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The official '1,000 Vegan Recipes' review thread (to be updated)!

Appetizers and Snacks
agave glazed pecans
Absolutely delicious with the maple syrup (variation suggest by Robin). Like a dessert! (gathdurwin)
asian fusion party mix

black sesame wonton chips

curried cashews
I love it! Curry and cashews are a very good combination. Very useful when you receive many people. (gathdurwin)
edamame with coarse salt

fiery pumpkin seeds
These are good, but don't really taste that different from other flavored nuts/seeds I've toasted! No matter the flavoring, they all taste pretty similar. I used red devil for the hot sauce (much more than listed), and mine did not come out fiery, but they are tasty. I used a combo of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. (AC)
five spiced walnuts
These are good. I'm not very familiar with five spice powder, but the overall flavor is pretty strong. It almost tastes a little bacony. I think I would cut down a bit on the liquid, because they need less time in the oven. All the liquid needs to be baked in, but the walnuts get a bit too done. A tasty (but strong) snack. (AC)
flower power granola squares
just might be the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth!!  The only changes I made were to use old-fashioned oats (instead of instant) and carob chips (instead of chocolate). The only negative I can see is that mine absolutely crumbled apart and did not stay in bar form. But who cares - I just crumbled it into a bowl and ate...and ate...and ate...and have now eaten almost half the pan myself. I actually really love the carob with this and think it may be even better than chocolate! This is soooo insanely delicious!! This is a great snack and would be great as a breakfast granola too. (lebkuchen)
tastes great but very crumbly (thirteenblackbirds)
jerk spiced soy jerky

personalized trail mix

ragin' cajun popcorn
I made this with a few modifications. I use an air popper, so I just mixed my spices in with some oil, and mixed that with the popped corn. I made some changes with the spices based on what I had, but kept it similar. I liked using different spices than usual, and it was tasty. (AC)
this is seasoned well and we liked it, but I've decided I'm old fashioned and like regular popcorn (salty and buttery). (thirteenblackbirds)
roasted chickpeas

sesame pita chips

tortilla chips
I actually made chips like this the night before I looked at the recipe (coincidentally), but I made them again today following the recipe. Love them like this! So easy, and healthier. The texture is good. (AC)
Dips and Spreads
baba ghanoush
a very good recipe.  my eggplant wasn't very big though, and as a result i think it turned out to have a bit too much tahini (1/4 cup) - so next time i will be more careful about adding the tahini gradually.  (thirteenblackbirds)
didn't like it at first, so I added a can of chickpeas and some more spices and refrigerated until the next day and then it had a MUCH better flavor. (stacydan)
back to basics hummus
I usually make my own hummus recipe/method, but wanted to try this one. It's good! I forgot to add the oil, but it's not really necessary. It's a bit thicker than my normal, but it's a nice change. I did add a splash of soy sauce, and the necessary cumin. A good, basic hummus. I used the 4 cloves of garlic. (AC)
black and green olive tapenade
This is so inferior to her recipe in Party Vegan. This one doesn't have any garlic, and has too many capers and olives. It's too strong tasting, and too salty with all the briny stuff. Not impressed. She recommends kalamata and green, so that's what I used. (AC)
black bean and sun dried tomato dip
delicious.  i would say the flavors are on the mild/subtle side, but they meld together perfectly.(thirteenblackbirds)
creamy spinach tahini dip
This was pretty boring. I used part thawed frozen spinach and the rest lightly steamed. I only used 2 tablespoons tahini instead of 1/3 cup, and that was plenty. The flavor is just meh. The color is really pretty, though. Wouldn't make this again. (AC)
cucumber and green olive dip

eggplant walnut spread
Just so good! It's the better spread I ever taste! Make it many many times and it's always a winner! (gathdurwin)
four seed bread spread

golden sunshine roasted veg spread

green green guacamole

layered bean dip

lemony edamame dip

mylie's secret queso dip

roasted red pepper hummus
This is not really a hummus to me. It has garlic and chickpeas..but no tahini. That aside, it's a pretty good dip. Something about it was weird to me, but I dunno what. P liked it. Since there's no binder type thing (like tahini) it has a bit of an odd consistency. It's ok. It might be good to have if serving a bunch of dips. Easy. (AC)
salsa and pinto bean spread
This was good, simple, and fast, but mine came out more like a "dip" than a "spread." I used jarred salsa, so maybe if I made my own I could make a thicker salsa. Or just use a half cup of salsa instead of a whole cup. I sliced some corn tortillas and baked them into chips to go with, and it made a great snack. (tmarkeim)
sassy spinach dip with roasted garlic

smoky chipotle pinto hummus
This is so easy to throw together since it just needs to be run through the food processor. The taste is awesome too! It disappeared pretty damn fast. (intheend)
very good but I would tweak it next time by blending in some yellow onion and adding more spices. (thirteenblackbirds)
smooth and savory mushroom pate
Loved the flavor, but it's ugly. I brought it to a party and I think everyone thought it was old guacamole! (motomom)
This is really good! My first so called "pate" (it's just a spread..). The flavor is great, and the texture is nice with the nuts. I used a bouquet garni with savory, instead of just savory, and used part slivered almonds for the cashews. This reminds me of a nonvegan mushroom turnover recipe I made for our wedding. This was our favorite of the dips, and I'd make it again. (AC)
sushi inspired edamame avocado dip

tempeh pimiento cheeze ball

three bean dip

white bean and artichoke spread

white bean and dill hummus
Good. There's a typo in the recipe that says "add the chickpeas," but only white beans are used. This is a simple hummus, but has balanced flavor. Not super special, and wouldn't make it again, but tasty. I will say that I did not do the recommended chilling, so maybe the flavor does super improve. A good dip. (AC)
za'atar spiced roasted red pepper spread

Cold Appetizers
artichoke and walnut stuffed belgian endive

avocado and asparagus sushi rolls

couscous dolmas

cheezy cashew roasted red pepper toasts

cherry tomatoes stuffed with whirled peas

jicama guacamole bliss

lentil pecan country style pate

lemon and garlic marinated mushrooms

lemongrass tofu and snow pea spring rolls

lemony rice stuffed grape leaves

mango avocado spring rolls

marinated olives

mushroom walnut pate

rainbow sushi

sesame seitan and spinach spring rolls

sesame shiitake wonton crisps

snow peas stuffed with sun dried tomato hummus

vietnamese style lettuce rolls

Hot Appetizers
artichoke mushroom phyllo packets

asparagus wrapped in phyllo

baby potatoes stuffed with roasted bell pepper and walnuts

basic bruschetta

cajun tofu crunchies
These were yummy, very basic but I've never really used cajun spice so it was a nice change. I generally don't bake tofu due to me messing it up somehow, but these were super good dipped in ketchup (I cut them like fries). I only changed one thing, which was adding more of the oil/spice mixture when I flipped them halfway through, I also might have cooked them just a couple minutes longer. (sarah)
cherry peppers stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts

chickpea kofta with chutney dipping sauce

chickpea pancake with rosemary
now, this is the first time I've made or eaten socca before, so I have no idea if it is supposed to be salty, but this was hella salty. I used dried rosemary instead of fresh. Other than the salty factor, I thought this was quite good. My hubby and son loved it. It went great with a lemon chickpea lentil soup and some steamed broccoli. I'll definitely make it again, but I'll reduce the salt to maybe 1/2 teaspoon, instead of 1 full teaspoon. (lebkuchen)
classic crostini

french onion pastry puffs

ginger lime glazed bean curd skewers

in lieu of crab wontons

mushroom croustades

mushrooms stuffed with spinach and walnuts

pinto pecan fireballs

potato samosas

savory artichoke squares

sesame cilantro scallion pancakes

shiitakes in puff pastry

spicy chipotle potato quesadillas

steamed vegetable dumplings

tempeh satay
I'd make this again if all I had was tempeh in my fridge but I wouldn't recommend to go out of the way to make this. (intheend)
tempeh taco bites

vegetable pakoras

Roasted Zucchini with Tomatoes - A good, EASY dish. It's as simple as chopping everything up and throwing it into the oven. I made it last night and served it with quinoa and fresh bread - yum! :D

The Lemon-Drenched Banana Macadamia Bread - Pretty yummy. Sadly, the 'lemon-drenched' part made it slightly soggy, but the flavor was rather good. I subbed walnuts for macadamia nuts.

Basic White Bread - Delicious. :D It's a nice, basic loaf that could easily be modified. My family enjoyed it too, though they didn't like the crust as much as the interior.

Double Chocolate Brownies - Absolutely perfect. If you're looking for an amazing vegan brownie recipe, your search ends here. As my uncle said, "These aren't vegan -- they're just delicious!"

Baked Chocolate Pudding - Amazing! The first time I made this, I baked it as instructed, and it tasted like brownies and chocolate pudding had a delicious, vegan baby. The second time, I just made the pudding and gobbled it all up. :D

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread - I made this without the chocolate chips and walnuts, and put it into muffin form. Subtle and yummy. I imagine it'd be even better with the chips and nuts. (:


Black bean and corn soup - Pretty good.  I took a couple of liberties with this one, which is not like me.  Didn't have red onion and used yellow, didn't have fresh garlic which in this house is horrific as that never happens, so I used a shallot and garlic powder.  I didn't have three cans of black beans so I used one black, one red, and one pinto.  I didn't have enough corn so I used green beans.  I thought it was way to thin so I dumped some of the liquid prior to purreeing but still thought it too thin for my tastes.  I'm not a soup fan, I like heartier dishes, so I at the last minute added some pasta.  This made for a great one-bowl low fat and healthy meal.


OMG Tweety you're such a direction follower and that was a bunch of changes! Walking on the wild side <3


OMG Tweety you're such a direction follower and that was a bunch of changes! Walking on the wild side <3

I know...right.  I'm really a late bloomer in that department.  LOL


Yesterday, I made the Hearty Minestrone Soup . I was curious about the ingredients because I've never seen a minestrone recipe that used split peas and barley, but I thought what the heck and soldiered on. The small amount of split peas completely disappeared and didn't really add anything to the soup. The barley - which I normally love in soups - was lost amidst the chunkiness of the beans and vegetables. I think the more traditional pasta would be a better choice. I also doubled the seasonings. Over all, it was filling, and my picky teenage daughter ate two bowls, so I consider it a success and I would make it again .


Chocolate Rum Coffee Cake. 

This came out really dry and disappointing.  I followed all the directions.  Perhaps I overbaked it?  I baked it for 45 minutes as per the directions.  After it cooled it got really hard on the outside.  I made a chocolate coffee sauce to pour on top in hopes that it would soften it a bit.  I think I'll stick with the mocha version of the basic chocolate cake in VCTOTW. 


For the Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday, I made Apple and Pear Cobbler . I used all apples, and because my apples were a sweet variety, I used less sugar. I still found it a bit too sweet for my liking and wished I had cut the sugar in half as I usually do. Robin calls for Granny Smith apples in that recipe, so had I used those, it probably would have been fine. Picky teenage daughter scarfed down three helpings.


Curried Pumpkin Soup.

Delicious and so simple to make.  It's a little 'hot' for me so next time I'll tone down the curry or ginger. 


Butterhead  lettuce and walnut salad with raspberry vinaigrette - I used strawberries and strawberry jam in place of the raspberries and red wine vinegar. It worked perfectly and this was very tasty.

Tempeh satay - I'd make this again if all I had was tempeh in my fridge but I wouldn't recommend to go out of the way to make this.

Cream of broccoli soup - Good but it's pretty thin. I ended up adding a lot of soup crackers to thicken it up.


Baked Chocolate Pudding

This dessert is in the Puddings and Parfaits section, but they aren't really puddings, they are individual chocolate cakes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just don't expect 'pudding' or you will be disappointed.

As I usually always do with dessert recipes, I cut the sugar in half, and the cakes were perfectly sweet. For my taste, the full amount of sugar would have been too much. I think these would be terrific using coffee to make little mocha cakes. These would also be cute for a dinner party, turned out onto dessert plates with a scoop of vegan ice cream and a drizzle of caramel.


Tofu with pistachio-pomegranate sauce - meh......the pistachio nuts were real good and went very well with the sauce.  The tofu, not so much.  It was too sweet.  I've always been wary of Ms. Robertson's sweet tooth and usually don't add the sugar or cut back on what she calls for in so many of her recipes,  but didn't this time and I wished I'd followed my instinct.  This calls for a tablespoon of brown sugar, which I thought was needed to thicken the sauce and I thought it would be balanced by the tartness of the pom juice and balsamic,  it was just too sweet to eat with tofu.  My sauce virtually disappeared and I needed to add a little more pom juice, but I probably cooked it on too high a temp.


corn and potato chowder

We tried this recipe last night. Simple, easy, and so good. Even better the next day.
Definitely blend half, but be careful not to over-blend. We will be making this all winter!

We are making the Halloween menu from Robin Robertson's new book Party Vegan this weekend along with some recipes from 1,000. Will post reviews next week.


Quick Apple Crisp

I cut the sweetener in half in the filling and only used 2 tablespoons sugar in the crisp topping. Robin uses 2/3 cup. I am wondering if she still has her own teeth! LOL


Argentinean bean and vegetable stew - Delicious.  What's unique to me about this recipe is the addition of a chopped orange at the end.  She really doesn't say what to do with the butternut squash other than to half it and seed it.  I chopped it and only used half (which is all I had as I ate the other half already) and I think that was plenty of squash. 

I ignored her massive sweet tooth again did not add the two tablespoons of sugar, rightly thinking with the type of veggies and the orange it would be naturally sweet.


Ginger tofu with citrus--hoison sauce  Just good, not meh but good.  I loved the citrus taste and that is used orange, lime and lemon juices.  I only had about half the hoison sauce called for, but I would have cut back anyway.  Hoison sauce's first ingredient is sugar, so I  1/3 of a cup is way too sweet and you know how I feel about her sweet tooth.  ^-^


I love your sweet tooth complaints, tweets.


One of the best falafels I've made! I didn't have the coriander and used cilantro for parsley. I decided to try it without adding any of the additional flour (besides chickpea flour for dredging), and it worked really well. Flavor is good, I had no problems with them holding together. They browned perfectly on outsides, but soft inside. I warmed them in the oven, so they got a little more cooking inside. I would make this again if I needed a trustworthy falafel. Very good.

Lemon pepper flatbread

P said this was one of his favorite things that I'VE EVER MADE. :0 It's flour and water! haha. I enjoyed it, and it's very easy to put together. I had better luck with flattening the balls, and then stretching them like pizza dough. No problems cooking them. Texture and consistency good, flavor subtle, but nice. Great with falafel-folded over and held together, with no cracking. She has several different (but same) recipes of these. Will make again.

Tahini lemon sauce

This is ok. It's nice to round out the falafel, but nothing amazing. I used cilantro for parsley.


I love falalfal, but never been brave enough to try making it.  Might give this recipe a try.

Brazilian black bean stew - Awesome....I had to stop myself from overeating and save some for another meal.  The interesting and nice thing about this stew is that it's all fruits and veggies without any spices or herbs, other than cilantro.    The other cool thing is the mango and bananna in the stew, especially the bannana, which was delish in this stew.  I guess her sweet tooth was satisfied with the sweet potato, mango and bannana as there was no added sugar (which I would have left out anyway).  (Tweety)


coriander sunflower seed flatbread

The only difference between this and the lemon pepper flatbread is the seasoning (obviously), and the fact that it rests 15 minutes instead of 20. ??? I guess she needed to stretch out the recipes to reach 1000... anyway, it's very similar, but I liked the lemon pepper better. The sunflower seeds are much larger, so they didn't seem to stick in as well. I used cumin instead of coriander. I liked the salt that my lemon pepper has in it-just a hint of salt on the outside. Good flatbread recipe, though. Just a matter of seasoning.


I made the Spicy WhiteBean and tomato soup last night.  It's a very good base, but needs alot more spice.  I left some of the beans whole, and added hot sauce, smoked paprika, lots of salt and pepper, garlic.


Gumbo Z'herbs - Total nom status. I omitted the celery since I didn't have it and used greens I had on hand: collard greens, dinosaur kale, and spinach. I used the sassafras and served it with brown rice. This was so good I'm looking forward to leftovers. Oh and this makes a lot.



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