashews.  Whatever, it tasted good!  I also halved the recipe because there's no way I could ever use a cup of nooch on one meal! and thinned it out a bit because it was really really thick .
So a good tasty recipe, but I'll probably stick to less nooch-heavy recipes in future, unless I'm cooking for something special.


  And call me lazy or something, but I don't see the point in rolling out dough and cutting shapes when a blob will taste just the same, and we like ugly food in our house so that's what we had : )

By the way, when we do blobs instead of rolling them out and cutting them, we call them "drop biscuits."


We had a teeny bit of a cool front today, so I made soup!

Curried split pea soup (VWAV)

A nice, simple, filling soup. It wasn't spectacular (I think P thought it was), because I didn't find it too different from most dahls. It's tasty and hearty, though. I used 2 carrots (not grated at the end), and a zucchini. I think it needs a bit more curry powder. Had it with black rice. Oh, and I added a bit of liquid smoke but I don't think I added enough, because I couldn't detect it.


If you're attempting to make a dish that has mushrooms in it but you don't want to put mushrooms in it (say, because your adorable boyfriend, for some unfathomable reason will not eat them) do you just leave them out or sub something? And what could you successfully sub for mushrooms?  The recipes were from VCON...can't quite remember them now, but they were mostly stewy beany type recipes I think.

I would just leave them out, unless it is a recipe that is predominately shrooms then I would pick another recipe... Just sub a veggie you think would go nice and your BF likes :)


AC what the hell is "black rice" I have never seen it at a store... I see black rice pieces as part of wild rice...


AC what the hell is "black rice" I have never seen it at a store... I see black rice pieces as part of wild rice...

Wild rice is also blackish, but it's long, and apparently not even rice!

In terms of the mushrooms, I think it depends on the dish!


Oh, I almost forgot to review.....

Chickpea Cutlets - I've heard so much hype about these, I just had to try them out.  Unfortunately, I did something wrong somewhere because they did not turn out how I was expecting, texture wise - I think I added too much liquid - thought about adding more gluten as I was kneading, but didn't, so they fell apart while I was transporting them to the pan - and while flipping - BUT, they were delicious!  We kinda just piled the pieces on the plate and covered them in bbq sauce - but I think I liked them better plain!  I will definitely try them again, measuring this time!

(no picture due to unappetizing appearance)


yeaaah I finally made the Braised Cauliflower with Three Seed Sauce
We don't eat a lot of cauliflower, but this recipe might be about to change that! We both really enjoyed the flavour, and my husband commented on how much he liked the texture of the seeds in there.  Simple, extremely flavourful, and would go with a wide variety of meals we enjoy, will definitely make again.

: )


This challenge has been great so far!

Balsamic glazed portobello mushrooms (VWAV)

Really simple, but a lot better than I was expecting. Nothing too different, but flavorful for so few ingredients. I did a little bit less balsamic, so it would just soak in, and lots of pepper.

Pasta e fagioli (Vcon)

Eh. It's ok. The tomato mixture smelled really flavorful, but it didn't really come through in the complete dish. However, I do think I added too much pasta, and did a different shape. I liked the beans in it, but nothing super. Won't make again.

Macadamia ginger crunch drops (VCIYCJ)

Delicious! I used slivered almonds, and almond extract. The flavor is great, because I love candied ginger. Not too spicy, but a hint of spice and ginger in a buttery cookie. Mine didn't spread at all, so I wish I had pressed them down a bit. Good cookie.


Peruvian potatoes with spicy cheezy sauce (VV)

I didn't really understand the potato part. You're just supposed to have boiled potatoes? I roasted some wedges to have with the sauce. I used aji panca (from fb), and panko for cracker crumbs (which I processed before adding to the sauce). It's good, but nothing spectacular. It makes a lot. Probably won't make it again, though.


Anyone still with me? :)

Saturday morning breakfast:

Peanut butter waffles (VB)

I followed the recipe exactly, but had to add a bit more soymilk because the batter was VERY thick. I like a thinner batter. Delicious! I wasn't really sure about these, and P was hesitant, but they came out great. However, 3/4 cup is a lot of peanut butter so I will not be making these often at all! The peanut flavor is pretty mild, but detectable. Good flavor, fluffy texture (a slightly thicker waffle), and no stickage at all. I was thinking these would stick, but they were less sticky than other batters. Good, but decadent.

With some spicy hashbrowns with peppers:


I'm still with you!  My whole next 2 week menu was made specifically for this!!  I even went to my Walmart with the intention of buying a waffle maker - but they didn't have one.....maybe people don't make waffles in the ghetto?


sorry i have been sticking with my fave cookbook in the whole world VV and posting on the other thread... i guess i'll start looking through VWAV and Vcon and suggestions peoples?


ooops, I am still with you AC I just forgot to post my review.  My bad.

Black Bean Burgers (VCon)
I liked these ok, but they weren't anything amazing.  They were a little bland and if I hadn't used the fresh coriander (or cilantro to you weirdos) they would have been super duper bland.  I think they needed salt, and I don't normally use salt much.  I tried to cook them in a pan as the recipe stated by they were taking so so long to cook so I ended up finishing them off in the oven.  I don't know that I'd bother making the recipe again, but if I did I'd have to tweak it a bit.
I preferred my normal black bean burger recipe.



Amy, you can keep the VV over there!  That's totally fine if you want to stick with those. Yay!


Real brown sugar limeade (VV)

This is quite different! (thank to fb for the panela) I used 1/2 of the sugar amount, but it still seemed like it was going to be pretty sweet. Like fb said, the sugar has a different flavor...not exactly SWEET, but molassesy + a deep sweet. Personally, I think the recipe needs way more lime juice and water. I kept adding lime, but felt like it could use more. For a limeade, I want LIME. There wasn't really a tart flavor at all. Anyway, we both liked it, and I really like the panela. Neat that it has protein and iron!

Chickpea Hijiki Salad Sandwiches (VWAV)

For the hijiki, I used a seaweed mixture. I tried to follow the recipe, but after tasting, couldn't help but add a few chickpea salad necessities-lemon juice, yellow mustard, and dill pickle. After that, perfect! I've never added ACV to a chickpea salad, but couldn't detect it..just some added flavor. Nice balance...very good. I put it on some rye bread, added some sliced tomato, and mozzarella Daiya, grilled it, and added lettuce. Superb.


Baking Powder Biscuits and White Bean Tempeh Sausage Gravy (VWAV) - Delicious!  I used to love biscuits and gravy when I was younger - I tried to make it a few years ago with the Morningstar Crumbles and it wasn't very good - but this was awesome!  This will definitely be a christmas morning staple!  Oh, I didn't add the sage to the gravy like I was supposed to - didn't have any and I don't think I like sage anyway....and I didn't roll the biscuits out - I just plopped them onto the cookie sheet - and they turned out lovely!

Individual Baked Hashbrowns (VB) -  Pretty good.....the outside was crisp and delicious, but the middles were a bit mushy....I think I'd do regular hashbrowns next time - but they were cute!

Chorizo Seitan Sausages (VV) - I like them, but everyone is right about the texture - a bit softer than I would have liked, and I baked them for an extra 15 minutes trying to avoid this....I used chipotle seasoning instead of cayenne because I was out and it was extremely smoky and spicy - next time I'd try to tweek it a little to get the texture a bit firmer...

Drunken Beans with Chorizo Seitan (VV) - the beans were awesome!  Very flavorful, even though I didn't use an authentic mexican beer - it was Sunday, so I used Coors only complaint is that the chorizo got mushy simmering in the beer for that long - I think I wouldn't add it next time until the very end, so it would stay a bit crispier....served it over Cilantro Lime Rice.

Cilantro Lime Rice (VV) - a bit too much lime for me, but still very good - went well with the Drunken Beans with Chorizo!


Mmmmmmmmmm, that all looks great!! Yay. :D

I also made the VV chorizo. I made it this morning to have for tonight, but P came home for lunch and wanted some. It was kind of just a taste test, but I'll probably still do something with the rest for later. I did the aji variation.

Hot aji chorizo (VV)

This is the best seitan I've made! So good. I followed the directions using aji panca. I didn't measure the spices, and next time will add some more cayenne..or more heat. I used the annatto oil, which I love (it actually didn't stain my hands even with all the kneading). After first mixing, it really seemed to loose, so I added a bit more VWG. The measurement for the foil pieces is too big! I ripped mine in half, and that was plenty. Baked for 35, and planned to let them set until dinner, but P wanted some for lunch. They definitely didn't set out for 40 minutes, and were still warm, but great. I even liked it before sauteing (which I don't know that it needs). Flavor is good (just needs more spice), and the texture was great. P thought I bought them! Love. I think the texture might be better with the added VWG? Just a few tbs.

With the potatoes and spicy cheezy sauce (which wasn't my favorite). I loooooveeeee this chorizo!!



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