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The official '1,000 Vegan Recipes' review thread (to be updated)!

Appetizers and Snacks
agave glazed pecans
Absolutely delicious with the maple syrup (variation suggest by Robin). Like a dessert! (gathdurwin)
asian fusion party mix

black sesame wonton chips

curried cashews
I love it! Curry and cashews are a very good combination. Very useful when you receive many people. (gathdurwin)
edamame with coarse salt

fiery pumpkin seeds
These are good, but don't really taste that different from other flavored nuts/seeds I've toasted! No matter the flavoring, they all taste pretty similar. I used red devil for the hot sauce (much more than listed), and mine did not come out fiery, but they are tasty. I used a combo of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. (AC)
five spiced walnuts
These are good. I'm not very familiar with five spice powder, but the overall flavor is pretty strong. It almost tastes a little bacony. I think I would cut down a bit on the liquid, because they need less time in the oven. All the liquid needs to be baked in, but the walnuts get a bit too done. A tasty (but strong) snack. (AC)
flower power granola squares
just might be the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth!!  The only changes I made were to use old-fashioned oats (instead of instant) and carob chips (instead of chocolate). The only negative I can see is that mine absolutely crumbled apart and did not stay in bar form. But who cares - I just crumbled it into a bowl and ate...and ate...and ate...and have now eaten almost half the pan myself. I actually really love the carob with this and think it may be even better than chocolate! This is soooo insanely delicious!! This is a great snack and would be great as a breakfast granola too. (lebkuchen)
tastes great but very crumbly (thirteenblackbirds)
jerk spiced soy jerky

personalized trail mix

ragin' cajun popcorn
I made this with a few modifications. I use an air popper, so I just mixed my spices in with some oil, and mixed that with the popped corn. I made some changes with the spices based on what I had, but kept it similar. I liked using different spices than usual, and it was tasty. (AC)
this is seasoned well and we liked it, but I've decided I'm old fashioned and like regular popcorn (salty and buttery). (thirteenblackbirds)
roasted chickpeas

sesame pita chips

tortilla chips
I actually made chips like this the night before I looked at the recipe (coincidentally), but I made them again today following the recipe. Love them like this! So easy, and healthier. The texture is good. (AC)
Dips and Spreads
baba ghanoush
a very good recipe.  my eggplant wasn't very big though, and as a result i think it turned out to have a bit too much tahini (1/4 cup) - so next time i will be more careful about adding the tahini gradually.  (thirteenblackbirds)
didn't like it at first, so I added a can of chickpeas and some more spices and refrigerated until the next day and then it had a MUCH better flavor. (stacydan)
back to basics hummus
I usually make my own hummus recipe/method, but wanted to try this one. It's good! I forgot to add the oil, but it's not really necessary. It's a bit thicker than my normal, but it's a nice change. I did add a splash of soy sauce, and the necessary cumin. A good, basic hummus. I used the 4 cloves of garlic. (AC)
black and green olive tapenade
This is so inferior to her recipe in Party Vegan. This one doesn't have any garlic, and has too many capers and olives. It's too strong tasting, and too salty with all the briny stuff. Not impressed. She recommends kalamata and green, so that's what I used. (AC)
black bean and sun dried tomato dip
delicious.  i would say the flavors are on the mild/subtle side, but they meld together perfectly.(thirteenblackbirds)
creamy spinach tahini dip
This was pretty boring. I used part thawed frozen spinach and the rest lightly steamed. I only used 2 tablespoons tahini instead of 1/3 cup, and that was plenty. The flavor is just meh. The color is really pretty, though. Wouldn't make this again. (AC)
cucumber and green olive dip

eggplant walnut spread
Just so good! It's the better spread I ever taste! Make it many many times and it's always a winner! (gathdurwin)
four seed bread spread

golden sunshine roasted veg spread

green green guacamole

layered bean dip

lemony edamame dip

mylie's secret queso dip

roasted red pepper hummus
This is not really a hummus to me. It has garlic and chickpeas..but no tahini. That aside, it's a pretty good dip. Something about it was weird to me, but I dunno what. P liked it. Since there's no binder type thing (like tahini) it has a bit of an odd consistency. It's ok. It might be good to have if serving a bunch of dips. Easy. (AC)
salsa and pinto bean spread
This was good, simple, and fast, but mine came out more like a "dip" than a "spread." I used jarred salsa, so maybe if I made my own I could make a thicker salsa. Or just use a half cup of salsa instead of a whole cup. I sliced some corn tortillas and baked them into chips to go with, and it made a great snack. (tmarkeim)
sassy spinach dip with roasted garlic

smoky chipotle pinto hummus
This is so easy to throw together since it just needs to be run through the food processor. The taste is awesome too! It disappeared pretty damn fast. (intheend)
very good but I would tweak it next time by blending in some yellow onion and adding more spices. (thirteenblackbirds)
smooth and savory mushroom pate
Loved the flavor, but it's ugly. I brought it to a party and I think everyone thought it was old guacamole! (motomom)
This is really good! My first so called "pate" (it's just a spread..). The flavor is great, and the texture is nice with the nuts. I used a bouquet garni with savory, instead of just savory, and used part slivered almonds for the cashews. This reminds me of a nonvegan mushroom turnover recipe I made for our wedding. This was our favorite of the dips, and I'd make it again. (AC)
sushi inspired edamame avocado dip

tempeh pimiento cheeze ball

three bean dip

white bean and artichoke spread

white bean and dill hummus
Good. There's a typo in the recipe that says "add the chickpeas," but only white beans are used. This is a simple hummus, but has balanced flavor. Not super special, and wouldn't make it again, but tasty. I will say that I did not do the recommended chilling, so maybe the flavor does super improve. A good dip. (AC)
za'atar spiced roasted red pepper spread

Cold Appetizers
artichoke and walnut stuffed belgian endive

avocado and asparagus sushi rolls

couscous dolmas

cheezy cashew roasted red pepper toasts

cherry tomatoes stuffed with whirled peas

jicama guacamole bliss

lentil pecan country style pate

lemon and garlic marinated mushrooms

lemongrass tofu and snow pea spring rolls

lemony rice stuffed grape leaves

mango avocado spring rolls

marinated olives

mushroom walnut pate

rainbow sushi

sesame seitan and spinach spring rolls

sesame shiitake wonton crisps

snow peas stuffed with sun dried tomato hummus

vietnamese style lettuce rolls

Hot Appetizers
artichoke mushroom phyllo packets

asparagus wrapped in phyllo

baby potatoes stuffed with roasted bell pepper and walnuts

basic bruschetta

cajun tofu crunchies
These were yummy, very basic but I've never really used cajun spice so it was a nice change. I generally don't bake tofu due to me messing it up somehow, but these were super good dipped in ketchup (I cut them like fries). I only changed one thing, which was adding more of the oil/spice mixture when I flipped them halfway through, I also might have cooked them just a couple minutes longer. (sarah)
cherry peppers stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts

chickpea kofta with chutney dipping sauce

chickpea pancake with rosemary
now, this is the first time I've made or eaten socca before, so I have no idea if it is supposed to be salty, but this was hella salty. I used dried rosemary instead of fresh. Other than the salty factor, I thought this was quite good. My hubby and son loved it. It went great with a lemon chickpea lentil soup and some steamed broccoli. I'll definitely make it again, but I'll reduce the salt to maybe 1/2 teaspoon, instead of 1 full teaspoon. (lebkuchen)
classic crostini

french onion pastry puffs

ginger lime glazed bean curd skewers

in lieu of crab wontons

mushroom croustades

mushrooms stuffed with spinach and walnuts

pinto pecan fireballs

potato samosas

savory artichoke squares

sesame cilantro scallion pancakes

shiitakes in puff pastry

spicy chipotle potato quesadillas

steamed vegetable dumplings

tempeh satay
I'd make this again if all I had was tempeh in my fridge but I wouldn't recommend to go out of the way to make this. (intheend)
tempeh taco bites

vegetable pakoras

Leafy Green Salads
arugula and apple salad with creamy mustard dressing
I loved this. It is ridiculously easy to make (it takes like 5 minutes) but wow, it is packed with so much flavor, and it is a very elegant dish. I used all baby arugula (recipe is part arugula, part lettuce) and shallot instead of red onion. It's wonderful. I think walnuts would be a great addition to this salad, too. It paired wonderfully with the Tempeh with Maple-Mustard Balsamic Glaze. (lebkuchen)
Very good!  I cut back on the oil to 1/4 cup instead of 1/3 cup which increased the tartness which went very well with the arugula's sharp taste.  Loved it. (tweety)
baby greens with pear, pecans, and ginger dressing
another really tasty, elegant, simple-to-make salad. I had to make a few subs (baby romaine for mixed greens; asian pear for the bosc pear; white wine vinegar for sherry vinegar; also reduced EVOO from 1/3 cup to 4 tbs). I used 4 stalks of celery instead of the 2 called for, since I like lots of veggies in my salad. I served this salad with some grilled tempeh and lemon dijon green beans and it paired beautifully! (lebkuchen)
butterhead lettuce and walnut salad with raspberry walnut vinaigrette
I used strawberries and strawberry jam in place of the raspberries and red wine vinegar. It worked perfectly and this was very tasty. (intheend)
I didn't make this salad, but rather used it as inspiration to make a vinaigrette.  I used a blackberry-pomegrante preserve and red wine vinegar instead of raspberry and sherry vinegar, and 1/4 cup of walnut oil as she calls for.  It was quick and very tasty. (tweety)
greek goddess salad

leaf lettuce and grilled radicchio salad with lemony dressing

mixed lettuces with white radish, snow peas, and yuzu dressing

romaine and grape tomato salad with avocado and baby peas
Fantastic.  I used spinach and some spring mix that I needed to use up.  I hate peas so I used chickpeas.  I used two kinds of olives, kalamata and Sicilian style green.  This came together very well and I loved it. (tweety)
spinach salad with almonds, fuji apple, and figs
Sophisticated salad. Beautiful presentation. Yuum . I like it. (gathdurwin)
This was excellent!  Changed sugar to splenda for diabetic mother-in-law.  Was quite tasty, everyone liked it.  Sweet with just the right amount of nutty balance. (katequeenofsprouts)
strawberry field greens with black olives and toasted pine nuts

watercress, fennel, and avocado salad with dried cherries and macadamias

Vegetable Salads
autumn harvest salad

caponata salad

carrot and orange salad with cashews and cilantro

chilled cucumber salad
this was a nice, easy variation of a classic dish. I actually did a couple of the variations she suggested - I subbed scallions for the red onion, and parsley for the dillweed. I'd make this again. (lebkuchen)
chopped salad

corn and red bean salad

cranberry carrot salad with citrus walnut vinaigrette
Most delicious!  This has toasted walnut oil for the oil and I liked that a lot since I don't use it often.  I followed the recipe exactly (including adding 1/2 teaspoon of sugar even though the cranberries were sweetened) and loved it. (tweety)
cucumber radish salad with tarragon vinaigrette

daikon salad
This is a really good salad - if you like radishes. And we do! The dressing is well balanced - not too sweet, not too sharp. We substituted the red radishes with black Spanish radishes. Delicious and very pretty, especially with the black sesame seeds. Definitely let the radishes sit in the dressing for at least 15 minutes (as directed) even though it is hard to resist digging in right away. (nickandnora)
dazzling vegetable salad

edamame and snow pea salad with lime ginger dressing

eggplant and bell pepper salad
This is a good salad. I'm not usually a huge salad fan, but this one is solid. I used several small Japanese eggplants, and one large green bell pepper. I added lemon juice and fresh basil to the vinaigrette, and I think those are superb additions. I also used another clove of garlic. I didn't marinate a long time, and it might have been even better, but it was really good. I like the walnuts on top. The vinaigrette is good, but mine overpowered the flavors of the eggplant and pepper, but that was fine. A good salad. (AC)
endive and orange salad with toasted pecans

fennel orange salad with black olives and pine nuts

fresh tomato salad
Loved it.  The dressing is relatively simple with olive oil, tarragon vinegar and garlic, along with some fresh parsley and basil.  The amount of vinegar is only 2 tablespoons so there isn't a strong vinegar taste.  She calls for you to put the parsley and basil on the tomatoes and then dress it, but I mixed the herbs in with the dressing and let it sit for an hour or so while I cooked something else and it was good that way. (tweety)

green bean and pear salad with almonds

indonesian green bean salad with cabbage and carrots

mango and snow pea salad

sesame cucumber salad

syrian bread salad

tuscan bread and tomato salad
absolutely mega-delicious. OMG. I almost ate the plate it was sitting on. I made sourdough croutons (instead of Italian bread), cut back on the olive oil (6 tbs instead of 8 ) , used white onion, and used kalamata olives (instead of brine-cured black). I served it over some arugula and had chickpeas on the side. Soooo good. Make this! (lebkuchen)
yellow beet salad with pears and pecans

yellow mung bean salad with broccoli and mango

Potato Salads and Slaws
asian slaw

broccoli slaw with apple and walnuts
This was some good stuff!  As per usual, I cut back on the oil a bit, but the bright, crisp, and nutty flavors were perfect.  My picky omni family loved it too. (katequeenofsprouts)
creamy coleslaw

crunchy sesame slaw

french style potato salad

german style koolsla

german style potato salad

indonesian style potato salad

potato and white bean salad with roasted red pepper

potato salad with artichoke hearts and grape tomatoes

potato salad with seitan strips and tarragon mustard vinaigrette

rainbow slaw

red cabbage slaw with black vinegar dressing

retro potato salad redux

roasted potato salad with chickpeas and sun dried tomatoes

spicy southwestern style coleslaw

sweet potato and broccoli salad with pomegranate peanut dressing
I used this as a starting point - 6 cups sweet potatoes, heaping 3 cups broccoli, cilantro instead of parsley and used seeds from half a small pomegranate to give me 1/4 cup. I decreased the dressing volume and subbed broth of the oil. I liked the flavours. The peeanut wasn't overpowering and in fact was quite mellow. A nice salad. (blinknoodle)
I took some liberties with this recipe to make it slightly healthier, but I think I was true to the essence of it. I used almond butter/sliced almonds instead of peanut butter/chopped peanuts, used a bit of maple syrup for the sugar, used a handful of dried cranberries for the pomegranate seeds, reduced the oil from 4 tbs to 2 tbs, and added more sweet potato and broccoli. I served it over a bed of baby arugula. This was definitely better the next day. I think the day-of, the flavors of the dressing were too pronounced (ie. you could really taste the fresh lemon juice, which tasted strange with the sweet potato). I'd make this again but do it the day before (lebkuchen)
tahini broccoli slaw

three alarm potato salad

Bean, Grain, and Pasta Salads
asian noodle salad with tempeh

black bean and corn salad with cilantro dressing
very good. I used a jalepeno and it turned out great. My husband and I both gave it an A, and he requested it be in regular rotation in our home. It's a solid, easy bean salad recipe. (bellybellygood)
brown rice salad with black eyed peas

california pasta salad

chickpea tuna salad in avocados
It's absolutely amazing! I didn't put the mixture in a food processor, but it stills very good! To make again and again. (gathdurwin)
I like this. For me this version of chickpea salad is more like chicken or egg, because I like a lot of mustard and pickle for a tuna salad type. This is nice and light. I just mashed the chickpeas instead of processing. I like the addition of the veggies for this, and I added some carrot and tomato. I only used a sprinkle of kelp, and added some dill. Fun in the avocado. (AC)
chilled glass noodles with snow peas and baked tofu

chinese chicken salad

classic tabbouleh
It's not the better tabbouleh I made. (gathdurwin)
creamy curry pasta and vegetable salad
Good, but a little bit bland. (gathdurwin)
I agree, this was good but it was a little bit bland. I didn't have cauliflower or cilantro on hand, so I added in some diced raw carrot & celery, plus some blanched snow peas, and a handful of raisins. I reduced the oil to 4 tbs and used EVOO instead of grapeseed oil. I think the title is misleading because the dressing isn't creamy at all - it's more of a vinaigrette. I think a few tablespoons of vegenaise, or some soaked blended cashews, would make it a creamier dressing. I kept thinking this might be good with some mango chutney tossed into the dressing - I might try that next time. All in all, it was light and healthy (lebkuchen)
curried walnut chicken salad

eight treasure barley salad
this was a good, solid dish. Nothing terribly exciting, but a nice easy meal. I subbed white balsamic vinegar for the sherry vinegar, but otherwise followed as directed. I served the barley warm for dinner and will try the leftovers cold tomorrow for lunch. I used both dried cherries and dried cranberries and thought they both were nice in it. (lebkuchen)
farfalle with crunchy crucifers and creamy poppy seed dressing

garden variety couscous tabbouleh

golden couscous salad

grilled vegetable antipasto salad with chickpeas

last minute italian style pasta salad

lentil salad with chiles
this came out just okay for me.  I used canned green chiles, but it needs something stronger than that, and just generally more flavor. It was very fresh tasting with the tomatoes, and a good side dish. (thirteenblackbirds)
macaroni salad
I really enjoy macaroni salads and this was no exception.  I used wild wood garlic aioli for the mayo, shredded carrots in place of bell pepper, and omitted the sugar.   I think a little more seasoning is needed, and also black pepper, but I used whole wheat noodles so that might be why.  (thirteenblackbirds)
mediterranean quinoa salad
good but nothing special. I used kalamata olives instead of brine-cured black olives. I wouldn't go out of my way to make it again, but it's decent and healthy. (lebkuchen)
pasta salad with grilled summer vegetables

pistachio pear couscous salad

provencal white bean salad
Holy yum. Easy to make and super flavorful. Served alongside some roasted cauliflower and steamed spinach. So far, I'm 3 for 3 on the recipes I've made! (lebkuchen)
really good, I added pasta, and I had a few red potatoes so I added them too. (lubi)
puttanesca seitan and spinach salad

quinoa salad with black beans and tomatoes
delicious. I had wanted to make the V'con mango/quinoa salad for lunches at work, but the mango hadn't ripened so I opted to make this instead. I thought I was going to be disappointed b/c I love the V'con recipe, but I wasn't at all.  This dish is simple and delicious. I used green onions and red wine vinegar.  (thirteenblackbirds)
rice salad with cashews and dried papaya

roasted cauliflower and rice salad with dijon vinaigrette
This was INCREDIBLE! I made a few adjustments - I used an entire head of cauliflower (instead of 3 cups...probably closer to 4 cups), omitted the sugar, used cannellini beans (instead of navy), used a brown/wild rice mix (instead of all brown), and used an entire red pepper (instead of 1/2 cup). The great thing about this salad was that it was incredible served warm for dinner, and equally delicious served cold the next day for lunch. Absolutely scrumptious! (lebkuchen)
a very good side dish. I was hoping with the beans it might work as a main dish for dinner, but after trying it I put some boca chick'n patties in the oven to go with it.  as a side dish though, it's great.  My only changes were to use a wild rice brown rice combo and to roast the red pepper along with the cauliflower. (thirteenblackbirds)
Very good way to get some cauliflower in one's diet.  This healthy combination of food goes very well together...brown rice, red and yellow peppers (she asks only for red but I used both), scallions, parsley, celery and tomatoes. (tweety)
rotini remoulade
Basic recipe, but very good. A classic! (gathdurwin)
sesame udon salad with adzuki beans and baby spinach
this was just alright for me. I don't like a super strong sesame flavor, so I used a combo of sesame + peanut oil.  I also used soba noodles and added shredded carrots, lemon juice, rooster sauce, and lots of soy sauce.  I don't think I've ever had beans in an asian noodle dish, and it worked, but I kept looking at them and thinking "shouldn't you be tofu?".  This dish is pretty good, but not good enough for me to make again. (thirteenblackbirds)
southwestern quinoa salad with pinto beans and corn
I've made this a few times.  I don't like it quite as much as the black bean quinoa recipe, but it's still really good. (thirteenblackbirds)
southwestern three bean salad
this was really easy to put together and indeed makes quite a lot. I scooped the salad onto some baby romaine and topped with some salsa for a really tasty, filling, taco-salad-esque meal. (lebkuchen)
tarragon pasta salad with red and green grapes

tropical black bean salad with mango

warm lentil salad with walnuts
I served this alongside a fig and pistachio salad, which complemented it well. The adjustments I made here were to use brown lentils (instead of green) and white onion (instead of the shallots and red onions), and use raw walnuts (instead of toasted). This salad was fantastic served warm for dinner. However, I think it lost some of its tangy bite when reheated for lunch today. This one might be better served fresh. Still, it was absolutely delicious and easy to make! (lebkuchen)
white and wild rice salad with walnuts, cranberries, and figs

white bean and broccoli salad with parsley walnut pesto
I really like this salad! Like everything with pesto! (gathdurwin)
white bean salad with fennel and avocado
The only change I made was to omit the sugar in the dressing. It was really good - easy, flavorful, nutritious. I served it over some baby spinach instead of the recommended grains. (lebkuchen)
winter pasta salad with creamy mustard vinaigrette

Fruit Salads
blazing sunset salads

cherry berry watermelon salad

curried fruit salad

fruit salad in winter

fruit salad with a hint of heat

mango avocado salad with macadamias and pomegranate seeds

mixed grill fruit platter

orange and fig salad with walnuts and dried cherries

strawberry, mango, and pineapple salad with banana lime dressing

summer berries with fresh mint

Salad Dressings
basic balsamic vinaigrette
this was so simple, but it was so good. Nice and creamy. I even made a couple of changes - I used regular white onion instead of shallot, and I reduced the EVOO from 1/2 cup to 6 tbs. It was really, really good! I'd definitely recommend cutting back on the oil because the dressing was still nice and creamy and tasted fabulous. I might even try 5 tbs next time. (lebkuchen)
carrot ginger dressing
hmm.. i may have done something wrong, but  i didn't like this... it was way too potent.  i think i might have added too much ginger, as it overpowered everything else.  i added more orange juice but then it was just ginger + orange.   (thirteenblackbirds)
citrus vinaigrette
simple, light, and delicious. i used a garlic olive oil and maple syrup instead of agave.  i will definitely make this again. (thirteenblackbirds)
creamy artichoke dressing

creamy avocado dressing

creamy cucumber dressing

creamy tahini dressing

dijon vinaigrette
Delicious dressing! I'm not sure if I added 2 or 3 tbs of the dijon, but it was perfect. I used red onion for shallot, the dried marjoram, and fresh basil. I just streamed in olive oil until it looked done, so I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near 3/4 cup. I will probably make this again, if I remember. (AC)
One of the better dressing I ever made with Dijon mustard! (gathdurwin)
so delicious. i will make this again. (thirteenblackbirds)
ginger soy vinaigrette

green olive herb dressing

lemony white miso vinaigrette

lime cilantro dressing

oh my goddess dressing

sesame orange dressing

tarragon chive vinaigrette
I agree that this vinaigrette is light, but I don't know about flavorful. It definitely has a good, light flavor, but I had to use more to be able to taste it. I used dried tarragon, scallions for chives, and yellow mustard. 1/2 cup oil is a ton, so I just drizzled it in until I had a good emulsification. It's good, I like it, but not super. P likes it, which is good because he's so-so about vinaigrettes. I like the tarragon vinegar. (AC)
Good basic salad dressing without a lot of has chives and tarragon (duh) along with tarragon vinegar and olive oil.  Simple to make.  (tweety)


Sandwiches, Pizza, and More
Sandwiches and Wraps
avocado and tempeh bacon wraps

chickpea tomato wraps
these were awesome!   I used wildwood garlic aioli for the mayo, and used 2 heaping tbsp instead of half of a cup, and also a little less of the sun-dried tomatoes and they came out excellent. (thirteenblackbirds)
I agree with thirteenblackbirds about the mayo. In many sandwiches in this book, the recipe seems to call for a weirdly large amount of mayo, and 1/4 to 1/3 of it is usually enough. With 2 T mayo, these are super. Good fast lunch. (tmarkeim)
creamy crunchy fruit and nut sandwiches
a fun twist on your standard PB and J sandwich.  My version had peanut butter, maple syrup, raisins, pecans, and apple slices.  The end result was not really all that different from a normal PB sandwich, but a little more exciting. (thirteenblackbirds)
curried tofu egg salad pitas
Very good.  I thought the addition of mango chutney was genius and tasty, although a tad too sweet, so I would add less next time.  I used about half the salt she did and doubled the cayenne pepper.  Loved this.  (Tweety)
deconstructed hummus pitas

falafel sandwiches
One of the best falafels I've made! I didn't have the coriander and used cilantro for parsley. I decided to try it without adding any of the additional flour (besides chickpea flour for dredging), and it worked really well. Flavor is good, I had no problems with them holding together. They browned perfectly on outsides, but soft inside. I warmed them in the oven, so they got a little more cooking inside. I would make this again if I needed a trustworthy falafel. Very good. (AC)
garden patch sandwiches on multigrain bread

garden salad wraps

marinated mushroom wraps

muffaletta sandwiches

peanutty tofu roll ups
I didn't use nearly as much peanut butter as the recipe calls for - maybe half. A nice change if you want a peanut butter sandwich. You get your pb, plus extra protein and veggies. (tmarkeim)
portobello po boys
This is a really simple recipe, but it's tasty. A really fast sandwich. I wasn't sure how spicy my Cajun seasoning is, so I didn't add the hot sauce, but it would have been a nice touch. I don't think I would call this a "po boy," but it's a good Cajun spiced sandwich. (AC)
sloppy bulgar sandwiches

tastes like tuna salad sandwiches
I've made a lot of different chickpea spreads, so I tried to stick with the recipe to try this one. I did, for the most part, and it's meh. I thought it might be a lot more flavorful because of all the ingredients, but it's really not. 1 teaspoon is a lot of kelp. It was too fishy on its own, but ok in the sandwich. Way too much mayo! Didn't use all that, and used more lemon. Wouldn't make this recipe again. Not bad, but not the best. (AC)
As AC says, way too much mayo (in general, I don't add anywhere near the mayo called for in these recipes). After reading her review, I subbed Old Bay for the kelp and liked it fine! Good on crackers. (tmarkeim)
tempeh rueben sandwiches

tempeh walnut "chicken"  salad wraps

teriyaki tofu wraps

tofu tahini veggie wraps

tofu waldorf salad wraps

vietnamese po boys

black bean burgers
i don't like these as much as other veggie burgers from the book, but they are still good.  The flavor is good but it gets a little lost once made into a sandwich with all the typical burger topping/condiments, so I would add more seasoning next time.   Mine also didn't firm up that well (I baked it in the oven), so I would also add more flour.  I liked these more than the black bean burgers from V'con. (thirteenblackbirds)
curried chickpea patties
fabulous! these turned out wonderfully.  I baked them instead of frying.  The texture was maybe just a little bit too chewy, but the flavor was delicious.   I served these in pita bread. Yum. (thirteenblackbirds)
golden veggie burgers
Another homerun for veggie burgers. I had to add way more gluten but it's good so I don't care. (intheend)
great but don't stay together very well.  As usual, I spiced them up a little. (lubi)
I didn't like these as much as other veggie burgers in the book, but I used chickpea flour in place of the gluten which is probably why they didn't turn out that great . they were very wet and probably needed a lot more flour. flavor seemed just okay.  (thirteenblackbirds)
grilled portobello burgers

macadamia cashew patties

pecan lentil burgers
I used this more as an inspiration using red lentils and eyeballing the ingredients, but they came out fantastic! My favorite burgers that I've made. I followed her directions to dry out the cooked lentils in a pan, and think that's a great idea. I even used chickpea flour instead of VWG! Yum, yum. Great texture, great patty, mild but good flavor. (AC)
pinto bean patties with chile lime mayo
These rocked especially when eaten with a homemade bun. (intheend)
I thought these were great, and the leftovers were amazing, especially the mayo.. and as always I used the garlic aioli by wildwood.  I used panko bread crumbs which worked well and also broiled these in the oven instead of cooking them in the skillet.  The mayo really makes these amazing.  I will definitely be making this again.  (thirteenblackbirds)
red lentil patties in pita
these came out amazing!! I used some store-bought "spicy mango chutney" which really made it excellent.  I used chickpea flour and part of a sweet potato for the potato and added some black pepper, and served with tomatoes.  my husband and i both loved it.  i will definitely be making this one again. (thirteenblackbirds)
some kinda nut burgers
This burger is just so fantastic! Really!  I made it with almonds and nuts. Sooo delicious! (gathdurwin)
tempeh tantrum burgers

white bean and walnut patties

Fajitas and Burritos
beer marinated seitan fajitas
I follwed the recipe exactly, but it turned out a little bit blah. My husband and I gave it a C and would add more spice to it if we ever make it again. It was an easy recipe, so we might do it again if we tweak the spices. (bellybellygood)
black bean and corn burritos
Better than expected! I added a vital ingredient-potatoes. I precooked 2 red potatoes, then sauteed them with the onion until crispy. I mixed and cooked the other things as directed. The mixture of beans, potatoes, and corn is smoky/meaty in a good way. Nice and very quick. (AC)
red bean burritos

refried bean and salsa quesadillas
This is just as it seems. Simple, but tasty. I don't understand the point of mashing up canned pinto beans (makes more sense if they were home-cooked), but I just used refried beans. Yep, simple, fast, and good. (AC)
seared portobello fajitas

seitan tacos
these are really nice, especially for a quick weeknight dinner. for the seitan, i used the vegan dad lunch meat (made with pinto beans) recipe.  it's a basic recipe, and I might add some onion next time, but it doesn't really need much tweaking. (thirteenblackbirds)
spinach, mushroom, and black bean quesadillas
I was expecting these to taste like..spinach, and mushrooms, and black know, what you would expect. I was pleasantly surprised! It's a wonderful filling. I added some chili powder, probably more garlic, and used a white onion, but otherwise followed the recipe. I had really small tortillas, so we each had 2 tortillas with the folded over method. We had them with Spanish rice, salsa, and avocado sauce. Really good! (AC)
The only change I made was to use a white onion instead of a red onion. I served them with some salsa. These were solid but would definitely benefit from a little more spice - and I'm notorious for not being able to handle "hot" spices. Maybe a touch of jalapeno or another mild pepper would really kick it up a notch. My toddler son loved them as-is. Actually, it's a great base recipe for people with different palates/heat-tolerances to tailor to taste. (lekuchen)
Pizzas, Calzones, Stromboli, and Turnovers
basic pizza dough
This is one of my favorite pizza crusts ever. Super easy to make, and it came out perfectly. Instead of any kneading, it's "don't overmix." It rose nicely, and the stretch was good. The flavor and texture after baking were perfect. I didn't time it, but it seemed a little longer than 12 minutes while I was waiting for it to look done. I want more! (AC)
edap (everything but animal products) pizza

indian style pizza

lentil walnut pasties

mushroom turnovers

portobello and black olive pizzas

quick pinto potato empanadas
I changed the filling up a bit, but kept the basics-did black beans instead of pinto, green salsa instead of tomato, and added some chopped tomatoes. My puff pastry was a bit dried out, but these were still delicious, and so simple. So many different variations you could do, and incredibly quick. (AC)
roasted vegetable stromboli

spicy mushroom and hot pepper calzones

spicy tempeh empanadas

spicy southwestern style pizza

tapenade and tomato pizza

vegan margherita pizza

white pizza with potato, onion, and yellow tomatoes

Vegetable broths

light vegetable broth
I added rosemary sprigs and extra celery. It didn't come out as flavorful as I was expecting (from the smell), but still a nice mild broth. Pretty basic. (AC)
mushroom vegetable broth

roasted vegetable broth

root vegetable broth

Clear Broth Soups
broccoli noodle soup
It's ok. Nothing more. (gathdurwin)
This definitely needs a great broth. There aren't too many added strong flavors, so the broth needs to be good. It's tasty and comforting, though. Simple, healthy. I used sun dried tomato linguine, but I think it was wasted because the added flavor didn't come through. The 3 minutes is good for the broccoli-it doesn't need the extra 5. I'd make a version of this again. (AC)
caramelized french onion soup

chile lime tortilla soup

greens and bean soup

golden beet soup with a twist

golden harvest soup

hearty minestrone soup
I was curious about the ingredients because I've never seen a minestrone recipe that used split peas and barley, but I thought what the heck and soldiered on. The small amount of split peas completely disappeared and didn't really add anything to the soup. The barley - which I normally love in soups - was lost amidst the chunkiness of the beans and vegetables. I think the more traditional pasta would be a better choice. I also doubled the seasonings. Over all, it was filling, and my picky teenage daughter ate two bowls, so I consider it a success and I would make it again . (vgnwitch)
hot and sour soup

miso soup

mushroom medley soup

potato and kale soup
This simple soup was fat free, healthy and easy to make and so good.  I used a homemade veggie has onions, garlic, potatoes, oregano, crushed red pepper, kale and Great Northern beans.  It comes together real well.  I drastically cut down on her cooking time...she calls for cooking the potatoes for 30 minutes and then adding the kale and beans and cooking twenty more.  I cooked a total of 20 minutes and loved it. (tweety)
roasted tomato soup

shiitake mushroom soup with sake

summer vegetable soup

tom yum

vegan matzo ball soup

versatile vegetable soup
I was slightly disappointed! Despite all the fabulous stuff in this soup, it came out a little bland. I kept adding salt and some red pepper flakes. I added mushrooms and used spinach for the greens. I used the light vegetable broth as the broth.  It's still a nice, hearty vegetable soup, but not as flavorful as others I make. (AC)
vietnamese style noodle soup

Hearty Soups
black bean soup with a splash
Good!  I didn't do the splash of sherry, because I didn't have any sherry, but I did do a splash of vinegar and some nooch at the end.  I blended mine in my Magic Bullet til it was smooth with some chunks.  This is a good recipe.  Has a little heat to it due to the cayenne.  I only cooked it for maybe 20-25 minutes.  I used canned beans, so there was much that needed to happen in the cooking stage but for the soup to thicken a little.  Once that happened I removed it from the heat and blended.  This is a solid recipe. (kmk)
black bean and corn soup
Pretty good.  I took a couple of liberties with this one, which is not like me.  Didn't have red onion and used yellow, didn't have fresh garlic which in this house is horrific as that never happens, so I used a shallot and garlic powder.  I didn't have three cans of black beans so I used one black, one red, and one pinto.  I didn't have enough corn so I used green beans.  I thought it was way to thin so I dumped some of the liquid prior to purreeing but still thought it too thin for my tastes.  I'm not a soup fan, I like heartier dishes, so I at the last minute added some pasta.  This made for a great one-bowl low fat and healthy meal. (tweety)
chickpea and fennel soup

corn and potato chowder
We tried this recipe last night. Simple, easy, and so good. Even better the next day. Definitely blend half, but be careful not to over-blend. We will be making this all winter! (nickandnora)
curried butternut and red lentil soup with chard

farro and white bean soup with italian parsley

green and yellow split pea soup
I used all green split peas, upped the celery and potato, used garlic salt for salt, and added some liquid smoke. Didn't use the optional kielbasa. Delicious! I'm always amazed at how good split pea soup is, and this is a great one. I think that liquid smoke is always a must with split peas. P said "this tastes like it has ham in it." (in the good way) Super yum and healthy. Makes a lot.  (AC)
gumbo z'herbes
Total nom status. I omitted the celery since I didn't have it and used greens I had on hand: collard greens, dinosaur kale, and spinach. I used the sassafras and served it with brown rice. This was so good I'm looking forward to leftovers. Oh and this makes a lot. (intheend)
laksa come home

lemony lentil and rice soup
This is nice.  I followed the recipe exactly, except I didn't want to buy tomato juice.  So, I just used 1 cup of tomato sauce and 1 cup of water to make up for the 2 cups of tomato juice, and this was fine.  I really like the texture with the rice and lentils, plus the veggies.  Lots of different textures and hardness/softness.  I used fresh lemon juice (probably more than a tablespoon), which is lovely.  Overall, more tomato-y than lemony!  A very nice soup. (kmk)
mexican fideo soup with pinto beans

moroccan lentil and chickpea soup
mmmm, this was great and SO easy to make. Just a quick saute of base veggies and then you simmer everything for an hour. Love that! I added some frozen green beans and fresh baby spinach at the end, just cuz I like lots of green veggies in my soups. I omitted the Harissa sauce because my toddler doesn't like spicy food. I served this with the Chilled Cucumber Salad and they went well together. (lebkuchen)
moroccan vermicelli vegetable soup

mulligatawny soup

this was good but needed some tweaking.  It has no herbs in it at all, leaving it a bit bland so I added a bunch of thyme and red pepper flake and that fixed it right up. (storm)
rice and pea soup

soba and green lentil soup
Excellent.  I thought it weird to be using soba noodles in a lentil dish, but it worked.  I thought it would be bland because it only has thyme for an herb, but that was just o.k. with the onions and tomato.  I added some crushed red pepper because everything needs heat.  (tweety)
southern style beans and rice soup with collards

spicy black bean orzo soup
very good.  I didn't have 3 cans of black beans so I used two black beans and one pinto beans, and it was fine.  I didn't purree the entire thing, but about 2/3s to make it a little more hearty. I think the sun ddried tomatoes was a great idea.  I mixed in the orzo rather than put the orzo in the bowl and put the soup on top.   Went good with a homemade veggie burger. (tweety)
spicy pinto bean soup
Very simple and incredibly tasty. I think it's mandatory to add some crumbled tortilla chips because it helps with the texture. The chipotle taste in this is subtle so I added a tad bit more adobo sauce. (intheend)
sweet potato and peanut soup with baby spinach

three bean soup

tomato orzo soup
painless to make and very good.  I ignored her call for "a pinch of sugar" and rolled my eyes.  I added some crushed red pepper at the table and enjoyed it.   (tweety)
tuscan tomato and bread soup

two potato soup with rainbow chard
Really quick to make and was good. (intheend)
white and wild mushroom barley soup
Fantastic!  This dish takes a lot of mushrooms and is for mushroom lovers only.  I used the 12 oz. of white, and then a mix of mushrooms that included baby bella, shitake, and oyster.  I didn't have enough so I added some dried shitakes I had on hand.  I used Maggi veggie cubes for the broth.  The taste is so good!  (tweety)
Creamy Soups
almond soup with cardamom

asparagus edamame bisque

butternut soup with a swirl of cranberry

carrot soup with ginger

chestnut bisque with fresh pear

cream of artichoke soup

cream of broccoli soup
Good but it's pretty thin. I ended up adding a lot of soup crackers to thicken it up. (intheend)
cream of fennel soup

creamy mushroom soup

creamy potato chard soup

creamy tomato soup
this is a great tomato soup. i halved the ingredients and just blended everything in my vitamix. (thirteenblackbirds)
curried pumpkin soup
Delicious and so simple to make.  It's a little 'hot' for me so next time I'll tone down the curry or ginger.  (biodancer)
golden potato soup

peanutty two potato soup

pumpkin soup with chipotle puree

roasted vegetable bisque
This is a GREAT soup!!! And totally versatile. I've made it several times, and subbed different vegetables in and out, and pureed only half the soup or none at all. I've added little beans or small shapes of pasta. My little nieces love it, and they don't eat vegetables usually. I like to serve it with a crusty bread. Yum! (tmarkeim)
root vegetable bisque

spicy white bean and tomato soup
It's a very good base, but needs alot more spice.  I left some of the beans whole, and added hot sauce, smoked paprika, lots of salt and pepper, garlic. (lubi)
spinach, walnut, and apple soup

squash soup with pecans and ginger

thai inspired coconut soup

watercress white bean soup with toasted pine nuts

zucchini and butter bean bisque

Cold Soups
black and gold gazpacho

chilled avocado tomato soup

chilled beet soup

chilled carrot soup

cucumber cashew soup

garden gazpacho
didn't like this but i've never had gazpacho, so it could be I just don't like gazpacho (thirteenblackbirds)
gazpacho with ditalini and chile aioli

jewelbox fruit soup

senegalese soup

summer fruit soup

sweet potato vichyssoise

three tomato gazpacho with chipotle creme

wild cherry soup


Pasta and Noodles
egg free pasta dough

marinara sauce
Easy to put together and was tasty. I'm a fan of using crushed tomatoes for Marinara sauces cause it really improves the texture to me. (intheend)

I like this version of a parm. I usually make it with almonds, and sometimes cashews, but I liked how this smelled. I didn't taste it on its own, and I couldn't even really taste what it added in the pesto, but I have some left for other things. Cheaper than the other nuts, too. (AC)
Pasta with Tomatoes
fettuccine with chard and red lentil tomato sauce
Surprisingly very tasty considering this is nothing too new or unique. Very hearty and delicious. Both fettuccine and linguine are mentioned, and I used linguine. I also used kale instead of chard, vastly increased the pepper flakes, and added some pizza seasoning blend. Red lentils do not take 30 minutes to soften, and mine had the perfect texture after maybe 15-20. Excellent rendition. I like a saucier pasta, so I added a bit of pasta water, and didn't use a full pound of pasta for this sauce. (AC)
linguine puttanesca
This went over well with my omni family. I served it with some homemade garlic bread. (intheend)
pasta arrabbiata
I always make my own sauces, so this wasn't anything too different. However, I sometimes overdo it so this had a nice, simple balance. I did add a bit of red onion, and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning. I used crushed tomatoes. The 1 tsp of red pepper was perfect. I didn't think it would be enough, but it had spice that wasn't overpowering. A good, simple sauce. (AC)
penne with vodka spiked tomato sauce

perciatelli with slow roasted tomato sauce

radiatore with aurora sauce

sicilian penne with tomatoes and eggplant
It tastes like tomatoes with eggplant. It's correct. (gathdurwin)
spaghetti and t balls

tagliatelle with porcini bolognese sauce

ziti with abruzzese vegetable ragu

Pasta with Pesto
campanelle and zucchini with squash blossoms and sunflower pesto

fettuccine with puttanesca pesto

gemelli with green beans, potatoes, and basil pesto

linguine with ligurian pesto
Pesto! I love pestos. I most often make the walnut pesto from VWAV, but this is basically the same. I don't taste a difference between the pine nuts and walnuts. I made the parmasio to go in it. Good, basic recipe. (AC)
This is your basic basil pesto recipe and was quite good.  I did not use parmesan and I added some cannelini beans for substance.  Delish! (tweety)
orzo, white beans, and tomatoes with lemony spinach pesto

penne with peanut pesto

radiatore with walnut parsley pesto

rotini and almond mint pesto with orange zest
Original pesto that I really love! The mint and the orange zest make all the difference! (gathdurwin)
tricolor rotini with pesto bianco
Yuck. I could not eat this at all. It just seemed like the flavors didn't work well together. (intheend)
Pasta with Vegetables and More
angel hair pasta with olive oil and garlic
I've made variations of this dish many times, but it's a solid recipe. This time, I used a green pepper, and a yellow pepper, and some crushed red pepper. I like the addition of the water, and don't use that much oil. Oil and garlic-perfect combo. Angel hair is the perfect pasta for this. (AC)
austiran noodles and cabbage

carbonara style spaghetti
I made the seitan bacon crumbles from 500 vegan recipes to use instead of tempeh bacon and added the optional peas. This was a straight up down-home Italian style meal. I really enjoyed it. I always halve pasta recipes so I used 8 oz of noodles but kept the same amount of sauce. (intheend)
Dry and bland. I didn't like it at all. (gathdurwin)
farfalle with white beans and roasted asparagus
Dry. Too much garlic. I didn't like it. (gathdurwin)
fettuccine with fresh figs and walnuts

fusilli with fennel and sun dried tomatoes

inspired by spaghetti with white clam sauce
wow, this was really incredible. It is really easy to put together, but it tastes really 'fancy'! I'd never had "real" spaghetti with clam sauce, so I can't compare it, but I thought this was really tasty. I made it with brown rice spaghetti and had some green beans and garlic bread on the side. I'll definitely make this one again! (lebkuchen)
lemon kissed linguine with garlicky white bean sauce

orecchiette with rapini

paglia e fieno with peas
This is basically a dressed up version of angel hair pasta and olive oil with garlic but who cares? It's really good with the added bacon and peas. It also looks nice with the colors of the noodles which is a bonus. Super quick to whip up if you have some bacon lying around. (intheend)
pasta primavera

penne with chickpeas and rosemary

penne with creamy asparagus sauce
Delicious!  I've made this multiple times - it reminds me of the Potato Asparagus soup from VWAV on pasta - it's awesome, I swear! (erinmonster)
Asparagus was something I always thought I hated until I went vegan.  Turns out I only had the over-cooked mushy canned variety and hated that.  Fresh steamed asparagus tastes real good to me now as an adult.  This recipe was very good and quick to cook.  It takes about 1 lb. of asparagus, half left steamed and the other half blended with some white beans, onions and garlic that was simmered in white wine and dried basil with a pinch of cayenne, and a bit of milk.   The other half of asparagus is left unblended and mixed in with the pasta and sauce. (tweety)
penne with white beans, cred chard, and grape tomatoes

persian noodles and lentils
It's good, but I will put more spices next time. (gathdurwin)
ziti with catalan vegetables

ziti with red pepper walnut sauce

Lasagna Eight Ways
black bean and pumpkin lasagna

classic tofu lasagna

lasagna pinwheels
This is an awesome looking dish and comes together easily but the taste is awful. Since there isn't a lot of flavoring, it ended up tasting like raw tofu. I thought the tofu taste might be toned down after being baked but it wasn't. I like the concept and would definitely make it again using a more trusted tofu ricotta recipe. (intheend)
lasagna primavera

lasagna with radicchio and cremini mushrooms

red chard and baby spinach lasagna

roasted vegetable lasagna

tex mex lasagna
I thought this sounded kind of odd but I was gladly mistaken! This is now my favorite lasagna ever. I made my own salsa and used daiya cheese on top. (intheend)
this definitely needs some melted cheeze on top, but that being said it's a great dish. I wouldn't serve this to company, but it's perfect for a weeknight meal. I prepped it on a Sunday (just the noodles needed to be cooked) in two square glass dishes and didn't use all of the tofu mixture.  I cooked it for a while in the microwave, then transferred to the oven so that cheeze could brown on top.  this is something I will likely make again ahead of time for those busy weeknights.  (thirteenblackbirds)
Baked and Beyond
baked mac and cheeze
This is pretty good! It's second or third in the ones I've tried (many!). If I didn't already have my cornstarch mixed with the broth, I probably wouldn't have used it. The flour did enough thickening, and I also added some blended soaked cashews into the mix, which also thickened. I added the cashews to cut the nooch, because I don't like my mac and cheeze SO nut. yeasty. I also added a bit more soy sauce, and used hot paprika. The bread crumbs were good on top. I had way more sauce than I thought I needed (and didn't add it all), but it did come out kind of dry after baked. Good, overall. (AC)
baked pasta shells and broccoli
Hated it.  I had high expectations for this because the last time I made a dish with the Mornay-style cheeze sauce it was amazing.   It dried out, the broccoli was over cooked and I lightly steamed it for only about one minute rather than the five suggested.  Just didn't come together or taste good at all. I'll take suggestions on what to do with the leftovers because I don't waste this much food.   I'm thinking maybe a can of diced tomatoes. (tweety)
My doctored up version of the dish was very good.  I added a can of unsalted diced tomatoes, about 1/4 cup of sun-dried tomatoes in oil, a huge amount of slice kalamata olives, oregano, basil and a generous amount of crushed red peppers.  Then cooked it on the stovetop.  The cheesy creaminess of the sauce was brought out and quite good, although this completely changed the original recipe it made it edible and good.  (tweety)
buckwheat noodles with cabbage and potatoes

cheezy tomato macaroni
I added broccoli and bread crumbs on top. This was so good! (intheend)
Freakin' totally awesomely good.  One of those unexpect OMG meals as the sum is much greater than the parts.  I used whole wheat pasta and her Parmasio on the top.  The above recipe made just under two cups and didn't make 2.5 cups that she calls for but it was so thin I used what I had and by the time it cooked it was perfect.  I doubled the oregano and basil because I like things spicy and added crushed read pepper.  Loved loved loved this. (tweety)
creamy cashew fettuccine with mushrooms and peas
Loved this sauce!  But, from now on, I will skip baking it after sauce is done.  Baking seemed to dry it out, imo. (lubi)
mac and chard

pasta gratin with provencal vegetables

This was totally delicious! I omitted the mint because I absolutely hate it even in small quantities but kept everything else the same. I thought the cinnamon might be weird but after the chickpea sauce simmers it blends in wonderfully. I was glad that I thickened the vegan white sauce that goes on the top layer of noodles because it would have been way too watery otherwise. I didn't use pine nuts on top but I did sprinkle some homemade Parma! on it. (intheend)
penne baked with eggplant tomato sauce

wild west pasta bake
I used my own salsa for this and it came out so good. It's seriously basic- just beans, salsa, crushed tomatoes, seasoning, and noodles. If you have a dutch oven then it's even better cause you can just bake it in that instead of dirtying a casserole. It made a ton so make sure it's halved if you don't want to be eating it for days. (intheend)
Stuffed Pasta and Dumplings
artichoke walnut ravioli with sage and walnut sauce

chard stuffed manicotti with creamy cashew sauce

gnocchi with red wine tomato sauce

pierogi with fried onions

pumpkin ravioli with peas and caramelized shallots

spicy eggplant and tempeh stuffed pasta shells

spinach manicotti with white walnut sauce

tortellini with orange scented tomato cream sauce

Asian Noodles
bok choy and ginger sesame udon noodles
simple and delicious. i used baby bok choy and white mushrooms. i was out of tahini so i added more of the other ingredients and also some garlic.  will make this again. (thirteenblackbirds)
I really liked this! Used the leaves of baby bok choy as well as red pepper for the veggies and subbed red onion for the shallots. Creamy, sweet, delicious and a snap to put together. A winner! (blinknoodle)
chinese noodles and broccoli with spicy black bean sauce
If you can, use some fresh noodles from the Asian market. Beware that they go bad very quickly once cooked though so make sure this meal is eaten in two days. I love this dish and use Chinese baked and seasoned tofu. (intheend)
drunken spaghetti with tofu
This was so tasty but I would have liked if it was a bit more saucy.  (intheend)
indian double chickpea noodles

korean noodle stir fry

noodles with spicy peanut sauce
Yum! This isn't drastically different form my usual peanut butter noodles, but still delicious. I used the linguine, chives instead of scallions, all sesame oil, yellow onion instead of red, and added broccoli and seitan. This is another method that's a bit over complicated, but recipe is very yummy and satisfying. (AC)
this was really good, although I made some modifications.  I also thought the directions were too complicated, so I just followed the ingredients list. I used udon noodles, subbed broccoli and zucchini for the bell pepper, veg broth for the water, and omitted the sugar.  I added some black pepper and rooster sauce for serving.  It's probably not one of my favorite asian-style noodle dishes, but it is very good and I would make it again.  (thirteenblackbirds)
I had to make a few subs (sunflower seed butter for the peanut butter, brown rice spaghetti for the rice noodles, omitted the Asian chile sauce) and I added additional veggies (baby carrots and broccoli). I thought this was pretty easy to put together, actually. My hubby loved it and had seconds. My toddler ate some but I don't think it was his favorite. I'd make it again - I'm sure it's even better with the peanut butter. (lebkuchen)
pad thai
This was alright but it wouldn't be repeated in my kitchen. It's probably because I'm not a huge fan of lemon and I felt like it was overpowering. (intheend)
sesame soba noodles

singapore noodles with tempeh
so far, my favorite in this book!  I love the rice vermicilli noodles in this, but I always crumble my tempeh too much - I'd prefer to have larger chunks, so I need to remember that next time. (erinmonster)
spicy sesame noodles with green beans

springtime rice noodles with coconut creme
It's ok. A little bit dry. The idea is good, but the dish needs a little twist. (gathdurwin)
szechuan sesame noodles with asparagus

vegetable lo mein with tofu
It's pretty good, but I'm sure that I can find a better recipe for a lo mein. I made with eggplant and zucchini instead of broccoli and carrot. (gathdurwin)
meh. just okay. there wasn't enough flavor. i used whole wheat spaghetti in place of the linguine she suggests. this would be better with some sort of asian noodle. (thirteenblackbirds)
Main Dishes
african inspired red bean stew
Delicious!  Relatively painless to make, and it has powerhouse nutritional ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, beans and peanuts.  I used crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy because that's all I buy....I didn't add any extra peanuts because of this and used slightly more than 1/4 cup of peanut butter.   I was pleased to find there was no added sugar.  I accidently opened a can of pinto and kidney beans instead of two cans of kidney....a minor mistake. Love this.  (Tweety)
argentinean bean and vegetable stew
Delicious.  What's unique to me about this recipe is the addition of a chopped orange at the end.  She really doesn't say what to do with the butternut squash other than to half it and seed it.  I chopped it and only used half (which is all I had as I ate the other half already) and I think that was plenty of squash. I ignored her massive sweet tooth again did not add the two tablespoons of sugar, rightly thinking with the type of veggies and the orange it would be naturally sweet.  (tweety)
a great dish. the orange really gives it something special. I might cut it down to half an orange next time though because there seemed to be a little too much. I also omitted the sugar and used less squash than called for. (thirteenblackbirds)
beans bourguignon
(not very summery but I was feeling like something substantial).  For once in my life I followed the recipe exactly.  It was absolutely delightful.  Seriously, it's my new favorite food.  It had a really deep, earthy, rich flavor (could be the wine + earth balance + mushrooms combo).  This recipe honestly makes me excited for my next winter visit to Maine (winters in southern Virginia barely warrant a real hankering for some kind of hearty stew).  It would be so nice to come in from snowshoeing to a big bowl of this. Definitely make this for non-vegan guests, it would totally banish the perception of vegan food as unsatisfying.   (jenloves)
I halved the recipe, and was honestly not expecting to be that excited with it. I think the method is totally fussy and convoluted. That aside, it's actually really delicious. I added a lot more water (even with half the recipe) to make it saucier, and I really thought about not even adding the EB/flour thing, but I did. I think it was fine without it, but I know that's a big part of the recipe. Anyway, I really like the flavor and would make it again. (AC)
I think that the taste is a little bit weird. Not my favorite recipe in this book by far. (gathdurwin)
this is very good/delicious, but my husband once made a seitan bourguignon that was amazing.  next time, i will add just half the beans and some seitan, more onion (i used onion in place of shallots) and maybe play with the sauce to try to make it a little richer.  i liked this recipe a lot though and will make it again. (thirteenblackbirds)
I made some modifications to this, using 1 block of cubed, browned tofu and just 1 can of beans and we liked it a lot more. it's delicious, one of my favorites. (thirteenblackbirds)
this made my tummy quite happy   It was so...comforting. Warm, hearty, filling, and delicious. I subbed white onion for the shallots, 8 oz of baby bellas for 12 oz of white mushrooms, and I used one can each of light and dark red kidney beans. For the dry red wine, I used about 1/4 cup of cabernet and 3/4 cup of malbec. This stew smelled AMAZING when it was cooking! I used the beurre manie and I had no problems with it - I even used GF flour instead of AP flour, and it still worked just fine. I love this recipe! I'll make it again for sure. (lebkuchen)
Was expecting more based on reviews. Prefer Smitten Kitchen's mushroom bourguignon. (blinknoodle)
black beans and wild rice
Kinda weird to follow a recipe for beans and rice, but I tried. Marjoram seems like a weird herb for this? I went with it. Used soy sauce for the salt, and some sriracha. I did an avocado salsa type thing for the top, and that pretty much elevated it 100%. I actually thought it was too much spinach to add, because there were lots of large spinach leaves. Also thought it was weird that she suggests serving beans and RICE on top of rice. I get that it would be black/black on white, but rice on rice? Anyway, always a fan of beans and rice, but nothing special here. Wild rice is always great, though. (AC)
I love this recipe and made it for the third time Saturday night! I pretty much follow it exactly, except I used fire roasted diced tomatoes, instead of regular diced tomatoes, and I think I added extra spinach too.  Aside from waiting for the wild rice to cook, it's really quick and doesn't involve lots of chopping and prep-time, so it's great for busy days. I really like to cook and I often make stuff with lots of different ingredients and complex flavors. However, sometimes a simply, hearty meal like this really hits the spot (it helps that I adore wild rice and it's really prominent in the flavor). I just eat it in a bowl and don't serve it over rice. The marjoram is great too-I don't believe I had actually cooked with it before this recipe, but I find that I really like the mellow flavor. (DorsVenabili)
Very good.  I didn't have black beans and used red kidney beans and it tasted fine.  I really wanted to add things like more herbs, onions and garlic.  It simply calls for marjoram, salt and pepper.  But I decided to let the blend of rice, tomatoes and spinach be flavor enough and I was right.  No need to add to it.  I used a wild rice/brown rice blend and ignored her suggestion to serve it over white rice. (tweety)
black bean and bulgar loaf
this is a really good loaf that becomes great with the recommended basic brown sauce.  I didn't have savory and have no idea what that is, but I subbed some sage and cayenne pepper. (thirteenblackbirds)
black bean and walnut croquettes

black beans with serrano aioli
Very good.  I enjoyed the taste of the alioni a lot.  It's serrano blended with garlic, mayo, lemon juice and olive oil.  The beans are simply black beans and tomatoes, but aioli seasons it well.  Very quick to make. (tweety)
brazilian black bean stew
Awesome....I had to stop myself from overeating and save some for another meal.  The interesting and nice thing about this stew is that it's all fruits and veggies without any spices or herbs, other than cilantro.    The other cool thing is the mango and bananna in the stew, especially the bannana, which was delish in this stew.  I guess her sweet tooth was satisfied with the sweet potato, mango and bannana as there was no added sugar (which I would have left out anyway).  (Tweety)
chickpea and vegetable curry
It's very very good! The raisins add a sweet taste delicious. To make again without hesitation. And the spices...yuum! (gathdurwin)
chickpea and vegetable loaf
This was just okay but I would never make it again. It was just dry and seemed very chewy. (intheend)
chickpea, tomato, and eggplant stew

chinese black bean chili

coconut peanut chickpeas and vegetables
Just as good as the Chickpea and Vegetable Curry! The peanut butter adds a lot of flavor to the recipe! (gathdurwin)
This recipe is a huge winner!! It has just the right amount of PB and all the flavors go together nicely. (intheend)
three words: quick, easy, delicious! I made this with almost no fresh produce on hand, and even with substitutions, it was really yummy and nutritious. I subbed coconut oil (instead of olive oil), chayote squash (instead of red pepper), used half as much curry powder, and added some chopped frozen broccoli and cilantro. I served it over some brown basmati rice. Hubby, toddler son, and I all loved it. Hubby requested it be added to the permanent rotation. (lebkuchen)
easy and delicious.  (thirteenblackbirds)
edamame donburi
This was quick to cook up and was delicious. However, when I make this again, I'll cook the tofu first to get that yellow look. I used fresh shiitakes and also added the optional aburage sauteed in soy sauce and mirin. The aburage strips really shine in this- you get a burst of flavor when you get a piece in your mouth. Also, I added a full block of tofu instead of the 8 oz. I just upped the soy sauce 1 more tablespoon. (intheend)
Very good!  Nothing unique or exciting here, I've made similar stuff a gazillion times...the base is onions, shitake mushrooms, soy sauce and ginger (what no garlic?) which not to say I don't like it.  The only change I made was to cube the tofu instead of crumbing it...and I used tamari for the Japanese flare. (tweety)
four alarm chili

jamaican red bean stew
Very good and colorful! (gathdurwin)
So very delicious!  It has many layers of flavor...including curry, thyme, coconut milk and tomatoes (I love to combination of coconut milk and tomatoes).  For heat she calls for crushed red pepper and I used jalapeno instead.  I used pinto beans instead of kidney beans.  I knocked about 20 minutes from the cooking time and everything still blended together well and the veggies were cooked.   Loved it! (tweety)
jerk spiced red bean chili
This was alright. It used BBQ sauce and other spices but none of the other spices really came through so essentially it just kind of tasted like dressed up BBQ sauce. (intheend)
maple baked beans

millet topped lentil shepherd's pie

moroccan spiced chickpea and sweet potato stew
I served it over a bed of cooked amaranth and millet. I absolutely loved it for a few reasons: 1) it was really easy to make - a quick 10-minute saute of the base veggies, then throw everything in and let it simmer for 40 minutes; 2) it is hearty and healthy; 3) my 22-mo-old son loved it and he is picky these days! I might actually make this now instead of the moroccan tagine in VWAV, which I luuuuurve, but it has more steps and needs a bit more attention. The only changes I made to this recipe were to omit the sugar and add about 1/2 cup chopped dried apricots, and squeezing some fresh lemon juice on top of each serving. It was awesome!! (lebkuchen)
new world chili

piccata style cashew chickpea medallions

pomegranate infused lentil and chickpea stew
Hated it.  I thought that 1/3 cup of pomegranate molasses was too much but since I had the real stuff I figured what the heck.  I suppose it's just a matter of personal taste that I like pomegranate but not cooked this way.  It had a horrible aftertaste, was too sweet alongside the apricots and raisons, and a taste that just was bad.  I didn't notice when planning that she asks to soak the lentils first for 45 minutes, which I didn't understand or do.  I had a hard time getting my rice done in 40 minutes for some reason and had to add more water and time.   In the end I burned the bottom and wound up eating a plate and throwing the rest out.  Another total fail.   Yikes, I hope I'm not on a roll. (tweety)
red bean and bulgar chili

red bean jambalaya
pretty run of the mill recipe, nothing unique or exciting.  That said it was quite good. (tweety)
tamarind chickpea stew
Correct. (gathdurwin)
three bean cassoulet
this was AHHHH-mazing!! Oh my word, it was so delicious and couldn't have been easier to make. Chop up and saute some onions, garlic, carrots, and celery, stir in 3 cans of beans, some crushed tomatoes, and seasonings, and throw the whole thing into the oven to bake. Top with some bread crumbs and bake another 10 minutes. It was heavenly! I will be making this again and again! I did the whole thing in a cast-iron skillet and used panko for my bread crumbs. Everyone loved it - me, my hubby, and my toddler! A+! (lebkuchen)
three bean chili

three lentil dal

tuscan white beans and broccoli rabe
delicious.  So simple and tasty and something I would definitely make again.  (biodancer)
I served it alongside some garlic bread and some red wine. It was a fabulously easy and delicious meal. My hubby is not the biggest rabe fan, but even he liked it. I'll definitely make it again. Nice and healthy! (lebkuchen)
My fave recipe in the book. I swear, I have made the beans and rabe probably 10 times since I got the book! (lebkuchen)
yellow dal with spinach
I served it over some basmati rice. It was freakin' amazing. The end! (lebkuchen)
barley and winter vegetable stew

barley pilaf with carrots, walnuts, and golden raisins

barley risotto with asparagus and mushrooms

basic polenta
Exactly what it is, basic, but I liked it. (intheend)
brown rice and lentil pilaf

brown rice with artichokes, chickpeas, and tomatoes
Very simple and filling. The flavor isn't going to amaze you but it's great for when you're lazy. (intheend)
Not bad. I added some roasted red peppers and black olives, and used basmati rice. Not really something I'd make again, but won't mind eating the leftovers. (AC)
caribbean rice, squash, and peas

coconut jasmine rice and edamame

couscous chickpea loaf

couscous pilaf

creole rice and red beans

fried double corn grits

green tea rice with lemon snow peas and tofu

herbed millet and pecan loaf
This dish rocks my socks.  It reminds me a little of my mom's meatloaf from my childhood (I eat it with a little organic ketchup on top) but better, since mom's meat loaf could have used some help... plus no meat!  I am making this loaf for my entree for Thanksgiving this year. (katequeenofsprouts)
Influenced by the rave review I thought I'd give it a try as I had all the ingredients on hand but for the pecans which I bought (they are expensive). I failed because it crumbled after cooking. It held together until I sliced it and tried to put it on the plate and it was a crumbled mess.  I'm not sure where I went wrong except that I blindly followed the instructions to cook the millet from the package instructions. Her instructions call for more broth and a longer cooking time. Perhaps this makes a difference in the millet which helps it bind together.   Or perhaps I didn't pack it tightly enough, but this wasn't in the instructions and I thought I patted it down pretty good.  This is my first "loaf" and I'm disappointed.  That said the taste was pretty good, not dry at all, but nothing to rave about and I will not be making it again. (tweety)
italian rice with seitan and mushrooms
I used two links of Field Roast Italian Sausage since I had them around. It was a little dry when I mixed everything together so I added a splash of olive oil which really helped. This dish was fast to make and was really good. (intheend)
a good hearty dish but not too exciting. I used tofurkey kielbasa instead of seitan, wild rice/ brown rice for the rice, and extra red pepper flakes. I cut back a little on the fennel and it was still pretty strong. I won't make this again. (thirteenblackbirds)
Delicious!  I was going to make seitan but accidentally found in my freezer some tofurkey sausages and used that instead and it was great.  The overpowering tastes are the mushrooms and the sausage...there's a little bit of basil and fennel, but the sausage was so good it was far from bland.  Loved this. (tweety)
italian truck stop artichoke risotto

kasha with roasted sweet potatoes and peas

mexican green rice and beans
I used 2 serranos that were seeded and this was way too hot for my family. Next time I would just use one or maybe none at all. It was also watery but I didn't mind. (intheend)
millet and amaranth loaf

millet, chard, and white bean casserole

polenta with spicy tomato ragu

quinoa and chickpea pilaf with orange and pistachios

quinoa and mixed vegetable saute

quinoa and summer squash pilaf

roasted winter squash risotto
Excellent!! I made this recipe several times for non-vegans and they really liked it and asked me for the recipe! (gathdurwin)
savory amaranth patties
Seriously delicious!  This came together real easily and help up nicely for the most part.   I love the nutty taste of walnuts combined with the amaranth, olive oil and veggies.  The "seedy" texture was a bit weird though, but texture isn't all that important to me if it tastes good. This might very well be one of about only three veggie burger successes I've had over the years.  Yum! (tweety)
savory beans and rice

spanish rice and beans
Love this dish! It has so much flavor. This is one of my all-time fave beans and rice dishes (intheend)
I added some veggies to this, and used Rotel + fresh tomatoes. It's ok, but kinda meh. Not something I'd make again. (AC)
vegetable fried rice

wild rice and millet croquettes

Tofu and Tempeh
baked jambalaya casserole

barbecued tempeh

cajun style tofu
Very good.  I found it lazy of the writer to include "Cajun seasoning" but not include an optional recipe to create one's own.  Other than curry powder and garam marsala I don't buy prepared seasonings.  I used the cajun spices from Vegan With A Vegence's cajun fries and this dish was good.  I cubed the tofu rather than use slices.  I did not have green  pepper and left it out although it would have been more Cajun with it.  Her addition of soy sauce was interesting and good.  (tweety)
chipotle painted baked tofu
So simple and so good.  It's merely soy sauce blended with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.  I plan on making sandwiches with some kind of seasoned mayo. (tweety)
country fried tofu with golden gravy
Not too bad but the tofu was a bit bland.  I didn't dislike it but it is not something I would make again.  (biodancer)
creole tempeh
Very good.  What makes it good is the creole seasoning.  She offers no recipe for creole seasoning which is lazy and I've criticized cooks for that before, however, I did have some on hand that I use for quick easy "no time to cook" meals.  I ignored her tempeh cooking instructions since I was in the process of steaming the tempeh for another recipe and switched mid-cooking.  My tempeh brand tends to fall apart after steamed so I didn't bread and fry them, but rather used them as is and stirred it into the dish.  (tweety)
crispy tofu with sizzling caper sauce
Fabulous! My favorite recipe in this cookbook. It's soooo good! Don't wait! Try it! (gathdurwin)
Good but borderline meh.  I love capers which is the overpowering taste, so this keeps it from getting a "meh" rating.  The lemon only adds to the tartness, which I don't mind.  I figured it was going to be high fat and it is with olive oil and margarine so I won't complain about that.   (tweety)
double sesame tofu with tahini sauce

ginger peanut tempeh

ginger tofu with citrus hoisin sauce
Just good, not meh but good.  I loved the citrus taste and that is used orange, lime and lemon juices.  I only had about half the hoison sauce called for, but I would have cut back anyway.  Hoison sauce's first ingredient is sugar, so I  1/3 of a cup is way too sweet and you know how I feel about her sweet tooth. (tweety)
grilled tofu with tamarind glaze
Pretty good, tastes like barbeque sauce with a twist.  It was too sweet for my tastes, it called for one tbs of sugar and two tbs of agave.  Next time I'm going to cut way back on that and up the heat with extra cayenne.  I skipped the two-hour marinade time because I didn't plan for that but don't think it made that much of a difference.   I broiled instead of grilled.  Considering the tofu was to be glazed, there was an awful large amount of sauce which I just poured over the tofu and rice I ate it with.  (tweety)
This was so flavorful and was a memorable meal. It made a lot of sauce too (which is always a plus for me). (intheend)
indonesian tempeh in coconut gravy

ka pow tofu

my kinda meat loaf
very, very meh. It looked slightly promising after it was baked, but the flavor is very lacking, and it was not done throughout. It might be ok with tons of flavor added, and baked longer, but I'm not making it again. The top was done and crispy way before everything else. Blah. (AC)
we made this recipe last night. had to go get some fresh parsley (we always have a ton of the stuff when we can't think of what to use it for and none when we actually need it). anyway, our loaf turned out supergood! we made it with the tahini and an extra stripe of ketchup on top (old-school!), and probably a bit of extra parsley because measuring parsley is a hassle. it cooked up completely. we were worried that it would taste oat-y since 3/4 cup of oats seemed like a lot. on it's own the flavor is light, but with the gravy (for nora) or ketchup (for nick) it was really good!our .02: make the loaf in a glass loaf pan (the tin-types seem to make mushy loaves). it's worth it to hold out for fresh parsley. definitely make the gravy to go with. (nickandnora)
just ok.  It tasted a lot like a seitan loaf rather than a 'meat' loaf.  I like Robin's "meat-free meatloaf" from The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook much better.  Only it is so much more complicated to make.  I would make this again but if I had company I would go with the "meat-free meatloaf" instead. (biodancer)
really good texture.  I forgot the soy sauce so it was a little dry, but that is my fault,  The best texture I have found in a "meatloaf" type recipe. (lubi)
I really love the texture of this loaf. I will make it again for sure. Maybe for Christmas! (gathdurwin)
orange bourbon tempeh

orange glazed tofu and asparagus
The taste of orange is very low. It's a great shame. (gathdurwin)
pineapple glazed tempeh and sweet potatoes

sicilian style tofu
Fantasic....I couldn't go wrong with this recipe because it's all my favorite stuff, garlic, tomatoes, tofu, olives...and they all go well together with white wine simmered in. I diced the tofu instead of slicing it and skipped the "keep them warm in a heated oven" part and just added the cubes in at the end and heated them up.   I did use the optional fresh basil at the very end.  (tweety)
southern succotash stew

soy glazed tofu
this recipe is so simple you would think you could figure it out for yourself, but you don't have to because robin robertson already has. we liked it baked. we'll try it grilled on a grill pan, too. an easy way to take tofu from basic to excellent in no time flat. (nickandnora)
soy tan dream cutlets
loved them (nickandnora)
spice island tofu
My partner raved about how good this was. The only complaint was that there isn't enough sauce so double it if you're a saucy person. I did try a bite of this and was impressed as well but then again, anything with pineapple usually wins me over. (intheend)
This was fantastic.  Great mix of spices.  I cubed the tofu instead of cutting them in strips.  I made a mistake and started frying the peppers and onions when I meant to fry the tofu, so I just put the tofu in with the peppers and cooked everything together.  This caused the corn starch to come off the tofu and thicken the sauce, but it was still fantastic. I wasn't wild about having the pineapple in it.  I guess I don't like cooked pineapple.  I think it would have been better with out it, but that's just me. It called for 1/4 teaspoon of light brown sugar which I left out just to be beligerant.  (Tweety)
tempeh and sweet potato shepherd's pie

tempeh and vegetable stir fry
Excellent.  Just the right combination of Asian incredients to make it yummy.  I used fresh hot red chilis instead of crushed red pepper. (tweety)
tempeh cacciatore

tempeh with lemon and capers

tempeh with maple, mustard, and balsamic glaze
I used tofu instead of tempeh. The recipe is fast and useful, but the taste is just ok. (gathdurwin)
very nice dish, but slightly bland, IMHO. I didn't get as much caramelization on the tempeh as I would have liked. However, I started dipping my pieces in some spicy brown mustard, and it became super-delish. Very good with the Arugula and Apple Salad with Creamy Mustard Dressing. (lebkuchen)
tempeh with potatoes and cabbage

tempting tempeh chili

teriyaki tempeh (TYPO: + 1 tbsp sugar)

thai phoon stir fry
Made this for dinner and it was fast to put together. I really enjoyed it but it needed more salt so next time I'd add another tbsp of soy sauce or you could just sprinkle some more on. Make sure you add the chopped peanuts too! It's great for a variance of texture. (intheend)
Excellent! I served it over rice instead of noodles.  Everything blends together well into a great taste...spinach, cilantro, coconut milk, peanut butter, mushrooms, and stuff.....I omitted the sugar she calls for because it also has mirin which is sweet enough (I know the Thai's love sugar), and I used a tablespoon of sambal oelek instead of 1 tsp of chili sauce.  (tweety)
tofu and edamame stew
I really liked the idea of this because I love edamame, and it's kind of different.  I like the idea of having lots of green vegetables together. It's a nice looking stew.  I didn't have zucchini but everything else was the same.  The flavors work well together, and it has a nice traditional/homey taste to it, with the peas, potatoes, celery, and sage.  I think the tofu is an interesting addition but it works well enough. Not bad.  Mine was quite thick and I added some extra water at some point.  I think I overcooked it slightly and would have like to leave the veggies and edamame a little more crisp.  But it's good.  I love things with sage in them. (kmk)
tofu pizzaiola
This was very tasty but I wouldn't drain the tomatoes next time. I like a lot of sauce on everything and this was a tad too dry for me. With that change, this will be a repeat! (intheend)
tofu stuffed with watercress and tomatoes

tofu with lemongrass and snow peas
Very good.  I used jarred lemon grass so the flavor was hard to detect, but still was a nice easy stir fry, and I'm nuts for Asian style tofu.  I used a jalapeno instead of crushed red pepper.  I didn't add any extra sugar as I used mirin which is sweet enough. (tweety)
I grew to like this as leftovers because I put in too much red pepper flakes (1 tsp). The heat mellowed as leftovers, so then it was perfect! I also increased the veggies: I kept 300g snowpeas, but added 300g broccolini and 2 red bell peppers. As such I increased the soy sauce and mirin to compensate for the added bulk. Yum! (blinknoodle)
tofu with pistachio pomegranate sauce
meh......the pistachio nuts were real good and went very well with the sauce.  The tofu, not so much.  It was too sweet.  I've always been wary of Ms. Robertson's sweet tooth and usually don't add the sugar or cut back on what she calls for in so many of her recipes,  but didn't this time and I wished I'd followed my instinct.   This calls for a tablespoon of brown sugar, which I thought was needed to thicken the sauce and I thought it would be balanced by the tartness of the pom juice and balsamic,  it was just too sweet to eat with tofu.  My sauce virtually disappeared and I needed to add a little more pom juice, but I probably cooked it on too high a temp.  (tweety)
almost one dish thanksgiving dinner

basic simmered seitan
I was really afraid this would not turn out well for several reasons. 1. I had to halve the recipe 2. I noticed after about 20 minutes that my seitan had been boiling pretty fiercely, and did not want to come down to as simmer. Nevertheless, it's fantastic! Very simple, but good seitan. I used broth for the simmer liquid, not just water. Even after making a half recipe, I still formed 4 pieces, but flattened them out a bit cutlet style. This is a very chickeny seitan (flavor, texture, appearance..). It's only slightly spongy on the outer edges, but not enough to be bothersome. I stirfried it for a few minutes before adding it to peanut butter noodles. I would make this again. (AC)
What a great idea to mix up seitan in the food processor! Duh, why have I not done this?! I kneaded the gluten for a few minutes, cut it into four steaks and let them sit for about 5 minutes, then gave the steaks a few kneads to make them nice and smooth. I doubled the recipe (Did it twice in the food processor) and threw the steaks in my crockpot on high for about 5 hours. Very easy this way! (amymylove)
fajitas without borders

grilled seitan and vegetable kebobs

pan seared seitan with artichokes and olives

rustic cottage pie

seitan and broccoli shiitake stir fry

seitan and chickpea stew

seitan and potato torta

seitan and scalloped potatoes casserole
Had an awesome down-home flavor going on. Make sure you serve it with some homemade biscuits. (intheend)
seitan brochettes with peaches and herbs

seitan en croute
Holy smokes this was amazing! First time ever using puff pastry and it was a huge success. Everyone gobbled these up for Thanksgiving, even 3 omni boys, 2 of which never want anything to do with eating anything vegan. I am making them again this weekend they are THAT GOOD! I did cook them a few extra minutes in the oven and I made the stuffing and seitan in advance. (amymylove)
YOU GUYS GOTTA TRY this!!! I just made it again today OMFG... I like a triple batch so I can bring some to my veggie homie. (amymylove)
seitan milanese with panko and lemon

seitan noodle casserole

seitan piccata

seitan pot roast

seitan with ancho chipotle sauce

seitan with dried plums, olives, and capers

seitan with green apple relish

seitan with spinach and sun dried tomatoes

sesame crusted seitan

stuffed baked seitan roast
This is awesome!! Definitely something to make for Thanksgiving. I used vegetable broth in the seitan and for the bread cube stuffing. Super flavorful and it's actually painless to make. I used a cookie sheet with two  of my cast iron pans on top to flatten the seitan after rolling it out and it worked great. (intheend)
three seed seitan


artichoke and chickpea loaf

artichoke walnut tart
It has possibilities. The flavors are good. But I was expecting something that I could cut into slices. Mine fell apart, and we ate it with forks. It was kind of an artichoke walnut crumble. Savory, though. (tmarkeim)
broccoli and white beans with potatoes and walnuts
Quite good....the combination of of the main ingredients with garlic, crushed red pepper, savory and lemon juice was excellent.  I used regular Idaho baking potatoes instead of fingerling. (tweety)
chard and new potato gratin with herbes de provence
Awesome!  I had chard and potatoes from this week's CSA share and was happy to find this recipe.  I peeled the potatoes, and I didn't have herbes de provence, nor savory to make some, so I just used a mishmash of herbs like marjoram, basil, thyme, a pince of rosemary, sage and mint. The addition of parmasio on top made it amazing to me. (tweety)
eggplant paprikash

eggplant with pomegranate walnut sauce

garden vegetable stew

green bean and mushroom stroganoff

grilled vegetable skewers with mop sauce

indonesian vegetable stew

mediterranean vegetable stew

moroccan vegetable stew

mushroom goulash

pastry wrapped portobellos

potato and artichoke gratin with spinach and pine nuts

It was the first time I ever made ratatouille and I really liked it.  I think next time I would leave out the eggplant but that is just a personal preference. (biodancer)
roasted cauliflower and shallots with millet

roasted vegetable strudel
made this with what I had on hand (no asparagus, brown mushrooms) and used puff pastry instead of phyllo. I added a lot of garlic and a little balsamic  vinegar to the vegetables. It could still use a little more flavor, but I guess that's why she recommends putting sauce on top (hollandaze).  The puff pastry worked alright, although the filling was kind of liquid-y, so some parts were slightly mushy.  It's good, and I will probably make something similar to this again but with a different sauce. (thirteenblackbirds)
sesame baked vegetables

sesame spinach noodle pie

spinach souffle

spinach, white bean, and pine nut strudel

stir fried curried vegetables
Very quick and easy and tasty.  An easy way to change up the usual boring stir fry.   (biodancer)
tamarind eggplant with bell peppers and mango

three green tian

vegetable paella

Stuffed Vegetables
bell peppers stuffed with white beans, mushrooms, and walnuts
amazing!  i used pecans by mistake and used the dill.  they don't have a very strong flavor but are excellent, the dill flavor especially.  I used italian seasoned panko bread crumbs.  I like to have these with a spicy side dish since they're mild in flavor.  I had a lot of filling so I froze some and used it a couple weeks later, and it still came out great.  I will make this again. (thirteenblackbirds)
black bean, rice, and mango stuffed squash

buttercup squash stuffed with pistachio apricot rice

cabbage rolls stuffed with bulgur and chickpeas

couscous stuffed eggplant

fruit studded millet stuffed acorn squash

great stuffed pumpkin

millet stuffed bell peppers with watercress and orange

orzo and spinach stuffed eggplant

peruvian inspired stuffed potatoes

pesto and ditalini stuffed zucchini

potato and artichoke stuffed portobello mushrooms
I really, really enjoyed this.  I made it with the basic brown sauce as recommended.  It needs a side dish though, something green perhaps. (biodancer)
potatoes stuffed with fennel and peas

quinoa and pinto bean stuffed peppers

quinoa stuffed zucchini
very very good.  i liked it enough that i will probably make it again.  very nice seasonings and flavor, especially from the sun dried tomatoes. .  i don't think it's good enough to be the star of a meal, but I paired this with vegweb's eggplant pomodoro and it was a fantastic dinner. (thirteenblackbirds)
sesame stuffed spaghetti squash

sicilian stuffed tomatoes

spaghetti stuffed tomatoes

stuffed eggplant rolls

sweet and sour kasha cabbage rolls

three sisters stuffed squash

walnut and cranberry stuffed sweet potatoes

winter squash with forbidden rice stuffing

Vegetable Side Dishes
asparagus dijon
Absolutely loved this!  This is steamed asparagus with a nice vinaigrette of dijon, soy sauce, olive oil, sherry vinegar (I can't seem to find this and used white wine vinegar instead), and shallots.  (tweety)
baby spinach with lemon and garlic
we didn't like this. i usually think cooked spinach is okay, but this almost seemed like the lemon juice enhanced the bitter flavor of the spinach.  (thirteenblackbirds)
balsamic braised vegetables

basic mashed potatoes

basic vegetable fritters

beets with greens and slivered apricots
I did  not like the flavors in this at all.  I love beets, but was disppointed in this. (lubi)
bourbon baked squash

braised cabbage and apples

braised celery with black olives
I needed one celery stalk the other day and wound up buying two packs in a buy-one-get one free sale, worried they would go limp before I ate them all.  I stumbled across this recipe because it's on the page next to the collar green recipe and found it a perfect use of the extra celery I had. It uses white wine and veggie broth to simmer after some frying in olive oil.  Very tasty! (tweety)
brussels sprouts with shallots and dillweed
Very good way to eat brussels spouts. (tweety)
broccoli saute with tofu feta
For the tofu feta, I didn't like it very much, because I prefer when the tofu is cooked. The broccoli sauté was good. The capers add the special touch. (gathdurwin)
broccoli with almonds
and mushrooms (I used baby bella)....This was very good.  It's all sauteed in some white whine and garlic.  Yummy (tweety)
broccoli with black bean and walnuts
These are not ingredients that you usually see together but actually it works and is quite tasty.  It also has plenty of garlic, green onions and some parsley.  She says to steam the broccoli five minutes and then cook five more.  I drastically cut that ten minutes down to about 4 total.  (tweety)
caramelized root vegetables

cardamom carrots with orange

carrots and parsnips with diced apple

chimichurri grilled vegetables

corn fritters

cornmeal crusted fried green tomatoes
We both really liked these. My dad gave us the green tomatoes from the garden, so they were perfect. I didn't have any/misplaced my cornmeal, so I used some polenta, and a bit of flour. I also made my own cajun spice. Yum. (AC)
creamy cauliflower
Pretty good...the addition of nutmeg was a bit weird to me and seemed a bit out of place, but not horrible. (tweety)
curry roasted vegetables

escarole with garlic and capers

fennel and garlic mashed potatoes

fennel with olives and sun dried tomatoes

ginger tamari braised eggplant

green beans and grape tomatoes
I used this more for inspiration, and ended up with a new favorite vegetable side dish, which I've made a few times now. I used green onions for the shallots, and some balsamic vinegar instead of fennel.  I tossed everything together and roasted it in the oven and it was absolutely delicious. (thirteenblackbirds)
Absolutely delicious!  Everything goes together so's green beans, shallots, garlic, crushed fennel seeds, grape tomatoes and some fresh basil tossed in at the end.  Very quick to make.  (tweety)
green bean bake with crispy leeks

green bean casserole redux

green beans nicoise

grilled vegetable skewers with charmoula sauce
this was really tasty.  I didn't measure the sauce ingredients, but just did everything to taste, and it was so flavorful. (thirteenblackbirds)
A great recipe for a cookout. The charmoula sauce is to die for. Makes a pretty presentation, and it's easy. (tmarkeim)
indian eggplant fritters

indian spiced spinach (saag)

kale and sweet potatoes

lemon braised fennel

lemon glazed baby carrots with cranberries
Made these to accompany my fave recipe from this book, the Tuscan White Beans and Broccoli Rabe. Fantastic. The recipe is so simple to make but it was really, really tasty. It was the first time I've ever had my toddler son finish all his carrots - yay! These 2 recipes paired well together and they'll definitely become a staple in my household! (lebkuchen)
madeira mushroom saute

marsala carrots

mashed potatoes and greens
I used kale.  I didn't have flax seed oil so I used sesame oil.  I liked it.  I would make it again but wouldn't use the sesame oil (or I would use less) because it was pretty overpowering.   (biodancer)
mediterranean artichoke saute

orange and maple baked acorn squash
I'm pretty sure we just don't like acorn squash. P doesn't really like any squash, and I'm so-so. Anyway, I had one, so this is what I did. I didn't understand the 1/2" slices. How do you slice an acorn squash like that? I was surprised at how lacking in flavor (other than squash) it was. There was a lot of orange juice in there. I ended up wasting most of it. (AC)
Good, simple and easy to prepare.  It has fresh oj, maple and cinnamon and is baked. (tweety)
meh. this was just okay for us. (thirteenblackbirds)
orange dressed asparagus

panko fried green tomatoes with peanut sauce

potato and root vegetable paillasson

potato pancakes with green onions

rainbow chard with goji berries and piscachios
I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was, as it's quite simple to make...just red onions, oil, chard, berries and nuts.   I used dried cranberries and walnuts.  I did not toss the stems but diced them and sauteed them along with the onions.  Quite tasty! (tweety)
roasted baby potatoes with spinach, olives, and grape tomatoes

roasted brussels sprouts
Very good.  Nothing exciting here just the brussels with olive oil and lemon juice, but I appreciate the instructions on how to roast them. (tweety)
roasted cauliflower with lemon and capers

roasted lemon asparagus with pine nuts
easy and so awesome! I loved this and will make this again and again. (thirteenblackbirds)
roasted ratatouille gratin

roasted rosemary yellow squash and chayote

roasted zucchini and tomatoes
A good, EASY dish. It's as simple as chopping everything up and throwing it into the oven. I made it last night and served it with quinoa and fresh bread - yum!  (tinylightsbelow)
rosemary fingerling potatoes with caramelized shallots

rosemary scented mashed potatoes with limas

rum spiked sweet potatoes with pomegranate pecans
Meh these were okay flavor wise but I did screwed them up cooking wise... I overcooked the sweet potatoes so they looked more like mashed potatoes... Might try these again since I have all the ingredients on hand except the sweet potatoes, just watch them closer next time. (amymylove)
sesame spinach

sherry braised baby bok choy
My first baby bok choy experience. I got confused and cut the bottoms off, so they weren't in half. I guess they were individual leaves. I didn't even add the water, and I started to think that there was too much liquid. ..especially since it was supposed to be covered. I dunno, maybe I got confused by the method. I wasn't wowed by this at all. It was fine, but the liquid was leftover, and not a lot of the flavor was left. I'm not giving up on baby bok choy, but won't do this exact way again. (AC)
shiitake snow pea stir fry

slow simmered collard greens
These seemed like they'd be average, but mine came out to be some of the best greens I've had! I followed everything except did soy sauce + a splash of water + sriracha in place of vegetable broth. I didn't want a lot of liquid. I did chipotle salsa for the chipotle. Perfectly cooked, a bit of heat, smoky. Very satisfying. (AC)
being Southern, I love me some collard greens and AC's review made me want to try it myself.  I agree, very satisfying and tasty.  I used 1 lb. bag of collards, a Maggi veggie cube for the broth, lots of chipolte sauce and a pepper,and followed the recipe except I did add a splash of liquid smoke at the end.  I did not have any liquid leftover and used the whole cup. (tweety)
made them again tonight and they were still good.  (tweety)
delicious.  I thought the chipotle chili with adobo might overpower the dish but it came out excellent! (thirteenblackbirds)
spaghetti squash with tomatoes and basil
this was okay. I always expect spaghetti squash to taste more like spaghetti than it actually does, and then end up disappointed.  I added a little bit of pasta sauce to it and a lot of red chili flakes.  it's good for an easy side. (thirteenblackbirds)
spiced oven roasted potato sticks

spiced sweet potatoes with dried cherries

spicy coconut creamed corn
delicious!! (lubi)
spicy sauteed broccoli rabe

spicy indian cauliflower

spicy sauteed pea vines

stir fried sesame asparagus
very good. (thirteenblackbirds)
sweet potato and apple gratin

sweet potato pancakes

ted's artichoke and green bean bake

thai kale with coconut milk
when nick picked this recipe i'll admit that i went cross-eyed. kale? sure! coconut milk? sure! kale+coconut milk? mmmmmmmmm. .  i don't know. this recipe is a surprise. we added the optional crushed red pepper (and advocate for it) because the subtle flavor of the coconut gets a really good boost from the pepper. definitely an innovative way to eat more kale. try this! we made both recipes (soy glazed tofu) together with some rice noodles. dinner accomplished! (nickandnora)
Eh. I thought this was a waste of coconut milk, and I love coconut milk. I think the pepper flakes are definitely needed, but it all doesn't really meld well together. Flavor was pretty good, but the milk stays pretty liquidy, and it's just..there. P wouldn't even taste it! (AC)
thyme scented sweet potatoes with black olives and garlic


versatile roasted vegetables

winter salad saute

yellow squash with corn, edamame, and dill

zucchini saute with dun dried tomatoes, olives, and peppers

zucchini walnut fritters

Yeast Breads
basic white bread
Delicious.  It's a nice, basic loaf that could easily be modified. My family enjoyed it too, though they didn't like the crust as much as the interior. (tinylightsbelow)
Yep, delicious! A great basic bread. I made it in the mixer, and kneaded with dough hook. It rose very nicely in the time frame, and had great texture. I would suggest maybe baking at 325 for the 30 minutes, because my top browned very nicely, but pretty quickly. It was getting pretty hard, so I think 325 is better than 350. Great texture and flavor. I'd make this again. (AC)
great garlic bread

oatmeal walnut bread
a delicious bread! I will definitely make this again. I used half AP and half white whole wheat flour.(thirteenblackbirds)
pesto potato bread

rustic loaf with cured black olives and rosemary

sunflower artisan bread

three grain bread

whole wheat raisin bread

Quick Breads
apple waldorf bread

carrot bread with cranberries and walnuts
So good. A couple of minor adjustments; I used chopped pecans instead of walnuts, and made miniature muffins vs. a loaf of bread. I've made these several times for work functions.  Inevitably, someone will ask for the recipe.  It gives them pause when they realize there are no animal ingredients in these! (kindnesstoall)
chocolate chip banana bread
I made this without the chocolate chips and walnuts, and put it into muffin form. Subtle and yummy. I imagine it'd be even better with the chips and nuts. (: (tinylightsbelow)
This is pretty good. I doubled the sugar to 4 tbs, and it's still not quite sweet enough for me, but I like sweet cornbread. I used canola for the olive oil in the batter. The 30 mins baking time was perfect for mine, and I didn't wait the 10! It's not too crumbly, not too dry (semi dry, though). The flavor is pretty good, and there's a nice bottom crust. Pretty quick to put together. I generously oiled my pan, but there was some slight stickage, and I wonder if this would be too dry with less oil in the pan. It's ok, but probably not a favorite. (AC)
ok, not my fav. recipe for cornbread (lubi)
fired up jalapeno cornbread
I loved this but didn't like the taste it got from using olive oil. I figured I would try it since I've never seen olive oil in something baked and now I know why- it sucks. This has great taste but make it with veggie or canola oil. (intheend)
ginger molasses bread with blueberries
this is a very interesting bread! I say it's interesting, because based on the description (moist, flavored with blueberries), it really didn't match for me. The bread came out dense and rather dry, and I can't even taste the blueberries. However, I must say - I am totally digging this. If you grew up eating (and loving) brown bread out of a can, then you will love this bread. That's totally what it reminds me of! It's got a bit of a crispy crust and a deep, dark molasses flavor. It is awesome with a little EB spread on it. (lebkuchen)
irish soda bread with golden raisins

lemon drenched banana macadamia bread
Pretty yummy. Sadly, the 'lemon-drenched' part made it slightly soggy, but the flavor was rather good. I subbed walnuts for macadamia nuts.  (tinylightsbelow)
orange date walnut bread
I subbed spelt flour for the AP flour, and made 3 mini-loaves instead of 1 big one, so these things may explain why it was a bit drier in texture than I would have liked. My hubby liked it a lot, but I thought it was just okay. I probably won't make it again because there are other quick breads I like better. (lebkuchen)
pumpkin bread with cranberries

quick herb bread
It was just okay. There really wasn't that much flavor going on and it was a bit crumbly. I would not make this again. (intheend)
I thought it was pretty good. Definitely doesn't stand up to a good yeast bread, but good for being "quick." I used an Italian blend, marjoram, and some other mixed herbs. It's more of a moisture biscuit in loaf form, but not really fluffy. Good texture, though. It's light. I might make it again. (AC)
you can't argue with how easy this bread is to make - I mean, I think I had it in the oven in about 5 minutes. Instead of 3 cups of AP flour, I used 1 cup of GF all-purpose flour and 2 cups of white whole wheat flour. I otherwise followed as directed. My loaf was nice and firm - no issues with it being crumbly. It had a nice crust to it, too. My only quibble is that it is slightly bland, but I would definitely make it again. I think it would be amazing with some coarse kosher salt sprinkled on top before baking. I also think it would be great smeared with some grainy mustard, because the flavor of the bread reminds me of the insides of a soft pretzel! (lebkuchen)
sunflower zucchini bread

Biscuits, Muffins, and Scones
apricot walnut scones

baking powder biscuits
Yummy biscuits. I think I didn't flatten mine out enough, because I only got about 8 biscuits. I also had to bake them for maybe 12 minutes. They have crispy tops, and flaky insides. Pretty perfect biscuit consistency. P "dislikes" biscuits a lot, but said these were "not biscuits," and he really liked them. I told him they are pretty much as biscuit as biscuit can be, but he wants an excuse to like them. I'd use this recipe again. (AC)
basic but excellent biscuits. i used 1/2 AP flour and 1/2 white whole wheat. i was pretty lazy about forking the margarine into the flour and didn't do a great job.  They rose well, much better than the VWAV biscuits did for me.  (thirteenblackbirds)
blueberry almond scones
my first attempt at scones and they are wonderful!  I had to add a bit more milk because I couldn't get the dough to form and I added a bit more blueberries - awesome with coffee! (erinmonster)
cherry hazelnut scones

chive flecked spud muffins

chocolate chip scones

corn muffins

cran apple muffins

drop biscuits
great!  so easy and good.  I mixed in alot of herbs to make herb biscuits. (lubi)
These were so easy to make and fast since they aren't rolled out and cut. (intheend)
moroccan spiced sweet potato biscuits
the texture was very weird. I didn't like it and my friend too (gathdurwin)
orange chocolate chip muffins
So goood! I liked the way it looked also. It's an orange muffin with chocolate chips and chocolate streusel on top. It would have been perfect for Halloween.  The actual muffin isn't sweet but the sweetness comes from the chocolate chips and streusel. Great recipe. (intheend)
pb&j muffins

rosemary scones

Flat Breads
caramelized onion and walnut focaccia
This was my first attempt at making dough with yeast. It was actually really easy and it tasted sooo good. My husband and I ate the whole thing almost immediately. I highly recommend it. (nightbloomers)
These are even more delicious than the other flatbreads. It must be that bit of oil and EB. I didn't use nearly that much EB, and even used it for cooking the flatbreads (plus brushing on before oven). These are more flavorful than the others. Will make these 9 billion times. (AC)
coriander sunflower seed flatbread
The only difference between this and the lemon pepper flatbread is the seasoning (obviously), and the fact that it rests 15 minutes instead of 20. I guess she needed to stretch out the recipes to reach 1000... anyway, it's very similar, but I liked the lemon pepper better. The sunflower seeds are much larger, so they didn't seem to stick in as well. I used cumin instead of coriander. I liked the salt that my lemon pepper has in it-just a hint of salt on the outside. Good flatbread recipe, though. Just a matter of seasoning. (AC)
foccacia with sun dried tomatoes and black olives

foccacia with shallots, figs, and basil

grilled porcini and tomato dusted garlic focaccia

lemon pepper flatbread
P said this was one of his favorite things that I'VE EVER MADE. :0 It's flour and water! haha. I enjoyed it, and it's very easy to put together. I had better luck with flattening the balls, and then stretching them like pizza dough. No problems cooking them. Texture and consistency good, flavor subtle, but nice. Great with falafel-folded over and held together, with no cracking. She has several different (but same) recipes of these. Will make again. (AC)
pesto focaccia
I did the focaccia recipe, but just didn't spread pesto. I sprinkled coarse salt and rosemary over the top. The bread is really good. My yeast took longer than usual to bubble, so I wasn't sure, but it rose very well, and came out pretty perfect. It took longer than 20 minutes, but I ended up baking it just a tad bit too long. I don't have any complaints, and I'll do the pesto next time. (AC)
za'atar spiced flatbread

fennel scented flax crackers

sesame crackers

walnut oat crackers

whole wheat sesame crackers


Cookies, Brownies, and Little Bites
agave baklava
Absolutely amazing!!! You have to make this recipe now! So good! So fantastic! My guests ate it in 5 minutes! I used agave syrup and maple syrup instead of just agave syrup. (gathdurwin)
This kicked ass just like everyone else has said. Go out of your way to pick up some phyllo for it. (intheend)
almond shortbread cookies
I made these for babysgotsauce's gift exchange.  Tasted more like regular cookies, but they were really good. (lubi)
apricot walnut balls

better pecan bars

chai spice cookies
I loved these cookies!! At first I was kind of weirded out by using 1 1/2 tsp of ground fennel and was debating as to whether I should include it. Well I did and it totally blended in. These cookies are perfectly spiced and sweetened- I also like them cause they aren't overly crispy. (intheend)
chocolate almond bars

chocolate almond butter truffles

chocolate avocado fudge

chocolate banana fudge

chocolate chip cookies (TYPO: +1/2 cup margarine)
Good, old fashioned cookies.  (intheend)
I've had problems with the liquid amounts in her baked goods! There's only 2 tablespoons liquid in this recipe (with 2 cups flour), and that's maple syrup. The recipe as written produces dry, dry crumbs! That being said, once I added maybe 1/8-1/4 cup almond milk, the cookies are delicious. There's no mention of how much they spread, so I did flatten them just a bit, but figured they would spread with the EB. They spread very well, and are pretty much great, classic chocolate chip cookies. I did darker brown sugar (homemixed), so they are darker cookies. The texture is crunchy on the edges, but soft and goeey. Flavor is spot on. A full 2 dozen would be very small cookies. (AC)
very good (gathdurwin)
chocolate coconut brownies
I made these last night and oh my goodness, I think they have to be the most divine brownies I have ever had! The taste, texture and appearance were all spot on.  Rich, melt-in-your-mouth loveliness!The only substitution I made was using replacing the1/2 cup oil with maybe 1/8 cup oil and the rest made up with applesauce.  For me, the brownies were risen and cooked to perfection in 18 mins. (onlyme)
Very good! Chocolate + Coconut = miaaaaam! (gathdurwin)
I really liked the taste of this but the texture wasn't the greatest. It's more cake-like as opposed to dense brownies (which I so love) but nevertheless, I would make this again. (intheend)
chocolate covered peanut butter granola balls

chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies

chocolate macadamia cheezcake truffles

chocolate peanut butter fudge
Wow this was a HUGE fail. There's no liquid at all so of course it won't mix until you add a bunch of almond milk which I did. But then it didn't solidify in the fridge so instead I'm going to use it to top a chocolate cake. It does taste awesome though. (intheend)
chocolate smoosh fudge

double chocolate brownies
Absolutely perfect. If you're looking for an amazing vegan brownie recipe, your search ends here. As my uncle said, "These aren't vegan -- they're just delicious!" (tinylightsbelow)
As I was making these, I was sure there was a typo. 1/4 cup liquid seems way to small for this recipe! I don't see anything about that typo, though. Maybe I just messed something up.. anyway, I had to add quite a bit of almond milk to make a good batter. I thought I followed the recipe exactly. That being said, they came out pretty good. Texture is really quite good (thick, but not really cakey). There's something off with the flavor, so not sure what that is. I liked them ok, but P thought they tasted pretty weird. Might have messed them up somehow, but probably won't attempt again. (AC)
ginger spice brownies

hula cookies

maple walnut oatmeal cookies

molasses spice cookies

orange scented coconut cookies
nick's sister got left out of holiday dessert planning this year, and store-bought gluten-free always disappoint her. a lot. and we've been hearing about it ever since Christmas. a lot. so we decided to make it up to her and try this recipe. now we are hearing about how she is so totally in love with these cookies. success!! this is a great recipe. we both think the cookies are really really good, too. definitely worth making (whether you are gluten-free or not). (nickandnora)
peachy thumbprint cookies

peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes

peanut butter cookies
Followed recipe exactly.  3 TBSP of water was not enough.  Was a crumbly mess so I added more water to make it all stick.  Let it chill as indicated.  Then I baked cookies for 30 minutes to get them brown.  First bite it tasted like flour, with a peanut butter aftertaste.   I think the flour used in this recipe is waaaaay too much.  I'll try another pb cookie  recipe next time. (eastcoastlass)
pineapple squares

pine nut cookies

sesame cookies

vanilla walnut cookies

vegan white chocolate

Cakes and Cheesecakes
apple lover's cake

banana walnut cake

chocolate rum coffee cake
This came out really dry and disappointing.  I followed all the directions.  Perhaps I overbaked it?  I baked it for 45 minutes as per the directions.  After it cooled it got really hard on the outside.  I made a chocolate coffee sauce to pour on top in hopes that it would soften it a bit.  I think I'll stick with the mocha version of the basic chocolate cake in VCTOTW. (biodancer)
chocolate swirl tofu cheezcake

crazy for carrot cake

giant peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cake
I was so excited about this because I had made some Vanilla ice cream to go with it and while the taste was good, this was VERY dry. It also made a ton so I ended up throwing a lot of it out. Maybe a little more milk would help or maybe some oil? I'm not sure but I don't care enough to try this again just for experimentation. (intheend)
hot banana ice cream cake

lemon lime teasecake

magical mystery chocolate cake
this was good, a little weird though.  I'm not sure I'd make it again, but it satisfied my chocolate cake craving at the time. (erinmonster)
no bake avocado cheezcake

not so plain vanilla cheezcake

orange coconut cake
Just got done eating a slice of this and it is awesome! The frosting pooled so I added some more powdered sugar to thicken it up. I also used the orange extract in the frosting. This is a cake that totally goes well with a cup of coffee. (intheend)
pomegranate cheezcake with glazed pecans

pumpkin cheezcake with cranberry drizzle

sour cream coffee cake

spice cake with mango and lime
I love mango but I didn't like this at all. I guess I just don't like how mango tastes when baked in something. (intheend)
spicy chocolate cake with dark chocolate glaze

three flavor ice cream cake

triple coconut cheezcake

vegan chocolate mousse cake

vegan pound cake

white cupcakes with variations
easy and delcious! (lubi)



Pies, Tarts, Crisps, and Cobblers
apple and pear cobbler
I used all apples, and because my apples were a sweet variety, I used less sugar. I still found it a bit too sweet for my liking and wished I had cut the sugar in half as I usually do. Robin calls for Granny Smith apples in that recipe, so had I used those, it probably would have been fine. Picky teenage daughter scarfed down three helpings. (vgnwitch)
apple tart with walnut crust

banana mango pie

banana pecan strudel
This was the best banana dessert I've ever made. It only has a few ingredients but they come together beautifully. Everyone who tried this was in love with it. Make sure you add the optional rum! This is what pulls it together. (intheend)
blueberry peach crisp

cashew banana cream pie
Disgustingly good. I'm so glad to find a vegan version that kicks some ass. I used 1 1/2 tsp agar powder, the optional coconut extract, and some Mimicreme HealthyTop. (intheend)
chocolate mint espresso pie

chocolate no bake silk pie

ginger pear tart with cranberries and walnuts

mom's apple pie with cranberries

no bake fresh fruit pie

peach crumb pie

peanut butter ice cream pie

pear crumble

pecan pie

pumpkin pie with a hint of rum

quick apple crisp
I cut the sweetener in half in the filling and only used 2 tablespoons sugar in the crisp topping. Robin uses 2/3 cup. I am wondering if she still has her own teeth! LOL (vgnwitch)
strawberry cloud pie

sweet potato pie

two berry cobbler

white chocolate hazelnut pie

Puddings and Parfaits
avocado raspberry parfaits

baked chocolate pudding
Amazing! The first time I made this, I baked it as instructed, and it tasted like brownies and chocolate pudding had a delicious, vegan baby. The second time, I just made the pudding and gobbled it all up. (tinylightsbelow)
This dessert is in the Puddings and Parfaits section, but they aren't really puddings, they are individual chocolate cakes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just don't expect 'pudding' or you will be disappointed. As I usually always do with dessert recipes, I cut the sugar in half, and the cakes were perfectly sweet. For my taste, the full amount of sugar would have been too much. I think these would be terrific using coffee to make little mocha cakes. These would also be cute for a dinner party, turned out onto dessert plates with a scoop of vegan ice cream and a drizzle of caramel. (vgnwitch)
banana orzo pudding
This was okay.  It was good hot, but as it cooled, it got thicker, but never too pudding-y.  It was more of a mash than the texture of a pudding. (katequeenofsprouts)
cashew chocolate pudding

chocolate and walnut farfalle

chocolate banana pudding

chocolate bread pudding with rum sauce

coconut pistachio rice pudding
Yes please! So freaking yum. Don't be afraid of the cardmom in it- it's just enough to give it a little flavor. (intheend)
forbidden black rice pudding
Amazing!!! It's my favorite pudding recipe. With the coconut milk, it's a delight! (gathdurwin)
fresh cherry vanilla bread pudding

indian pudding

maple baked rice pudding with dried cranberries

paradise pudding

pumpkin cranberry bread pudding

strawberry parfaits with cashew creme

sunset fruit pudding

sweet vermicelli pudding

vegan tiramisu

Fruit Desserts
asian flavors fruit bowl

baked bananas with a twist of lime

banana fritters with caramel sauce
Hell yes! These were fried up in some coconut oil. I used the caramel sauce to put on them and everyone was ranting about how good they are. (intheend)
blushing poached pears

caramelized figs in tuiles

cherry clafoutis

fresh fruit sushi

granola stuffed baked apples

grilled orange and strawberry skewers

lime macerated mangoes

nellie's peachy melba

pear gratin with cranberries and pecans

pecan and date stuffed roasted pears
delicious. (thirteenblackbirds)
pineapple couscous timbales with blueberry sauce

rum sauteed pineapple and bananas with toasted coconut and pecans

strawberry kanten

suspended peach kanten

suzette inspired ice cream crepes

sweet polenta with grilled pineapple and strawberry sauce

vegan dessert crepes

Nice Creams, Sorbets, and Granitas
cherry vanilla nice cream

chocolate nice cream

coffee nice cream

cranberry sorbet

ginger coconut nice cream

mocha sorbet

orange granita

strawberry sorbet

Dessert Sauces and Frostings
blueberry sauce

buttercream frosting

caramel sauce
This doesn't thicken up very well but it tastes delish. (intheend)
cashew creme
Didn't like this at all. It had too heavy of a maple flavor for me. (intheend)
chocolate fudge frosting

chocolate peanut butter frosting

chocolate sauce

cream cheese frosting
Cream cheese frosting - Tastes like other ones I've made so that's cool. (intheend)
fresh strawberry topping

fudgy chocolate sauce

grand marnier sauce

lemon cashew creme

pineapple apricot sauce

strawberry mango sauce

summer fruit sauce

warm walnut sauce

winter fruit sauce

vegan chocolate ganache

vegan whipped cream
Made this to go on top of ice cream and was very pleased with the taste and texture. (intheend)


Breakfast and Brunch
Breakfast Casseroles, Frittatas, and More
bountiful breakfast burritos

burritos benedict

close to cottage cheese

couscous brunch cake with fresh fruit

garden scramble
Easy, fast, and good. Your basic tofu scramble. I sub different veggies in and out but like the mushrooms especially. (tmarkeim)
kiss my grits breakfast casserole
the recipe says you can prepare it ahead of time and then bake later. so we thought we would try that because it takes 45 minutes to bake. plus the additional time to make tempeh bacon. we wanted a breakfast that isn't oats for a change but we couldn't wait for breakfast! this recipe is TOTALLY WORTH THE PREP TIME. the combination of grits, veg, cheese, and tempeh is excellent on its own and it's even better after baking. it looks a little thin when you spread it into the 9x13 pan, but it bakes up really well. we will definitely make this often. (nickandnora)
mango morning quesadillas

potato tomato frittata

roasted vegetable frittata

scrambled tofu with chiles and salsa
I used my own homemade salsa and this was really good. I tossed in some tempeh sausage crumbles from VWV, some daiya cheese, and wrapped it all up in a tortilla. Total winner! (intheend)
soy sausage scramble

spinach and mushroom strata

two tomato brunch casserole

vegan eggs benedict

Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast
banana blueberry pancakes
YUM!  I used whole wheat flour instead of white and the fresh blueberries I had was 6 oz instead of the 1 cup it called for, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly.  I have been on a pancake kick the last few weekends, trying different recipes, and I really liked this one, it had a good texture, was not gummy and had a good flavor. (stacydan)
cranberry pancakes with orange maple syrup

french toast with caramel apple topping

ginger pear pancakes


lemon kissed blueberry waffles

maple pecan waffles
Love these! These are right up there with our favorite waffle recipes. The pecans are supposed to be "coarsely ground." I was afraid of too large pecan pieces, but ended up with too small. I added maybe 2/3 cup of ground pecans, but I was wishing I had some chunkier pieces. They still added flavor, but I wanted more pecan. I like that there's no egg sub (just baking powder), and it's really simple. I added a tad bit of water, because I like a runnier batter. No stickage at all. I made a strawberry apple compote for the top, but these would definitely be great with just maple syrup. Great recipe. (AC)
these were really good.  I used white whole wheat flavor and it worked well.  When I make baypuppy's waffles on vegweb, I add pecans and serve with maple syrup, and I prefer those to these, but this is still a great recipe. (thirteenblackbirds)
peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast
Delicious! A real winner! (gathdurwin)
pumpkin waffles with cranberry syrup
I did not make the cranberry syrup, but the pumpkin waffles are pretty good. At least for me, some pancake/waffle recipes that contain pumpkin don't cook right in the middle, and stay sort of raw inside while I burn the outside trying to cook it through. I did not have that problem with this recipe. They cooked evenly. (tmarkeim)
spiced apple pancakes
these were great.  i didn't peel my apples, needed more maple syrup, and i just left the topping to stay warm on the stove while the pancakes were cooking.  I ended up using pumpkin pie spice mix for the spices since I didn't have a separate allspice.  It's a very forgiving (and yummy) recipe.  (thirteenblackbirds)
I also enjoyed these. P liked them, and he's not a big fan of pancakes. The actual pancake has a nice spice, and is light and fluffy. Good texture and taste. I didn't pre-melt my EB, so I just melted some in the pan for the apples, then used canola oil in the pancake batter (and EB to cook them). I used a mixture of (non granny smith) apples, so that might account for the consistency of my apple mixture, which is my only complaint. It seemed like it would be too runny, so I tried to cook it down. Instead of reducing and getting thick, it just evaporated, and I ended up with not enough juice. Still tasty. She doesn't use "divided" in the ingredients, so be careful when/where you add the sugar and such. (AC)
very vanilla french toast

breakfast bulgur with pears and pecans

cran apple oatmeal

dawn's early couscous


granola infused oatmeal

morning polenta with a drizzle of maple syrup

Breakfast Sides
apple coffee cake

banana walnut breakfast muffins

breakfast bran muffins

breakfast parfaits

hashbrown potatoes
I like how the onions are shredded like the potatoes, but otherwise not much different than a usual hashbrown recipe. But hashbrowns are delicious. (AC)
panfried spuds

sesame soy breakfast spread

tempeh bacon

two potato hash

smoothies and Blender Drinks
creamy orange smoothie

favorite fruit smoothie

fresh cherry smoothie

good green drink


indonesian avocado smoothie

make your own almond milk

mango lassi

papaya paradise smoothie

peanut butter and banana smoothie

purple haze fruit smoothie

rosewater lassi

smoothies in winter

stone fruit smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie

thick and creamy mocha shake

tropical smoothie

Festive Beverages
holiday cranberry punch

hot butter free rum

mulled cider

rum spiked soy nog

sparkling pomegranate lime punch

wassail inspired punch

Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
coconut mocha iced coffee

dairy free chai

frozen soy cappuccino

hot cocoa

hot coffee mocha

orange and cinnamon spiced coffee

soy latte

thai style iced tea

Spritzers and Coolers
coconut pineapple cooler

cranberry pomegranate spritzer

lemon ginger refresher

morning sunshine cooler

white grape citrus spritzer


Sauces, Relishes, and Condiments
Brown Sauces
basic brown sauce
I was hesitant to use the wine in this recipe since a few family members aren't big fans but I decided to go for it and no one complained, in fact, everyone ended up liking it. (intheend)
this was delicious and i didn't even have the celery.  i will definitely make this again and am looking forward to it with the celery. (thirteenblackbirds)
bordelaise sauce

golden mushroom gravy

madeira sauce
Very awesome served along with the Seitan en Croute and some mashed potatoes. I had to double the amount of cornstarch slurry to get it to thicken to my liking. (amymylove)
mushroom sauce
Delicious. I ate it over couscous. (gathdurwin)
I've made this 3 times now and it still rocks. (intheend)
Tomato Based Sauces
barbecue sauce

chunky fresh tomato sauce
Bland. (gathdurwin)
fresh tomato sauce

ranchero sauce

roasted tomato red chile sauce

roasted yellow tomato and pepper coulis

Other Savory Sauces
bearnaze sauce

creamy cashew sauce
This is a good base, with good proportions. I didn't have all the ingredients for the fettuccine with cashew cream sauce, or I might not have added more flavors to the sauce itself. I ended up adding 1 head roasted garlic, 1/2 lemon, and some paprika. I mixed it up with some penne, broccoli, peas, and spinach, and baked it with breadcrumbs. Very tasty. I love cashew cream sauces. (AC)
Made it to go over some stir fried veggies and whole wheat pasta - DELISH!  I used my vitamix so the sauce was smooth and not grainy, great flavor! (stacydan)
hollandaze sauce (Typo: #2 "add to the cashew mixture")
i blended all but the margarine in my vitamix. i've never had hollandaise before, but this had an interesting consistency - very thick and "eggy," unlike anything else i've made.  I had to keep adding water as it was heating with the margarine on the stove to thin it out. I didn't care much for the flavor of the end product- basically just mustard+ lemon (thirteenblackbirds)
Mornay style cheeze sauce
Very tasty.  Mine came out very thin.  So thin I added an extra tbls of corn starch right before I was about to use it and heated it up again.  I used a powdered veggie base for the broth and almond milk.  (tweety)
lemon basil sauce

miso tahini sauce

vegan white sauce
This is rich and the subtle nutmeg taste won me over. The only thing was I felt this was too watery so I thickened it up. I'm not sure if bechamel's are supposed to be thin, the only other one I made was from 500 vegan recipes and that was thick so I turned this into more of a gravy. (intheend)
watercress sauce

No Cook Sauces
apricot and chile dipping sauce

chipotle aioli

coconut peanut sauce

ginger soy dipping sauce
Very good.  This is a pretty basic recipe of soy sauce, ginger, green onion, rice vinegar and the addition of 1/4 cup of orange juice.  This added a flavor I liked.  I added a little sambal olek for heat.  I used it as a dipping sauce for pot stickers and decided to use the leftovers to marinate tofu and create a stir fry.  It was excellent this way too, kind of had a Filipino taste to it since they like to use vinegar and soy sauce in stir fry. (tweety)
harissa sauce

mango ponzu dipping sauce

maple mustard sauce

nothin' fishy nam pla

piquant green olive sauce

remoulade sauce

sesame scallion dipping sauce

spicy mango sauce

tahini lemon sauce
This is ok. It's nice to round out the falafel, but nothing amazing. I used cilantro for parsley. (AC)
tamarind sauce

thai peanut sauce

vegan aioli

vegan worcestershire sauce

dried fruit chutney

fresh cranberry chutney

fresh mint and coconut chutney

ginger peach chutney

green tomato chutney

mango chutney

pear and apple chutney

basil pistou

black olive and walnut pesto

fresh and sun dried tomato pesto

parsley and sunflower pesto

pesto presto

spinach and almond pesto

chipotle tomato salsa

fresh tomato salsa

pineapple papaya salsa
Delish!  I let it sit a couple of hours before eating and the combination of ingredients was very tasty....sweet, tangy and a spicy...I used jalapeno instead of red chili but didn't over do it.  (tweety)
salsa verde

spicy mango and red pepper salsa

tomatillo salsa

Condiments and Relishes
artichoke, tomato and roasted pepper relish
Delicious.  I made no changes, and everything seemed to blend together well, it also had capers, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil.  I enjoyed it on fresh German rye toast.  (tweety)
chipotle mayonnaise
Very good.  I've made chipotle mayo before and the only difference in her recipe and the other was she added a little bit of lime.  I made it because she suggested it for the savory amaranth patties and it was indeed an excellent combination. (tweety)
corn relish
Good.  Very quick relish to put onions, red pepper, corn, cilantro and lime.  Pretty basic. (tweety)
cucumber raita

fresh tomato ketchup

ginger papaya relish

indonesian chile sauce

mustard chive mayonnaise

pineapple lime relish

red onion and apple relish
I made this recipe for the Some-Kinda-Nut Burgers and it was incredible! I used yellow onions instead of red but it was nevertheless very good! (gathdurwin)
red pepper, mango, and avocado relish
This was very very very good.  I cobbled half of it up right after I made it without serving it with anything.  I followed the recipe exactly and it all came together into a great relish.  I like that she used fresh ginger in this which added a twist to the usual. (tweety)
spiced tomato and peach relish
Fantastic.  This is a cooked relish that has the perfect combo of sweet and spice with tomatoes, onions, peaches, and raisins along with a touch to crushed red pepper.  I added a little salt because tomatoes need salt to satisfy my tastes.  It was so good I ate it all alone as an appetizer while I was cooking the rest of dinner instead of being able to save it for dinner. (tweety)
tofu sour cream

triple cranberry relish
Good. This recipe uses cranberry juice, fresh and dried sweetened cranberries.  Very sweet and tart.  I was wondering if using pure unsweetened cranberry juice would make it too tart, but the sweetness of the cranberries and the whopping 2/3 cup of sugar made it plenty sweet.  Very easy and traditional, no drama way of eating cranberries. (tweety)
This was decent, very easy to make, and i did the whole shebang with the hollowed out orange peel... Cranberry was never something served for the holidays so I didn't really find it to be something I would bother making again. (amymylove)
vegan mayonnaise
Gross. I was in a bind and really needed mayo so I tried this recipe and hated it but luckily it didn't ruin my macaroni salad. It has a heavy mustard taste. (intheend)
wasabi mayonnaise

Marinades and Rubs
garlic herb marinade

ginger soy marinade

indian spice rub

lemon pepper marinade

tamari dijon marinade

teriyaki marinade

pungent pineapple marinade

southwester spice rub

appetizer buffet


brunch buffet

busy night

casual company dinner

children's party


christmas dinner

dessert buffet

dinner buffet

family style dinner

father's day

feed a crowd


game night





kids' favorites


middle eastern mezze


mother's day

picnic al fresco

special occasion dinner




thanksgiving dinner




This book can be previewed on amazon. What's interesting is that if you hit the "surprise me" link, it shows different recipes when you hit the button instead of the same ones each time. If you want to actually try out some of the recipes before you buy the book, there's quite a number of them available, instead of the usual 2-3. It had some snacks on there the first time I hit surprise me, then it had some tofu recipes, then it had cookies, the next time it had soups etc.


AC - mad props for typing out 1,000 recipe titles.  ;)b

I so wish I had this book!


Apparently my brothers girlfriend bought me this! Eeeee I can't wait till it gets here.


AC and I both got this book for Christmas by coincidence.  :)

I think tomorrow I will make the tofu and edamame stew, lemony lentil rice soup, and black bean soup.  Soup soup soup.


AC and I both got this book for Christmas by coincidence.  :)

I think tomorrow I will make the tofu and edamame stew, lemony lentil rice soup, and black bean soup.  Soup soup soup.

:) I'm going to look in it (again) right now to see what I might make tomorrow. I'm thinking about a dessert. Maybe the beans and greens soup.


tortilla chips
-I actually made chips like this the night before I looked at the recipe (coincidentally), but I made them again today following the recipe. Love them like this! So easy, and healthier. The texture is good.

back to basics hummus
-I usually make my own hummus recipe/method, but wanted to try this one. It's good! I forgot to add the oil, but it's not really necessary. It's a bit thicker than my normal, but it's a nice change. I did add a splash of soy sauce, and the necessary cumin. A good, basic hummus. I used the 4 cloves of garlic.


black bean soup with a splash

Good!  I didn't do the splash of sherry, because I didn't have any sherry, but I did do a splash of vinegar and some nooch at the end.  I blended mine in my Magic Bullet til it was smooth with some chunks.  This is a good recipe.  Has a little heat to it due to the cayenne.  I only cooked it for maybe 20-25 minutes.  I used canned beans, so there was much that needed to happen in the cooking stage but for the soup to thicken a little.  Once that happened I removed it from the heat and blended.  This is a solid recipe.


lemony lentil and rice soup

This is nice.  I followed the recipe exactly, except I didn't want to buy tomato juice.  So, I just used 1 cup of tomato sauce and 1 cup of water to make up for the 2 cups of tomato juice, and this was fine.  I really like the texture with the rice and lentils, plus the veggies.  Lots of different textures and hardness/softness.  I used fresh lemon juice (probably more than a tablespoon), which is lovely.  Overall, more tomato-y than lemony!  A very nice soup.

tofu and edamame stew
I really liked the idea of this because I love edamame, and it's kind of different.  I like the idea of having lots of green vegetables together.  It's a nice looking stew.  I didn't have zucchini but everything else was the same.  The flavors work well together, and it has a nice traditional/homey taste to it, with the peas, potatoes, celery, and sage.  I think the tofu is an interesting addition but it works well enough.  Not bad.  Mine was quite thick and I added some extra water at some point.  I think I overcooked it slightly and would have like to leave the veggies and edamame a little more crisp.  But it's good.  I love things with sage in them.


-I like this version of a parm. I usually make it with almonds, and sometimes cashews, but I liked how this smelled. I didn't taste it on its own, and I couldn't even really taste what it added in the pesto, but I have some left for other things. Cheaper than the other nuts, too.

linguine with ligurian pesto
-Pesto! I love pestos. I most often make the walnut pesto from VWAV, but this is basically the same. I don't taste a difference between the pine nuts and walnuts. I made the parmasio to go in it. Good, basic recipe.


thanks for posting this! we're working our way through the book (got it as a gift). 1,000 recipes is A LOT to choose from! we tried the soy-tan dream cutlets and loved them. question: my kinda meatloaf (same page) - did you use tahini or peanut butter?


thanks for posting this! we're working our way through the book (got it as a gift). 1,000 recipes is A LOT to choose from! we tried the soy-tan dream cutlets and loved them. question: my kinda meatloaf (same page) - did you use tahini or peanut butter?

yay! I believe I used tahini. Have you made it? I still have most of it in the fridge..


thanks for the quick reply! My Kinda Meatloaf is tonight's dinner. we're thinking about making the mushroom sauce to go with it (page 546) if there's time.


thanks for the quick reply! My Kinda Meatloaf is tonight's dinner. we're thinking about making the mushroom sauce to go with it (page 546) if there's time.

I suggest trying to up the flavor with more seasonings, and maybe less tofu. A sauce would be good.



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