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New Cookbook-- Madur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking

I just bought this cookbook from the used bookstore and its from the early 80s and I'm incredibly excited about it! I love middle eastern cooking (especially Indian) and this book is ripe with recipes that I can't wait to try. Does anyone else own this book and have any favorite recipes from it??

I just got this cookbook a couple of months ago with a borders coupon...unfortunately, I haven't made anything either...there are a lot of recipes...overwhelmingly so.

I'll admit I have a cookbook problem... I buy them, get all excited, then never use them....I promised myself I would not get anymore until I make most of the stuff from ExtraVeganZa...but this thread reminds me of my other cookbook failure...I would love to hear recommendations from this, too.


mkay well, the first recipe I've made from this cookbook was Asparagus with sesame oil and, it was delish. Definately super easy but it worked perfectly for what I needed. I used toasted sesame oil becuase it was what I had and boooooy was it good. I'm a HUGE asparagus fan though so that helped for sure. I have so many other recipes I want to try out of this book and I'll be sure and let you know the good ones :)

I have the same problem, I love cookbooks and I flag tons of recipes to try.. without trying them :) I love buying them used though because they're often suuuuper cheap, which makes me feel better :) This one, for example, was somewhere under 7 dollars, I can't remember exactly.


I have this and it is always the one I turn to when I am making sushi.  I have also made the tempeh recipe--goreng something or other--and a couple of other things as well. I find I don't use it as much as her bigger vegetarian book but I know that everything I've made I've liked.


I have this and her World Vegetarian book but I must confess that I've not actually cooked anything from either save for a cuke salad with kalongi (little black onion seeds that I went out and bought especially for!).  In my defense, my fella cannot stand the smell of Indian cooking (strange I know!) so I rarely cook it when he's around.

There are a lot of bean pancake recipes in there, which sound brilliant and I hope one day to do one of those!

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