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The official 500 Vegan Recipes review thread (to be updated)

As you like it energy bars
These didn't hold together for me. Disappointing (dannibazaar)
Banana barley bars
They are wholesome, tasty, crunchy Grape Nuts cereal bars made with no oil, flour or sugar. This simple recipe combines the cereal with banana, peanut butter, agave with touches of cinnamon. The last time I made them I used half Grape Nuts cereal and half rolled oats and they came out great. The 8"x8" pan I pressed them in fit in my toaster oven. I've made these several times. Cut them into bars and stored them in a Ziploc bag in my freezer so I can just take one to work in the morning. (saskia)
Banana fritters
These are meh. An easy, quick way to use ripened bananas, but I'd prefer a healthier version. I halved it for 2 bananas, and made 5 fritters. They taste like banana, and the texture is just...ok. They are better with the maple syrup, but probably not something I'd make again. (AC)
Banana oat morning fuel
Great-tasting smoothie that is a filling and nutritious energy boost. This delicious drink is a blend of bananas, oats, peanut butter, nondairy milk, vanilla, cocoa powder and agave or maple syrup. I used organic vanilla rice milk and left out the agave/maple because my banana was super ripe and plenty sweet. The peanut butter enhances the taste of the Banana Oat Morning Fuel without being too strong. Fast and easy to make. I also like that the recipe was for made for one person. (saskia)
Banana peanut oat breakfast biscuits

Blackberry nut butter waffles

Buttermilk biscuits and gravy
Super yum! This was a nice change of pace. I added sausage crumbles because I couldn't help myself. (intheend)
Butternut drop biscuits

Carob chip waffles

Cast iron skillet frittata, four ways
Nice! A great, basic recipe and then you can add whatever you like, that's my kind of recipe. I've tried two of the variations and both of them turned out great. When I made the tofu mixture I thought it would become too dry with 1 cup of chickpea flour, but it wasn't dry at all. Once I had given it time to set (the recipe says it takes 10 minutes, I waited longer) it held together better than any other eggless frittata I've made. (eldsjal)
Chipotle sweet potato latkes

Chocolate breakfast cake

Chocolate chocolate chip pancakes

Cinna vanilla rice

Cookie crumble granola

Crunchy carob almond granola
I used cocoa since I'm not a fan of granola and really liked this. It has been the best granola I've made at home. (intheend)
Lemon currant cornmeal waffles

Macadamia yogurt granola
This was good but I have a sweet tooth and had to add 2 Tbsp of syrup to get it where I like it. I also made it with walnuts since I didn't have macadamias. (intheend)
Maple hickory tofu strips

Mexican hot mocha
Eh, nothing special. Not bad by any means, but nothing to do any extra work for. (disneyfav)
Muffin cup quiche in phyllo crust

No bake pecan brittle bars

No fail buttermilk pancakes
Not quite a fail for me, but definitely not the best. I followed the recipe (except heating skillet to really hot-I'd never do that for pancakes, they don't get done in the middle), and they were eh. The batter is not that thick, but the pancakes are too thick. They are thick, but not fluffy. Kinda dense and tough. I did get 6 smallish pancakes. Won't make this recipe again. (AC)
I tried them again and was surprised that I even liked them the first time around. It's a bummer because I wrote a review praising them but now I'd like to delete it! I made them so long ago I don't know if I made any modifications and just didn't write them down. Oh well. (intheend)
Noggy bulgur
Good, but too sweet, next time I'll use half the sugar. (disneyfav)
Peanut butter and chips granola
This did not turn out so well for me.  After the first 8 minuntes of baking, I went to stir it all around and it was already burnt.  I have an oven thermometer so temperature was not the problem.  I tried to pick some of the middle (non-burnt) pieces out and they tasted alright.  Not the greatest recipe IMHO. (icephrosty)
I made this off of the website and it did not come out.  It just fell apart but it tasted ok. (monkey7)
I really liked this a lot. I didn't use any chocolate chips...I used peanuts instead...super good if you like peanuts! It's really good sprinkled on soygurt. (dannibazaar)
Peanut butter and jam granola

Peanut butter oat bars

Peanut butter pancakes
These are AWESOME.  The batter came out really think but I didn't add any extra liquid because I wanted them to be dense.  Great PB flavor.  Two thumbs up! (icephrosty)
These didn't have a very strong taste of peanut butter and they kicked ass with some golden syrup poured on top. (intheend)
Pull apart cinnamon sticky buns

Pumpkin chocolate barley bars

Pumpkin molasses power bars

Pumpkin spice coffee

Pumpkin tofu scramble

Pumpkin yogurt smoothie

Sweet potato ginger waffles
Pretty good, they took a long time to cook in my waffle iron though.  I did omit the ginger and the candied nuts to make them baby-friendly. (berryraw)
Wheat germ raisin pancakes

White chocolate raspberry granola

Whole wheat couscous bowl of comfort

Zucchini fritters

Sweet and savory muffins
Apple candy muffins

Banana muffin tops

Blueberry orange muffins
These are good, but not my favorite blueberry muffins. I taste something missing, but I don't know what it is! I needed 2 1/2 large oranges for 3/4 cup. I also had to bake about 7-8 minutes more, and they maybe could have used another minute. Pretty good recipe. (AC)
Caramel apple muffin tops

Cherry pistachio scoffins
I had such high hopes for these but unfortunately, they were just hopes. After being baked, these are extremely dry and bland. They ended up being thrown out. (intheend)
Chocolate orange marmalade muffins

Coffee toffee muffins

Double chocolate muffins
Just meh. I've had better muffins made with just applesauce as a fat replacement. (dannibazaar)
Ginger cranberry muffins

Jam filled soda rolls
These were pretty bland. They might have been better had there been something added in the dough like nuts or something. I've had many a better muffin. (dannibazaar)
Lemon poppy seed muffins

Matcha almond muffins

Peanut butter muffins
Another winner.  I used chunky PB and the texture was great.  DH wolfed these down in one day!  I halved the recipe and then used the batter to make 4 big muffins instead of 6 regular ones.  Will definitely make again! (icephrosty)
Pumpkin carob muffins
I substituted the carob for cocoa powder and chocolate chips in this recipe. I ate one warm right out of the oven and wasn't totally wowed by them, wishing I had baked the pumpkin muffins in Vegan with a Vengeance instead. But then I had one the next morning and was pleasantly surprised by the marriage of chocolate and pumpkin flavors in this moist muffin! The recipe is also low fat(only 1/4 cup oil for a dozen muffins), low salt and calls for agave instead of dry sweetener. I used part agave, part date syrup. Great muffin. (saskia)
These tasted weird. I like the taste of both pumpkin and carob individually, but together...bleck. I tried letting them sit for a day to see if the flavours would meld or something but no...still bad. (dannibazaar)
Quinoa raisin muffins
Not your traditional muffin but very, very good. This meal muffin is packed with protein and peanut buttery goodness. Tastes like a chai-spiced peanut butter cookie in muffin form. Dense, sweet, moist with touches of vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg and sweet plump raisins. Batter is thick. I scooped it evenly into muffin tins with an ice cream scooper. Muffins only rose a little. Only problem with this recipe is that I don't know why the author didn't put "peanut butter" in the title since it's the dominant ingredient. Overwhelms the quinoa. But I'm not complaining though because I just really love peanut butter.  (saskia)
Savory tomato olive muffins

Speculaas muffins with chocolate ganache

Spicy chick wheat savory muffins

Zucchini poppy seed muffins

Seitan Bacon Bits:  Yummy!  And so easy and quick!  I made a vegan quiche and put these in it and it was awesome.

Is this for the seitan bacon crumbles? I want to make sure and put it in the right place, because there are like 3 similar recipes! ; )

Yes, the crumbles, not bits.  Silly me:)


Roasted Lima Beans:  These were good.  Simple and quick to prepare and a great, different side dish.

Apricot Glazed Roast:  My husband LOVED this and he's not a huge seitan fan. I, however, only thought it okay.  It was moist and flavorful but it just didn't do it for me.  I think he wants me to make it again.

Split Pea Soup:  Delicious!  Mine took awhile to become less watery though, so next time I might cut down on the broth/water.


Thai Tofu:  My husband loved this.  I thought it was a mediocre peanut sauce, not spicy enough for me.

Curried Potatoes:  Really good, but I love curry paste.  I used red instead of green.

Sweet Potato Ginger Waffles:  Pretty good, they took a long time to cook in my waffle iron though.  I did omit the ginger and the candied nuts to make them baby-friendly.

Mac and Sleaze:  Maybe if I would have used the soy milk instead of water I would have achieved the creaminess I desired from this dish, or maybe I should have added the extra pasta cooking water as suggested in the recipe, but it ended up a bit dry.  The taste was good and comforting, but the texture bothered me.  My husband loved it and stuffed himself with it.

I am currently without my book and I'm not quite certain about the recipe titles...sorry AC!


I am currently without my book and I'm not quite certain about the recipe titles...sorry AC!

No prob!
I love how your husband seems to love everything!! : )


I am currently without my book and I'm not quite certain about the recipe titles...sorry AC!

No prob!
I love how your husband seems to love everything!! : )

Ha ha, yeah.  He is so easy to please, it makes my life easier:)


Butterscotch Pumpkin Pudding:  This has a little bit too much spice for me, which is weird because I usually like to over-season my food.  The texture is still more like pureed pumpkin instead of pudding too.  However, it tastes pretty good overall and I think I might throw it in the ice cream maker and see how that goes.

Agave Bread:  I made this the other day to go with a spicy soup and it was delicious! It is sweet and soft and fluffy.  However, I have never made such a mess with bread before and I almost trashed it.  I mixed the wet ingredients into the flour and it was WAY too wet.  I must have added a cup more of flour and still couldn't even knead the dough.  It was a sticky, frustrating mess.  I calmed my emotions though and decided to just throw the bowl over the glop  and wait to see what happened.  It rose tremendously!  I punched it down a bit and decided to just hand form it on a baking sheet instead of loafing it.  It was easier to work with then.  I'm glad I didn't give up on it, but, wow, what a mess!

Sweet Corn Cake:  I made this some time ago and forgot to review it.  It's so darn good it was gone the next morning!  I think it could have baked for less time and it would have been more like spoonbread - a non-vegan treat my family loves with Mexican food.


Rosemary White Wine Roasted Potatoes:  Good side dish, but they take forever to cook.  I was impatient and took them out too soon, but they were still good.  I loved the addition of the dijon mustard.  Used sweet onion instead of red.


Spicy gumbo z'herbes

This turned out amazingly. I've been hungry for gumbo for a while, but this recipe [i[seemed like it might fall short. I did make a few modifications. First of all, 1/2 cup oil in a soup is a TON. So, I cut the roux down by half, and I should have cut the liquid more. I like the soup the consistency it came out, but it should have been thicker for gumbo. I used carrot for the celery, kombu for dulse, and Cajun seasoning instead of file (totally different thing!). Nevertheless, my version was so surprisingly good. Oh, I also added corn. I was thinking the roux would make the soup weird, but I do think it's a special flavor. Yummy, yummy. Served with rice, and will make again.


Banana fritters

These are meh. An easy, quick way to use ripened bananas, but I'd prefer a healthier version. I halved it for 2 bananas, and made 5 fritters. They taste like banana, and the texture is just...ok. They are better with the maple syrup, but probably not something I'd make again.


Curry cashew tofu bake - This is a lot of work and not worth the end result. It didn't get tossed into the trash so that's a plus but I would never make this again. The texture from the tofu part was odd. I hoped it would firm up but it remained sticky. I also made the optional garlic sage cashew cream to go on top but I felt it didn't really add anything significant.

Garlic sage cashew cream - There is no way this would make enough to cover the ravioli that the book suggests it with. It ends up really thick and clumps from the ground cashews. The taste is alright but would not recommend this.


Smoky black bean soup :  I am really enjoying this soup, with some modifications.  It seemed quite watery to me even after a few hours of simmering so I pureed it a bit to thicken it up.  Next time I might add a cup or so less of water.  I also used smoked paprika, cut the liquid smoke in half, and added a little vegan Worcestershire sauce.  It makes A LOT of soup.  It could use some extra veggies but it's a good soup I'll probably make again.


Noggy Bulgur - Good, but too sweet, next time I'll use half the sugar.


Curried butternut squash hummus - Nah, I didn't like this. Maybe it was something wrong with my curry powder, but I won't go through the trouble of making it again.
Salsa fresca - Since I omitted cilantro (I hate it), it was just a bunch of veggies thrown together with lime juice. Not too exciting.
Minestrone - I'm not a soup person, and especially not a tomato soup one, but I enjoyed this.
Beefy bacon burgers - Very beefy indeed! My omnivore family enjoyed them too, and said they didn't taste any difference between these and "real" hamburgers! Will definetely make again.
Seitan chorizo crumbles - Very good. Easy and so tasty!
Seitan bacon crumbles - These have a perfect bacon flavor. I like them with tofu scramble in a breakfast burrito. Mmmm....
Red meat lasagna - This one is incredible! It's just perfect in every way. Go make it, people!
White pizza - I prefer regular pizza with tomato sauce. Not something I'll make again.
Bechamel sauce - Tasty! I put it on the White pizza. I'm gonna use this with other things in the future, like lasagna.
Curry powder - This is good, but I still prefer storebought madras curry powder...
Meaty marinara - I love this! I use "sausage" TVP  and brown sugar or more maple syrup instead of molasses. I have made it many times, to put in lasagna and to eat with pasta, sprinkled with faux parmesan.
Taco seasoning - Needs more salt, otherwise good.
Tofu ricotta - This is my favorite tofu ricotta recipe!
Cast iron deep dish pizza dough and bread bowls - It didn't turn out very good the first time I made it, but I'll give it another go some time.


Mexican Hot Mocha - Eh, nothing special. Not bad by any means, but nothing to do any extra work for.


Spinach-Tempeh Rustic Pie - Really good, but a little too orangey. Don't know if I'd bother making the pie again, but will definatly be making the filling again, which I think would just be good by itself.


Nacho queso - I used pickled jalapenos, omitted the bell pepper and cumin, and was really surprised at how awesome this was! I loved it and so did everyone else.


Tahini miso potato soup
I'm not sure what kind of sweet potatoes the author used, but all I ever see in the grocery store huge.  I think the recipe called for 6 sweet potatoes, plus some regular ones.  I used 4 large sweet potatoes and 3 medium red potatoes.  This was not my favorite soup...not even my favorite sweet potato soup.  I did not like the sweetness of of the sweet potatoes with the miso.  It was just weird to me.  If I make it again, I will use regular white or red potatoes.  Also, I added some chopped kale at the end instead of frozen spinach.  Ftr, Cams thought it was good.

Vegetable Fritters
I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't like these very much at all.  I followed the recipe and made six HUGE fritters.  Maybe I should have made them thinner, but they turned out thick and bready...and a little bland.  Cams slathered his with tofutti sour cream and said they were good that way.

Creamy barley sotto
This was pretty tasty.  I used hulled barley that I cooked ahead of time and roasted the asparagus instead of sauteeing.

Ham fauxsage
This had a good taste, but a weird texture.  It didn't come together very well, so I added a little extra gluten.  It was still weird, but not as dough-y as it felt before the addition.  I sliced it into small pieces for the Monte Cristo Reuben and it was pretty good.

Monte cristo reuben
The bread for this was delicious.  I have never sauteed the sauerkraut with the "meat" before when I've made reubens.  I really liked it that way.  I added some crushed fennel seeds because I like the flavor with the kraut and made a 1000 Island dressing with vegenaise, ketchup, and pickles.  Yum!


Broccoli hummus: My favorite hummus variation so far!

Quinoa with hazelnut parsley pesto: I thought it was bland. But that might be because I didn't roast the hazelnuts.


Chickpea masala - It didn't taste anything at all. I threw it all out.

Mushroom lasagna - Wow, wow, wow. So creamy and comforting! Couldn't stop eating, it's so good!


Tofu Marsala

We eat Tofu Marsala at a local restaurant and I have been looking for a good recipe to make at home.  This was pretty good, but I would tweak it a little next time.  First of all, I used shiitakes and let the tofu simmer in the mushrooms and marsala for much longer than indicated, probably 20-25 min on each side.  The tofu still had a bit too much alcohol flavor, so maybe I should have either simmered a little longer or simply reduced the wine.  I've seen tomato paste used in some marsala recipes.  I think that may be a good addition to this sauce.  I will probably try that next time.



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