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The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen

Okay, first I will say this is a vegetarian cookbook and normally I wouldn't think to post it on here. BUT I will say that 99% of the recipes in the book are vegan and nonvegan ingredients (mostly dairy) are only used on "the side" (such as on top of pasta). Even the baked goods are egg-free and have oil measures. There are no recipes in the book that would take "effort" or be radically changed to make vegan. The overall merits really outweigh the few dairy instances. But, on that note, if it isn't appropriate for here, I won't feel hurt if this thread is removed. However, as I noted, as a vegan, I am very impressed by a "vegetarian" cookbook that I can make everything in!

I picked this up at Borders when one of the local stores was closing down (40% off - can't beat that!). The more I look in here the more impressed I am at how fresh these dishes are and how he is so creative with his grains and veggies. All this AND most of the dishes don't take years of effort to make!

Last night I made a pasta dish with chard and caramelized onions. It was quick and FANTASTIC. I have pictures. I think this book "speaks" to a few people I know on here... I think of secondbase a lot when I'm looking in it. Anways, if you're okay having a 99% vegan cookbook, its worth checking out. It won some awards tooo!

I will even say it: I like this book better than VCON. 8-)


That looks very good  ;)b.  I've never tried chard before, but I LOVE caramelized onions.  It's time I invested in another cookbook.  I think I'll see if I can find this used anywhere.  Please post more!  :)

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